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tropical fruit. and the south is devoted entirely to real ayeeayeeaaah jungle. The whole is flanked by beaches. Choose your ocean. Pacificor Atlantic. or even catch a corner of the Caribbean.

Mexico (‘itv is to be found roughly . in the centre ofthe land. fillinga high Middle Easier“ FOOd altitude basin (at 7.350ft)and omabs creeping up into the surrounding f hills which are dominated by the RESTAURANT 8: BAR snow-capped volcanoes of

Popocatepetl. the warrior. and his less pronounceable lover. Ixtacihuatl. It is a vibrant noisy city with a pleasant climate and plenty of reasons to give the tourist sore feet. One of its principal streets is fifteen miles long so it‘s best to take the underground. and you won't find a better one in the world. Some ofthc stations display Aztec sculptures set on a plinth and floodlit against a background of coloured canvas and others exhibit unprotected oil paintings. The subterranean passages are clean enough for you to eat your tacos and tortillas off the floor.

It would be wrong to judge Mexico by its capital alone. or by the kite-flying waterskiers at Acapulco (the famous 130ft dive into shallow water is worth seeing— it may not last

Mexicans in it because He knew they would be too lazy to ruin it.‘ Yet it had scarcely been a paradise for 136000 poor Aztec souls. the sacrificial victims of ritual cardiectomy. whose skulls Cortes counted in 1520 on a rack in what is now Mexico City but unless you are very unlucky and World Cup hooligans excel themselves. this sort ofscene is unlikely to upset your visit. And it is scarcely a paradise for halfof the present ()5 million Mexicans who earn less than 20% of the average national income. The land is rich. but the people are not. This has not affected their extraordinary degree of friendliness

\ \i 9;, mexicoecentral & ;" ,3 \ . I . south amcrica is} 1’, .L.

"where fol-1r Crafts are roiic’srlsi"

2 Chalmers Close (Off81 High Street) EDINBURGH Tel. 031 556 2316

Vegetarian and non-vegetarian Middle Eastern Food Now open Sundays, 7 9.15pm

Bar till midnight most nights. Fridays 2am

.GREENS RESTAURANT. 123 Old Castle Road Glasgow

We are family owned and run and

and hospitality but it has resulted in

some begging. some petty crime and some ingenious extortion. The visitor who is unprepared for these aspects is naive. but anyone who is deterred by them is a fool for

much longer as evidence ofbrain damage in long-term divers is increasing). In the north are the Tarahumara Indians. a race of tireless runners. and near them is the

provide exceptionally good food a! extremely reasonable prices.


Mexico is indeed a traveller‘s paradise.

The beauty of the land lies in the diversity of its scenery. climate and people. in the strength and vibrancy ofits culture. and in the ruins ofits past which easily justify their own

Baraneas de (.‘obre. a canyon one-third deeper and four times

: wider than the Grand Canyon in

1 Arizona. In the south-west the

people ofthe Yucatan are lighter-skinned and speak Mayan.

Lunch: 12—2pm Tuesday—Friday Dinner from 7pm Tuesday—Saturday

To book telephone: 041-633 1272 - .- Here are to be foundthe most A colossal postcard industry. Travel it stupendous of Mexicn's ancient

cheaply as an adventure on a monuments. In between lies a _ *'

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academic or simply knock it back as a Don‘t delay too many manwias

' Tequila Sunrise Mexico is broad ; before setting off. By the year 2000 . and deep enough to let you find in it Mexico City will become this

: whatever you are seeking. ' planet‘s greatest urban area with 32 ‘Cortés. asked what the country million inhabitants.

looked like. crushed a piece of (Ahmlfsfl’fl). parchment in his fist. released it and i _..- . . . .. V _ ...... _. said: ‘That is the map of Mexico.‘ HOWIO get there C a r d S This crumpled land is so j Universal Travel. 115 Bath Street, ——~ ----— -- ~-—- -- - --*-- splendid . . .‘ (from TheSoutlz Glasgow 221 8161. Acompletc C l t h e 3 American Handbook.a gem). Itis a 1 package is offered to Mexico: 31 "'o'" "’ “m ' high windy plateauofsaltbush in the l May-15 June. including return flight 1__ ___ north, turning to red grit desert (Glasgow-Amsterdam-Mexico). 15 ' studded with cacti like green days bed and breakfast, transfers (to I candelabra at Durango (you‘ve and from the airports) and tickets to ' j probably scenit—afavouritc set for allthree Scotland matches:£1395. - - - - -~ -- 4 <

A special deal for return scheduled flights to Mexico (from London)

.. I .. ii (ammo v‘g 5-. m 1; 71 Mail 7: 67-1. costs approx £500.

cowboy films) and then further south come pine trees which hold snow in winter. farmland and tall volcanoes.


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