Workshop on 031 226 5425.

o The Peacemaker'i‘AG Theatre Company will also be touring their latest production for schools. visiting primary schools in Strathclyde with David Holman‘s The Peacemaker. Holman‘s allegorical play shows us how a wall divides the land ofthe Reds from the land of the Blues. and

g what happens when they meet. and is

aimed at 5—9 year-olds. For further details. tel TAG on 0-11 42‘) 2877. There will be two public performances: I’ortobe/lo and District ( 'ornmunity .*1.S‘.S‘()(‘i(llt()ll. Ade/phi Grove. Edinburgh Sat 31

:May I 1.30am (Tel Stella Ellison 031

1' 669-9246); Third Eye Centre.

3 SauehiehallStreet. (i/asgoit' Sat 7 June. 11am (Tel 041 332 7521).

to StarTrek—The Search lor Swing

Theatre Workshop‘s Street Theatre

Team add a couple more dates to the tour oftheir latest show. which.

. written by Simon Abbott. brings

together Mr Spock. Jack and the

i Beanstalk and Glenn Miller in the

search for swing. Doesn't sound very


' Shopping ( ‘entre. ll'ester I I ailes.

Edinburgh Fri 30 May 1 1am: Shopping Centre. Cameron 'I'o/l. Edinburgh Fri 30 May 2pm: Moredun Library. Edinburgh Sat 31 May 1 1am; Craigmillar (ia/a/aek

' Kane Centre (See ( 'ruigmi/lar

Festival) Edinburgh. Sat 31 May 2.30pm.


EDINBURGH Performance 0 ASSEMBLY ROOMS George Street.

For information. 225 2424 ext 6623. Dance Co 7 in Heritage 8pm. £2.50 (£1.50). Fri 30 May. Afro-Caribbean comes north via London with Carl Campbell the group’s director. Should be an interesting performance and certainly adds variety to the dance calendar. It‘s the group’s first visit to Edinburgh. Rotating Dancers 8pm. £2.50. Thurs

' 29May.8pm.£2.50(£1).'l’he

partnership from Glasgow performs with an Edinburgh group following a week ofworkshops during Spring

1 Fling. A rock band will accompany.

Rotating Dancers will dance pieces from their own programme in the second half.

0 MANDELA THEATRE Gateway Exchange. 2—4 Abbeymount. 661 0982.

Axis Dance Company in Trigon ch 11—Sat 151une. 8pm. £2 (£1.50) at

1 the door. Axis are having a busy

season. Mayfest. Spring Fling and

7 now they bring back their Trigon performance seen first at the



Chaplaincy Centre in April. Ethereal. floating dance by three female performers with coreography by Lyn Denton. Grace Mangen and Tom Yang.

0 PORTOBELLO TOWN HALL Portobello High Street. For info. 225 2424 ext 6623.

Axis Dance Company in View From Here 7.30pm. Thurs 29 May. £1 (50p). See also Mandela Theatre.

Spring Fri 30 May. 7pm. £1 (50p).

Lothian Youth Dance Co takes a Spring Fling. They will also be performing at the Craigmillar Festival on May 31 at 3. 15pm. Free. See also Ross Bandstand.


Princes Street Gardens. For

i information. 225 2424 ext 6623.

Catalyst in Chroma Zone Fri 30 and Sat 31 may. 10.30pm. Free.

Check out this unusual group in a performance in U.V. which delighted Edinburgh Festival audiences last year. Should he magical seen outside.

Rapiers, Styng Rites plus the Jiving Lindy Hoppers 2pm. Sat 14 June. Free. Sandwiched between the sounds. Edinburgh will catch a

glimpscofthe Lindy Hoppers. See




The Annual Craigmillar Festival is this year in its 22nd year. and hosts a variety or events, from a musical to

. exhibitions. Events are listed by event

then venue and time. Tickets can be obtained at the Craigmillar Festival Society, 63 Niddrie Mains Terrace, Edinburgh EH16 4NX. Tel: 031 661 5877.

O Fayre Day Sat 31 May2—4pm..1ack Kane Centre. I lunter's Hall Park. Events both indoors and outdoors. Happenings will be set in motion by the Lord Provost at 2pm. after which Billy McElhany. compere for the afternoon. will introduce special

guests Mark McManus and Neil

Duncan from STV's 'I‘aggart. The afternoon is then packed with events which include a performance by Spring Dance (3. 15pm ). Radio

'- Forth'sBol Malcolm's Roadshow

(from 2pm). Breakdancing from the [Tltimate Soul Sonic Rockers (3.45pm). a rock concert with six groups. including The Play and Derra (from 2.30—4pm ) Theatre . \\’orkshop'sStree Theatre show (2.30pm ). two perforances of Spectre Inspector by lidinburgh Puppet Co (between 2.30 and 3.30pm). plus stalls with bargains and plenty more.

0 The Passing Gemme First of the three community productions at

Craigmillarthis yearisacommunity

muscial on the subject of football. directed by .lohn .\1urtagh. It tours to the following places: Cast/ebrae Drama Studio Castlebrae 1 liin School. (ireendykes Road. Mon 2 .lune. 7.30pm. (Free Public Dress Rehearsal )1 The .IIande/a 'l'heatre 2—4 .»\bbeymount. Tue 3.1une. 8pm. £1 (50p);Jeive/ .lliners' Club Wed 4 .lune. 8pm. £1 (50p):.\'eweraighall .Iliners' (‘lub Thurs 5.1une. 8pm. £1

(50p ) 1 Jack Kane Centre Fri 6.lune. 8pm. £1 (50p); Castle/nae Drama

Studio ('astlebrae I Iigh School. Sat 7 .lune. 7.30pm. £1 (50p).

0 Canticle ol the Creatures ()ver seventy local residents together with professional musicians. artists and dancers present the first multi-media event based on Francis of Assissi‘s prayer. devised by Father Frank Campbell. who composed the music

(see panel on priority page). St Teresa‘s Church. Sun 8 June and Mon QJune at 7.30pm. £1 (50p).

0 The Biggest Party in the World Ten weeks ofcollaboration between 26 local young people and four professional theatre people lie behind this venture. Directed by (ierry M ulgrew and John Matthews. it was scripted by Rona Munro. well-known for her successful community projects. and concerns a day out on Arthur’s Seat. which. in a flash of thunder and lightning turns into a conflict of the superpowers in an update ofthe I loly Grail story. . . Castlebrae Studio. Castlebrae I Iigh School. (ireendykes Road. Wed ll-Fri l3June. 7.30pm. £1 (50p).

0 AJourney Through Craigmillar An exhibition of photographs and paintings by Owen Logan and Mike McVeigh. Jack Katie Centre. Sat 31 May—Sat HJune.

o A View from the 308 and 403 Watercolours by local artist Mrs Watson make tip part of an exhibition of work by local women. which also includes a community collage made by women from Craigmillar as part of the Women Live Festival. Craigmillar Library. Sat 31 May—Sat l-l.lune..\1on—I-‘ri 9am—8pm; Sat ()am— 1 pm.


' Part of East Kilbride‘s Country Fair this

month will once again be the World

Muscle Power Championships. Last

year’s winner, Jon Pall Sigmarson

from Iceland will be hoping to beat all

the challenge or other competitors such

as the current 'World’s Strongest Man‘,

Geofl Capes and Scot. Hamish

Davidson. The seven competitors will be taking part in six events. such as pulling trucks, throwing 56|b beer mugs and lifting the McGlashan stones (up to 130 Kilo). With these sort of events increasing in popularity there looks set to be a good crowd last year 13,000 turned up and the competition

should be lierce. As well as the

Championship. the lairwill also feature Tug of War, Mediaeval jousting, Dog Teams and many other attractions. Andy Cameron will be making a personal appearance as will Bill Smith with the Radio Clyde

Roadshow. The Country Fair starts at

12 noon and prices are £1lor adults and son for children and DAP's. (Graham Caldwell)


1 Theatre. 7.30pm. £3 (£2). Wildcat

: their latest show; a musical satire of




The rollowing is a selection or main events running at this year’s East Kilbride Festival. Fri 30 Mav - Sun 8 June. Further details and tickets from the Festival Office, The Village Theatre, Maxwell Drive, East Kilbride.

Tel: E.l(. 48669.

0 Heather Up Your Kllt The Village |

Stage Productions open the tour of

the kitsch view ofthe Highlands

usually proferred for tourist consumption.

0 N.0.0.A. Aid Olympia. 7.30pm. £2.50. A concert in aid of African

I Famine Relief. given by the National

()peratic Dramatic Association.


. 0 Outdoor Events Princes Square.

_ Starting at 10am. Events range from ' dance to music to pottery displays.

1 0 Guided Walk of East Kilbride Old

Village Meet Civic Centre. 2pm.

0 An Evening with Peter Morrison,

i AlastairMcDonald and Karen Hunter ' The Village Theatre. 7.30pm. £3


0 Grand Fiddlers’ Concert Ballerup

Hall. 7.30pm. East Kilbride Branch of An Comunn Gaidhcalach.



0 Country Fair 1986 Calderglen Country Park. 12 noon. An afternoon of fun and games. Events include the World Muscle Power Championship (see panel). a JoustingTournament. comedy from Andy Cameron and a Fun Fair.

0 PeterJebson Ballerup Hall. i 2.45pm. A recital presented by East I Kilbride Cinema ()rgan Society. I 0 Classical Recital Town Mill Theatre. Strathaven. 7.30pm. £2 (£1 ). Rosemary Eliot and Angela Livingstone on flute and piano.

0 Cabaret'rhe Village Theatre. 7.30pm. Cheese and Wine at 9.45pm. £2 film only: Cones £1.20: Tickets (incl cheese and wine) £4. . Presented by the East Kilbride Film Society.

0 Live Music at Lunch Gershwins. Strathaven. 2—5pm. Sketching and

0 Danny McNeil at the Piano (iershwins. Strathaven. 10pm—midnight.


o The Secret Life or John Logie Baird Central Library. 8pm. Free. A talk

given by Tom McArthur and Dr I Peter Waddell.

o The Ronnie Scott Quintet Village Theatre. 8pm. £4 (£2.50). An eveningol’jazz.

o Visions Jazz Quartet (iershwins. Strathaven. 8.30—1 1pm. Tel Strathaven 22894 for further details.


O Flute Quartet The Village Theatre. f 7.30pm. £3 (£2). A concert from the Scottish Chamber Orchestra.

0 Folk Concert Bruce Swallow Hotel.

List 30 Many:1_2—June 13 J