PZAZZ, Royal Exchange, Glasgow. Srnce n opened or l980 Pia/1 has won a reputatron for herng one of the hest venues for a party or the crty. lhrs can largely he attrrhuted to the rnsprred gurdance of owner Paul Joseph. Pza/z rs an rdeal place to let the good omes roll hecause managers John Maclean and John Bramhles see to It that the organrsatron rs hrghly efhcrent and sultath relaxed, at the same tune The mrrrored decor, and excellent sound antf hghtrng systems make P/a/z a lughly chargetf yet unpretentrous rught spot. It offers a wrde selectton of dunks, rncludmg Stella Artors, antl rs avarlahle for prrvate partres only dunng the week hut open to all comers at the weekends.


HICKORY'S, Miller Street, Glasgow. llrckory's, one of Glasgow's newest oar/restaurants rs hrme cornrnrt ted to olferrng oltf worlrl standards And Its a formula whrch rs succeedrng. Whrle other restaurants rncreasrng ly use mrcrowaves to hash out hurgers, Hrckory's rnsrst on usrng thetr own srnokrng oven. Thrs produces hurgers where the frllrng rs sealed wrtlnn the meat rtself, rather than prst slapped on top. lhe result; srgnrhcantly hetter flavour Hrckory's also offer excellent lunchtrme fare wnh a wrde range of wonderful mexpensrve homemade pres. Hrckory's hoasts the Wrdest seleetron of lorergn heers Ill Glasgow, not least amongst wlnch rs Stella Artots. Vrsrt soon and drscover hetter value, hetter ttmes


PEACHES, Bath Street, Aberdeen. [Iompact vet surprrsmgly spacrous, open and yet sortath romantrc, Peaches rs perhaps that elusrve, perfect mght spot. lhe decor rs a suhtle comhrnatron of srrnple, stylrsh chrome seatrng, nch vrvrd carpetrng, strrkmg neon, mrrrors antf smoked glass lhe overall effect rs effortless, up tempo elegance Wrth one ol the host hght shows or the north antl a drsc rockey who rs never short of good rdeas. Peaches guarantees to provrde a strmulaung mght out. or the host possrhle company When you consrder that Peaches offers an rmpressrve array of dunks draught wrnes,sprrrts,Wlnthread,llemekenandStellaArtors at very reasonahle prrces, you could hardly ask for more