o The Return oi the Living Dead ( 18) (Dan O'Bannon. US. 1985)C1u Gulager. James Karen. 91 mins. The dead go ape-shit crazy down in old Kentucky. much to the dismay and dismemberment of the living. Strathclyde: Rialto o Rhinestone (PG) (Bob Clark. US. 1984) Sylvester Stallone. Dolly Parton. Richard Farnsworth. 1 1 1 Witless. dim comedy-drama with a disappointingly unmemorable musical score and a Stallone

: performance that lacks. shall we say.

1 the slightest vestige ofsubtlety.

I Edinburgh;Cinema

? o A Room with a View (PG) (James 3 Ivory. UK. 1985) Helena Bonham

; this is a near perfect screen version of

Carter. Maggie Smith. Daniel Day Lewis. 117 mins. Elegantly mounted with an agreeable lightness of tone.

the Forster novel with some dandy acting. Civilised entertainment at its best. Edinburgh: Dominion

0 Spies Like Us (PG) (John Landis. US. 1985) Chevy Chase. Dan Aykroyd. 102 mins. Dim espionage comedy. Edinburgh: Dominion

o The Star Chambert 15) (Peter llyams. US. 1983) Michael Douglas. Hal Ilalbrook. Yaphet Kotto. 1119 mins. Young judge Douglas. dissatisfied with a chronically inefficient judicial system. is invited to join a secret society of

- right-thinking men unafraid of

dispensing real justice in this predictable. tame conspiracy thriller. Edinburgh: Cinema

0 Streetwise ( 18) (Martin Bell. L18. 1984) 911 mins. Campaigning investigative documentary on the dispossessed street kids of Seattle‘s skid row. Glasgow: (iFl'

0 Stop Making Sense (PG) (Jonathan Demme. US. 1984) 88 mins.

I Dynamic footage of”1‘alking 1 leads

in concert in 1983). (ilasgow: (iFI’

0 Suburbia ( 18) (Penenlope Spheeris. US. 1983) Chris Pederson. Bill Coyne. 94 mins. A moving chronicle of the plight of a group of young people from uncaring middle-class homes who run away to join a commune ofpunks. A hard-hitting. angry film. Edinburgh; Filmhouse

0 Sweet Dreams ( 15) 262 (Karel Reisz. US. 1985) Jessica Lange. [id Harris. Ann Wedeworth. 115 mins. The story of country and western star Patsy Cline. concentrating on the seesaw oftensions between her career aspirations and a turbulent marriage to the beer-guzzling Charlie Dick.

Highly praised. Oscar-nominated. unsentimental biopic with excellent work from the two principals and a special salute to [.ange‘s superb miming. Glasgow; Grosvenor 0 That Sinking Feeling (PG) (Bill Forsyth. UK. 1979) Robert Buchanan 92 mins. A group of bored unemployed youngsters plan adaring robbery. . .ofstainless steel sinks. Great fun. Edinburgh; Filmhouse.

0 Three Days of The Condor ( 15) (Sydney Pollack. US. 1975) Robert Redford. Faye Dunaway. (‘liff Robertson. 117 mins. Smooth. satisfying thrillerof

Linterdepartmental CIA chicanery.

zeihe List 30 May— 12 June


91/2 WEEKS

91/2 Weeks (18) (Adrian Lyne, US, 1985) Kim Basinger, Mickey Rourke, MargaretWhitton. 113 mins.

91/2 weeks denotes the duration of the central romance in director Adrian Lyne’s first feature since his box-office smash Flashdance.

Basinger is Elizabeth. an art gallery assistant in New York. Battered and bruised from a recent divorce she believes herself to be far from needy of a whirlwind affair. Then she meets John (Rourke), a wealthy commodities broker. Such istheir immediate and fatal attraction that she is willing to submit to any form of degradation that he appears to deem necessary forthe progress oftheir union. She grows addicted to his uninhibited recklessness; bewitched, bothered and bewildered by the twists and turns of his domination games, she quite literally becomes a slave to love. However ardent their passion, the novelty and iundmental emptiness of their liaison ultimately impresses itself upon her. On behalf of her gallery she has to visit a reclusive old painter and is so overwhelmed by the grace and beauty inherent in the man and his work that she is forced to acknowledge


o AViewto 3 Kill (1’(;) (.lohn (ilen. UK. 1985) Roger Moore. (irace Jones.(‘hristopher\Valken. 131 mitts. .lolly Roger's (extremely welcome) farewell to Bondage as he combats anothercolourless megalomaniac determined to run the world. Strathclyde: Rialto

o Waterl15)(i)iek(‘1ement.t'K. 1984) Michael (‘aine. Billy ('onnolly. Leonard Rossiter. 97 mins. (‘aine retains his dignity while all around him are losing theirs in this wild farrago of'slapstiek and would-be satire. (ilasgovv 1 ()deon

0 Weird Science( 15) (John Hughes. LS. 1985) Kelly Leliroek. Anthony Michael 1 lall. 94 mins. 'l‘wo highly undesirable high school nerds programme their home computer to produce the perfect woman (ilasgovv: ABC. (‘larkston Road.

0 When FatherWas Away on Business (18) (Emir ls'usturica. Yugoslavia. 1985) .‘vloreno De Bartoli. 13()111111s. Yugoslavia during the turbulent 1950s is the setting for this affectionate portrait of family life.


1 This section gives details of

the sham of her relationship with John. The 91/2 weeks are over.

Publicity for this film clearly invites comparisons with Last Tango in Paris and Lyne has concocted an obviously commercial blend ofglossy images and coy eroticism to the accompaniment of an appropriate rock soundtrack. However, the Bertolucci-Brando collaboration produced a powerful meditation on the expression and communication of personal identity through intense sexual contact. Lyne‘s film is all style and no substance with all the depth and significance of a high-tech pop promo: it‘s clever, slick, lovelyto look at and totally meaningless. Underthe circumstances Basinger and Rourke do theirbest buttheircharacters are so ill-defined and unhinged from reality that there is neitherthe material nor the chemistry to create the kind of credibility thatwould underpin such a fraught union. The lingering emphasis on Basinger‘s persistent and abject humiliation addsa furtherunpalatable edge to what is an already confused and vacuous exercise in coffee-table

soft porn. (Allan Hunter)

()verlong and unassuming. this ambles along entrancing the patient viewer with good humour and perceptive observations. .\'ot an earth-shattering experience but its warm and tender approach leav es a pleasant afterglow. lidinbttrgh: l’ilmhous‘e

0 White Nights ( l’ti) ('l'ayloi‘ llackfordl'S.1985)T\1ikhail Baryshnikov. (iregory 1 lines. llelen \lir‘i‘en. 134 mins. .\ Soviet defector stranded in Siberia and an anti-Vietnam Yank in dire straits team tip to fight the system and devise a daring escape plan. 'l'he two stars are among the best dancers in the world. and all these cold war cliches are the price you most pay to see the exhilarating dynamic duo in full terpsichorean flight. lidinburgh; ()deon. (ilasgovv: Salon. Strathclyde: ()deon (Ayr)

programmes showing at cinemas in central Scotland overthe next fortnight. Readers are advised that many cinemas in the Strathclyde and Lothlan regions are unable to provide The List with details of their programming tor both weeks covered by each issue, as these may not be available at the time of going to press. These listings therefore provide an accurate guide to programmes for one week only, unless further dates are specified. Readers are advised that programmes may be subject to late change at anytime.

Cinemas operating a family discount I scheme allow an adult accompanying a f childto ‘U’ and ‘PG' certificate 1 programmes to gain admission forthe same price as the child up to 6pm.

All programme times are pm unless otherwise stated. J


0 ABC Lothlan Road. 339 311311. Bar: 1 lam~3.3(lpm. 5—1llpm (.\lon—'l'hurs). 1 lam—11pm

(l’ri Sat). 5—«lllpm (Sun). [DI cinemas 3 ck 3 prior notification advisable. L371). £3.3ll('hild £1.41). L l .30 ().-\1’ L1 (before opin). Family discount scheme operates.

1.The Delta Force(15)3.5.s‘. Sun5. S.

2. Bigglestl>(i)2.3o.53118.3(). Sun 5311.831),

3. LadyJanetPti) 7.45. Sun4.45. 7.45.

From Fri 6 June: 91/2 Weeksr ls‘) (l'nconfirmed)

0 THE CINEMA ( Formerly 'l‘lte (’lassic) \icolson Street on? 1839. [D] ('inema closed Sunday. L3.();\1’ L1.

From Fri 30: My Body Burns ( 18) l. 3.35. b. in. s45. and The Happy Hooker Goes to Washington ( 18) 2.20. 4.55. 7.35.

From Fri 6: Finders Keepers, Lovers Weeperstls‘)12.511.3.3(1.n.lo.s.5ti. and HotPlaymatesr 18') 3.4.41). 7.21). See also lates section.

0 DOMINION \ewbattle ’l'errace. 447 2on1). Rest lllam ~3pm ck o—-l 1pm (Mon-Iii). ltlatn 1 1pm (Sat). Bar 13—3._‘~llpm. (v lllpm (\lon Sat ). ('inema closed Sun. 1.3.51). 1.3.31). (‘hild L1 .31) ( ).'\1’ L1 114411 Students L1 .311. (all perfs except ev ng perfs in cinema 3 ).

1. Until 5June: DutofAfrica ( l’(il 2.211. 7.311. From 6June: Jewel ofthe Niletl’mj. 1o.5. 10.8.10.

2. Until 5June: Room WithA View (l’(i)‘.15.Fromeune: Out ofAfricall’ti)3.2o, 7.211.

3. Until 5June: Spies Like Us ( l’(i) 2. 5. .s‘. From 6 June: Room With A View ll’(i)3.5.8.

N.B. All tickets priced [1.311 for the middle performances.


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