Hackman gives his best performance in Coppola’s personal, despairing portrayal of the alienation of modern living which rewards on every viewing. Glasgow; GFT.

O Convict 99 (U) (Marcel Varnel, UK, 1938) Will Hay, Graham Moffatt, Moore Marriott. 91 mins. Hay’s seedy, swindling incompetent accidentally winds up as a prison governor in this enduring example of vintage British fun. Edinburgh; Filmhouse.

o The Cotton Club (15) (Francis Coppola, US, 1984) Richard Gere, Gregory Hines, Bob Hoskins. 128 mins. Movie stars, molls and murderers intereact in this expensive and loving recreation of the famous prohibition watering hole. Gere is lifeless but Hines shines. Edinburgh; Filmhouse

0 Dance with a Stranger(15) (Mike Newell, UK. 1985) Miranda Richardson, Rupert Everett, Ian Holm. 102 mins. The true story of Ruth Ellis, the last woman in Britain to be hanged for murder.

A brilliantly acted, atmospheric production that captures a snapshot of 1955 and a societynvrought by social and sexual bypocrisies. Edinburgh; Cinema 0 The Delta Force (18) at: (Menahem

Golan, US, 1986) Chuck Norris, Lee Marvin, Hanna Schygulla. 129 mins. See Caption Review. Edinburgh; ABC. Glasgow; ABC Sauchiehall Street. 0 Dreamchlld (PG) (Gavin Millar, UK, 1985) Coral Browne, Ian Holm, Peter Gallagher. 94 mins. New York 1932. The aged Mrs. Alice Hargreaves (Coral Browne), who as a little girl was the child to whom the Rev. Charles Dodgson, i.e. ‘Lewis Carroll‘ (Ian Holm), told the Alice stories to, is in town to receive an Honorary Degree from Columbia University. The confrontation with a new culture sends the 80 year old back to the sunny days on the Isis of her childhood. Dennis Potter‘s first original cinema screenplay is a careful and evocative study of the way in which the memories of old-age can fit together the half-understood experiences of the Child. Edinburgh; Filmhouse. 0 Either You or Me (15) (Wolfgang Petersen, W. Germany, 1973) J urgen Prochnow, Elke Sommer, WolfRoth. 105 mins. Ziegenhals, a student who is an academic failure, discovers that his Professor’s thesis was plagiarized and decides to blackmail him. Superior crime film that marked Petersen’s cinema debut and garnered an Oscar nomination as Best Foreign Film. Edinburgh; Filmhouse. o Fantasia (U) (Walt Disney Production, US. 1940) Generally tedious Disney attempt to make a self-consciously artistic cartoon. Edinburgh; Playhouse 0 Fright Night (18) it? (Tom Holland, US. 1985) Chris Sarandon, William Ragsdalc, Roddy McDowall. 106 mins. Ever curious youth Ragsdalc grows convinced that his new next-door-neighbour is a vampire. No one takes him seriously but the vampire knows that his accusations

26The List 30May— 12 June

fink-n. .

. 2:4 -

Lady Jane (PG) (Trevor Nunn, UK, 1985) Helena Bonham Carter, Cary Elwes, John Wood. 140 mins. Once upon a time the costume drama was all the rage at the British box-office. The Gainsborough Studios became synonymous with lace-bodiced heroines, lemmes latales, daring decolletage and court intrigue. Nowadays the genre is all but moribund, Its position in the cinema diet usurped by small screen classic serials and the like. Therefore, if nothing else, Lady Jane has rarity value on its side.

Lady Jane Grey was the great niece oi Henry VIII and second cousin to Edward VI. A demure, scholarlyteenager her family connections made her an unwitting pawn in a deadly game oi royal brinkmanship when the Duke oi Norlhumberland plotted to secure the throne for the new Protestant faith. A marriage of convenience to Northumberland’s son Guiliord was arranged. Objectlng vehemently she was beaten and cajoled into submission. Her new husband, a lover of wine, women and song, was an equally unwilling partnerto their union. However, from such an

t unpromislng beginning grew a relationship of mutual esteem, true love and a shared concern for the condition of the common man.

Jane was declared Queen of England, Ireland and France in 1553. Her supporters sought a puppet monarch who could be manipulated at will, Jane and Guiliord reluctantly seized an opportunity to change the world. Nine days later her reign was over and the two teenage lovers were subsequently beheaded.

Lady Jane is a technically assured feature, a professional, quality job from the clear-eyed photography of Douglas Slocombe to the stirringiy appropriate music of Stephen Oliver. An intelligent script allows the actors to create real, flesh and blood people rather than stilted historical cut-outs. The late of two idealistic young lovers

j broken by the schemes of men older but

no wiser is ultimately quite moving. One’s only qualms concern the film's

I excessive running time and the rather

pristine look to the piece. Otherwise, this is a handsomely mounted, solidly crafted historical drama of a type

= seldom seen on contemporary screens.

(Allan Hunter)

are true . . . such is the premise of Tom Holland‘s pleasurably old-fashioned horror comic. Holland. scriptwriter of the cheeky Psycho 11, never quite judges the proper tone of his material; undermining the inherent terror of his plot with an overabundance of humour and undercutting the light comic element with genuinely scary moments. Nevertheless. this is a welcome advance on the stomach-churning offerings of the current gore kings. combining credible special-effects. imaginative directorial flourishes, decent characteristations and a properly developed narrative within a formula redolent of the Hammer house of horror. A pleasantly superior surprise. Glasgow; Odeon. Lothian: ABC. Strathclyde: ABC (Greenock). ABC (Kilmarnock). La Scala. o The Girl in the Picture ( 15) (Cary Parker. UK. 1985) John Gordon Sinclair, Irina Brook. 91 mins. The Scottish film industry has

overworked a rich seam of romantic whimsy and this is a slight but agreeable addition to the genre. Glasgow: Odeon. Lothian; Regal

0 Give My Regards to Broad Street (PG) (Peter Webb. UK. I984) Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr. Ralph Richardson. Uneven flimsy badly in need of a decent director but still

watchable for fans of McCartney and ;

overproduced big budget numbers. Edinburgh; Cinema

0 The Happy Hooker Goes to Washington (18) (William A. Levey. US. I977) Joey Heatherton. George Hamilton. 89 mins. Silly sex comedy in which a nubile blonde is called before Congress to face charges that sex is ruining the country. Knew there had to be some explanation. Edinburgh; Cinema

0 Heartland Reggae ( 15) (1.1). Lewis. US. 1980) Bob Marley and the Wailers. PeterTosh. 87mins. Reputedly dire documentary of a I978 concert given to commemorate the visit ofHaile Selassie to Jamaica. Edinburgh: Cinema

Glasgow: ABC Sauchiehall

SuddcutscheZeitung to remark. ‘a

0 High Wind in Jamaica (U) (Alexander MacKendrick. US.

1965) Anthony Quinn. James Coburn. Deborah Baxter. 104 mins. Spirited. high-seas

adventure of interest to young and old alike. Edinburgh; Filmhouse.

O The Hitcher ( 18) (Robert Harmon. US. 1985) Rutger Hauer. C. Thomas Howell. Jennifer Jason Leigh. 98 mins. A tense. skilful tale of cross—country motorised combat ensues when drowsy driver Howell stops to pick up the refreshing company of Hauer. a deranged killer with a penchant for in-car slayings.

Street Lothian‘. ABC

0 Jagged Edge (18) (Richard Marquand, US. 1985) Glenn Close, JeffBridges. 109 mins. The irresistible Bridge stands accused of the brual slaying of his wealthy wife in this unremarkable. old-fashioned whodunnit.

Edinburgh; Odeon. Glasgow; ABC (Clarkston Road). ABC (Sauchiehall Street). Strathclyde: Kelburne. Odeon (Hamilton).

0 Jewel of the Nile (PG) (Lewis Tcague. US. 1985) Kathleen Turner. Michael Douglas. Danny De Vito. 108 mins. Overlong. mechanical sequel-by-numbers to the altogether more ingratiating Romancing the Stone.

Edinburgh; Dominion. Odeon. Glasgow; ABC (Clarkston Road). Cinema. Odeon. Rio. Salon. Lothian: ABC. Regal. Strathclyde; ABC (Greenock). ABC

(Kilmarnock). Kelburne. La Scala. 0 Kiss of the Spiderwoman ( 15) (Hector Babenco. Brazil-US. 1985) William Hurt. Raul Julia. Sonia Braga. 121 mins. Two men share a prison cell. victims in their differing ways ofan unspecified fascist regime. One is a flamboyant homosexual. the other a macho revolutionary. The pain oftheir ,1 confinement ultimately brings mutual understanding. love and a

moving exchange of roles. Edinburgh; Filmhouse. Glasgow; Grosvenor

0 Knife In The Water(18) (Roman Polanski. Poland. 1962) Leon Niemczyk. Yolanta Umecka. Q Zygamunt Malamowicz. 94 mins. Polanski's first feature (Co—scripted by Jerzy Skolimowski) is a disturbing psychological drama judicious in its ' restraint. and a clear indication of g the perverse path its director was

later to follow. Glasgow; GFI'.

0 Lady Jane (PG) «5: (Trevor Nunn. UK. 1985) Helena Bonham Carter. . Cary Elwes. John Wood. l40mins. See Caption Review. Edinburgh; , ABC. Glasgow; ABC Sauchiehall ' Street 3 0 Leaving Certificate (IV) (Wolfgang 1 Petersen. W. Germany. 1976) Nastassja Kinski. Christian ; ()uadflieg. Kinskiisa schoolgirl involved in an ‘impossible‘ romance 1 with her schoolteacher that shocks her smalltown neighbours and leads to murder. Straightforward television drama examining the suffocating confines of provincial German life that prompted