Father Frank Campbell believes that there are different facets of all of us waiting to be discovered. As a boy growing up in the East End of Glasgow, the first he discovered was Jazz.

For seven years jazz was his career— a life of Mecca Dance Halls and Butlin‘s summer seasons. As a member of jazz trios and dance bands he played them all. When he discovered his religious vocation he believed that itwould be ‘cheerio’ to music, but he found he couldn’t leave it behind. Even working

' among the ‘down and outs’ of London,

through the Church, he was in constant touch with music. Happily he has found a way of combining his passions in musical theatre pieces based on religious themes.

‘Canticle of the Creatures' (to be performed by Community Multi Media in St Teresa’s church at 7.30pm on 8

June as part of Craigmillar Festival), is based on St Francis of Assisi’s poem =l prayerwritten as a summation of his

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life. A simple yet profound work of



Mayfest may be gone, but for Oldham Coliseum Theatre Company it certainly won’t be forgotten. A late addition to Mayfest, their ‘Kiss of the Spiderwoman’squeezed intwo late-night shows at the Mitchell to a great reception. to the audience Michael Boyd, artistic director of the Tron Theatre, so enjoyed the production that he suggested a two-week run at his own theatre.

Paul Elkins, director of the production, is, understandably, delighted; ‘The Tron was actually the first place we thought pf. We'd had a two-week run in Oldham that went very well, but though we had a warm reception, audiences weren’t as good as we had hoped. People in Glasgow seem to want to go to the theatre and to


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devotion, it is equally a summation of all those things that have made Assisi the ‘Patron Saint of Ecology’. For Father Campbell itwould have presented formidable problems of approach had it not been for his old poetry and literature teacher, Dubliner Molly Heidy. He had already set some of her poetry to music but when she sent him a tape of a broadcast made for

Radio Telefuris Eireann’s morning religious radio spot ‘The Living Word’ ‘Previously,’Father Campbell

know what they want when they go there. We weren’t quite ready forthe standing ovation though - people we didn’t even know, standing!‘

Elkins, freelance and based in Glasgow, was invited by his former Actors‘ Touring Company colleague, John Betallack, to guest-direct the show only its second British production on stage.

Adapted by Manuel Puig from his novel of the same name, Spiderwoman explores the relationship between two ‘disappeared’ prisoners in the jail of a totalitarian regime. Molina, an effeminate homosexual, is a gentle, dreamy escapist, Valentin is a tough, intellectual, political activist, fighting realitythrough self-denying discipline. Gradually, as they grow to care for each other, the play weaves in countless ideas about appearances and assumptions, ‘masculinity’ and ‘femininity‘, fantasy and realism—the very act of story-telling becomes

5 critical, Molina’s long-spun account of ' his favourite movie acquiring mortal importance as the two plots converge.

Most important though is the relationship—the quiet, life-affirming development of love in defiance of and perpetrated by an incarceration that denies these qualities. In Elkins’ moving production this is beautifully controlled by Chris Barnes and Barry McGinn, who plays Molina as

sympathetically, never cheaply, camp.

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told me, ‘any translation I’d

seen had been too high-falutin'; I could never identify with the words. But hers were colloquial and inspiring. But the musical setting is not my own melodic line it’s actually her speech on that tape recording. I transcribed the' modulations in her voice; she has an exceptionally wide range in her speaking voice— a tenth musically

which is quite extraordinary. Eighty local

residents of Craigmillarwill work togetherwith professional musicians, artists and dancers to perform the work; ‘It was crazy to restrict the work

to communicating bythe text and music

alone when the whole piece was so obviously visual. Iwas convinced it needed to be choreographed and fully staged.‘ Already the piece has created something of a stir and as well as a second performance during the Craigmillar Festival, the production will be performed as part of the Commonwealth Arts Festival atthe Assembly Rooms on 26 July at 7.30pm. The extra Craigmillar Festival show will be on Mon 9 June.

If is by chance rather than design that

Elkins has not yet seen Hector

Babenco’s recently released film. His

: own spare production is clearly very 3 different, however, from Babenco's flamboyant version, which, though

Oscar-winning, did not apparently

' meet with the author‘s approval: ‘Puig

hated the film, where Molina really was camped up into a New York faggot. He isn’t a faggot, he just wants to be a woman, and that’s very central to the

play. There are funny elements to it,

. but he shouldn‘t be a laughing-stock.

. One of the most important things in the i play is the fact that Valentin says to him 3 at the end, “Don’t ever let people

degrade you because of what you are.”’ Tron Theatre,Tues 10 June.

L'narmed. Dangerous and Free. Remn at the ()deon Cinema. Edinburgh. lJune. lll.3(lam. Take along this issue of The 1.11s! for your free ticket to the Special Preview.

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