lFree. Free video showing of the play

i staged by Nethcrbow Youth Theatre I

l earlierin the year.

O PLAYHOUSE 18722 Greenside l

1 Place. 557 2590. Box office Mon-Sat l “lam—6pm. Bar. Jesus Christ Superstar Mon 2—Sat 7 June. Mon—Fri 7.3Upm: Sat 8pm: Thurs 5 also at 2.30pm; Sat 7 also at 5pm. £65“. £5.50. £4.50. Mats all seats £4. schools £2. ()AP. Children. 1 '13-111 £2 reduction. The sound ofthe 1 early Seventies Bill Kenwright and i Rob 'l‘omson tottr this revival ofthe phenomenal rock opera version of the Passion story that made the Lloyd-\Vebber Rice team household names. Richard Barnes plastesus Christ. 0 PORTOBELLO AND DISTRICT COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION Adelphi (irove. Portobello. The Peacemaker Sat 31 May. 11.30am. Slip adults. 25p children. Tickets from Stella Ellis. 15 James Street. l’ortobello. 66‘) 9246. A Spring l-‘ling event. TAG Theatre Company present one of two public performances of their latest schools production; a play by David Holman. which tells the allegorical tale of the wall between the Land of the Reds and the Land of the Blues. and what happens when they meet. Suitable for 5—9 year-olds.

0 ROYAL LYCEUM (irindlay Street. 22‘) 9607. Ros office Mon—Sat

ltlant-—--6pm. lllam -8pm on perfevgs. Bar. Rest. [1)][E] Sweeney Todd tintil Sat 31 May. 7.30pm. Sat mat 3pm. £3—£4.8(l. 'l'hurs 2‘).\lay.(‘ltild.13840.0AP. Student and Disabled £1 offticket prices. One tree seat in every ten for partiesol‘ten or more. Edinburgh Music Theatre (Amateur) Heather Up Your Kilt Mon 2-Sat 7 .lune. 7.45pm. All tickets £3. The latest musical political spoof from Wildcat Stage Productions: written by David Anderson and David Mac1-ennan it concerns the American Heather MacGregor and

- guest appearance (what a pity

. Bandstand (see listings), they

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' The Jiving Lindy Hoppers are going to show us a thing or two. In a special


didn’t have their own slot) at the Boss

will be

, swinging and flinging themselves and each other in dance that had all but petered out from public attention in this

or ractise,

Lindy Hopping, goes right to the roots at Haarlem’s heydey in the 30's, to the Savoy Ballroom and the Cotton Club. Like tap, polished and smoothed out by

dancers like Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly, the Lindy Hop lost its soul as it was adopted by swing fans across the

Taking its name from Charles

her family who return to Scotland to

discovertheir‘roots'. and discovera f

= whole lot more. See also Touring Pygmalion Thurs 12 June—Thurs 31

July. 7.45pm. ( 12—21 June: 2. 3July: July. plus Sat mats on 12 and 26July at 3.15pm.)£2—£5. TheatreSaver holders £1 off. Further concs avail - £1 offifyou book before 12June. £1 offeach ticket ifyou book for both shows. Free Preview Thurs I2.


L\ :-.meame GLASGOW

Monday 2 - Saturday 7 June


Mon/Fri 7.30pm Sat at 5 & 80m


in the hilarious New Comedy

a: t ' g“. . I. " ,9 _' n,‘ v.3 ' iv'- '.

O t . wstrrEN 8. DIRECTED BY



June 9th till June 14th Mon/Fri7.30-Sat at 5&8pm



LUCAS Stephante& Gareth and TURNER THOMAS MARGARET _ in ASHCROFT Michael Frayn’s

New Play

Tickets £4.50, £4.00


§ PATRICK CARCILL § 4 Tickets \ 4 £4.50, £4.00, £3.50 1 l bok through any olocu commenced Box Oflmes at l KING'S 1mm MITCHELL mm l Bath St Granville St

ENQUIRIES 041 552 5961 I CREDIT CARD HOTLINE 041 227 5015

LH has been authentically recaptured by this young British company in all its 1 aerial, hip-twisting, limb-throwing I glory. Since they formed in 1984, they 1 have been to the mecca of the Lindy, ; Haarlem, to learn the ropes from real i pros like Pepsi Bethell and Norma

, Lindberg’s lirsl Atlantic crossing, the

E Miller, now in their sixties and

l seventies.

, Moving at superlast speed, the Jiving l Lindy Hoppers have succeeded in

1 previous performances in plugging into 1 the audience’s energy and provoking

3 mass toot-lapping, cheering, whistling i and stomping. If this form comes to

1 Edinburgh they look set to steal the

i show. Let’s hope they return for more.

, (Alice Bain)

Discussion after show Mon 16. The Lyceum company open their

1 summer season with two shows in repertoire. Midsummer Night's Dream (starts 26 June (see next issue). and this. one of Shaw's best

known. best loved comedies in which E the pompous. misogynous elocution professor. Henry Higgins. elects to transform Eliza Doolittle from a flower girl to a lady and this before the days ofSaatchi and Saatchi.

June 16th for 3 WEEKS Mon/Fri 7.30 ' Sat at 5&80m


in The Hilarious

Tickets £4.50, £4.00, £3.50

m TICKET CENTRE City Hall. Candlenqqs

10m $.30.- Mon - Sat.

List 30 May 12 June

0 TRAVERSE l 12 West Bow. 226 2633. Box office Tues—Sun 1(1am—8pm. Bar. Rest. Tickets also available The Ticket Centre. 22 Market Street.

The Orphans' Comedy Thurs 5—Sat 28 June. 7.3(ipm. Temp members £4.50: Econ members£4z Full members £3.50; Student. OAP. UB4(1£2.5() (members £2). Students now bookable in advance. Reductions for more than one play

t olseason booked. lhursS—reduced

price preview: £2. A new play from Chris Hannan. one of Scotland‘s most original young playwrights. set itt . . . a fertility clinic. See panel.


0 Robert Burns Scottish Theatre Company tour David Hayman's immensely vibrant. imaginative production that weaves song. dance and Burns‘ bawdiest poetry into Joe Corrie‘s play. Corrie shows Burns as a spokesman for his people. taking on the repressive hypocrisy of the Kirk. and though it lacks detail and substance. it‘s a welcome antidote to kilt ‘n’ kitsch cliches about Burns a fact that l-layman‘s production

: celebrates. with warm exuberant

performances from the cast. For further details please tel STC on 041 339 8777.

Adam Smith Theatre, Kirkcaldy Until 31 May. 7.30pm (Sat 5 and 8pm). (1592 260498; Palace Theatre, Kilmarnoek Tue 3—Sat 7 June. 7.30pm. (1563 23590: King's Theatre, Edinburgh Mon 9—Sat 14June. 7.30pm. (Sat also at 2.30pm) ()31 229 1201.

0 Heather Up Your Kilt Wildcat Stage Productions‘ latest political spoof— this tim a musical satire. written by David Anderson and David Machnnan on the picture of the Highland generally proferred for tourist consumption. Heather MacGregor. an American. returns to discover her ‘roots’ . . . For furthet details please tel Wildcat on (141 334 4866.

Village Theatre. East K ilbride Fri 30 May 7.30pm; Paisley Town Hall Sat 31 May 7.3(lpm: Royal Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh Mon 2-Sat 7 June. 7.45pm; Dalmarnoek Commmunity Centre. Lin Street, Glasgow Mon 9 June: GeoffS/taw Community Centre. K errylamont Avenue, Toryglen. Glasgow Tue 10 J une: House/till Community Centre, House/till wood Road , Priest/till, Glasgow Wed 1 1 June: Drumchapel Community Centre, Drumchapel, Glasgow Thurs 12June; Denny Civic Centre, Dumbarton Sat l4June.

o Underthe Influence Theatre Workshop's Theatre-in-Education team tour the last of their successful TIE projects under current funding arrangements. This time they look at the issues surrounding alcohol. in a play by May McCreaddie. for secondary schools. which explores social and psychological questions related to drink. They will tour to Lothian schools 28~30 May; to Highland schools 2—6June: to schools in Tayside and Fife 9—13 June; to schools in Grampian 16-20 June and again to Lothian schools 23—27 June. For further details. please tel Morna Burdon at Theatre