0 Just Say N0(BBC1)5.35—6pm.

A Newsround/Drugwatch special on the recent Grange Hill cast visit to America where they participated in a week ofevents highlighting

' drug-related problems.

0 Up, Up and Away (STV) b.3fl—7pm. As World Cup hopes once again sweep across the land Ian Archer follows the Scottish squad to the clean desert air of new Mexico to report on their final preparations for the big event.

0 Royal Academy Summer Exhibition (BBC2)1()—l().5(lpm.

Asa curtain raiser fo the 218th Summer Exhibition a handful of artists and actors choose their personal favourites from the shortlist ofsome l3.(l(lt)submissions of contemporary art.


o Streets Ahead (Channel 4) (3.30—7.3(lpm.

The start of a new series built around the choreographic skills of two of Britains leading contemporary dancers Claud Paul Henry and Stewart Avon Arnold.

0 Marilyn Monroe (Channel 4)

11—] 1.30pm.

Brief American documentary on the magic. tragic Monroe. born 1 June 1926. Followed by a screening of her 1953 thriller Niagara

(11.3tlpm—l . 10am).


o The Wicked Lady (BBC!) Lumbering but fondly remembered costume melodrama in which a bored member ofthe nobility turns highway robber. James Mason glow-crs and smoulders as her low-life partner in crime and this is the first in a much appreciated season of his work. 1945.

0 California Suite (STV) 10.45pm—12.~l(1am.

Uneven Neil Simon portemanteau comedy that offers something for everyone. The best stories involve the brittle. barbed exchanges between couples Maggie Smith and Michael Caine. trying to adjust to his bisexuality. and between Alan Alda and Jane Fonda scrapping over the custody of their daughter. Walter Matthau and Richard Pryor also star. 1978.


o Wuthering Heights (STV) 1.35—3.3(lpm. Even though it stops at Chapter 17

this is still the most vital and L haunting screen version of Emily 36 The List 30 May—- 12 June

Bronte’s doomed love affair between Heathcliffand Cathy. Laurence Olivier. Merle Oberon and David Niven star. Gregg Toland‘s masterly photography won the Oscar. (Channel 4) 1939.

o The Eleventh Hour (Channel 4)

I 11.05pm—12.15am.

f A season of Super-8 films concludes . with this international selection that includes Africa. a film from West Berlin that creates a rhythmical impression of a visit to Togo. and Peking Beijing made during recent

: celebrations in the Republic of



i 0 Patand Mike (Channel 4) I 9—10.45pm.

1952 Katharine Hepburn-Spencer Tracy battle-of-the-sexes comedy. She‘s a top athlete. he‘s a smooth-talking promoter-manager. One oftheir lesser efforts but still pleasantly amusing.


Bremner and Lou Macari. Plus highlights of the Uruguavaest Germany match.


o Dancin’ Days (Channel 4) 4.30—5.3tlpm.

Released from prison after an 11-year sentence a young woman tries to re-adjust to the outside world and regain custody of her daughter. Set in Copacabana this is the first episode ofan exceptionally popular Brazilian series starring Sonia Braga. familiar to British audiences from Kiss ofthe Spiderwoman (Part 2 is tomorrow. then daily Monday to Friday from 9June).

0 Letters to an Unknown Lover (Channel 4) 930-1 1 .25pm.

Set in 1943 this Film on Four tells of two sisters one ofwhom falls in love with a French prisoner-of-war. They have never met but only communicated through passionate dispatches. The man escapes from a railway camp but is killed by the Germans. another man is wounded but makes his way to the sanctuary of the sisters and is mistaken for his dead compatriot . . .

focuseson the l93fls and the struggle

: to fortn industrial unions as seen

through the eyes of three women. 1975.



0 To Catch a Thiel(S'l‘V)8—1t)pm. Plush. leisurely French riviera cat burglar caper that lured Cary Grant from his first retirement attempt. Grace Kelly co-stars and director Alfred Hitchcock is in an untaxing holiday mood. 1954.

0 Janet Smith and Dancers (Channel 4) 9—l(lpm.

Channel 4‘s wide-ranging dance season continues with three pieces from the repertoire omeith‘s company. Face the Music contrasts

0 World Cup ’86 (SW) l().3(lpm— 1 am. Morocco v England match.


§ 0 Wetherhy (Channel 4)

l 9.3(l—11.15pm.

; A young student. a chance

i acquaintance of less than 24 hours

; standing. arrives at the farmhouse of ; Yorkshire teacher (Vanessa

Redgrave). re-introduces himself

; and promptly blows out his brains.

showbusiness fantasy with the reality f

. ofthe Depression. Rum and

, Coca-Cola evokes the lighter side of the war years and the songs of the Andrews Sisters whilst Con Spirito is Smith‘s interpretation of Tchaikovsky‘s Serenade for Strings. I World Cup Scotsport ( S’IV ) 10.30pm— 1 am.Scotland v Denmark Hugh Mcllvaney and lock Brown provide commentary from the Neza Stadium outisde Mexico City complemented by studio analysis from Arthur Montford. Billy


l Jack Lemmon in'Mass Appeal'. See Vldoo.

Through an intricate series of flashbacks and differing individual perspectives the film seeks to explain his motivations and the source of his affinity with her. 1985.

o The Lite and Times of Rosie the Blveter(Channel 4)

11.15pm—12. 15am.

Outstanding documentary about the recruitment ofwomen into the workforce during World War II the campaign image and the reality.

_ 0 Union Maids (Channel 4)


3 The first of five documentaries on

the American Labour Movement


0 Best Defence (Willard Huyck. US. 1984) Dudley Moore. Eddie Murphy. Kate Capshaw. Moore is a downtrodden boffin working against time. financial restraints and doped up spies to perfect a sophisticated tank.

Feeble. witless mess ofa film in which the two comic superstars never even share a scene. (92 mins) 0 Certain Fury (Stephen Gyllenhaal. US. 1985) Tatum O'Nea1,lrene Cara. Peter Fonda. When a mass courtroom hearing erupts in a swirl ofviolence two defendants escape in the ensuing crossfire and chaos. Scarlet is an illiterate, street-smart hooker. Tracy is black. middle-class and out ofher depth. Fleeing the law this ill-matched low-life odd couple gain a little in mutual understanding as they face rape. death and the hell oflife on the streets. -

Visceral. breathless exploitationer with a surprisingly gutsy performance from O‘Neal and a predictably uncertain one from Cara. (86 mins)

0 The Chain (Jack Gold. UK. 1984) Denis Lawson. Nigel Hawthorne. Warren Mitchell, Billie Whitelaw. Seven groups of people. each one symbolic of a deadly sin. shift house in London one day assisted on their way by the ruminations of philosophic removal man Mitchell.

A formidable cast enlivens this overly schematic. unavoidably episodic. but otherwise inoffensive British comedy-drama. (100 mins)

0 Dreamscape (Joseph Ruben. US. 1984) Dennis Quaid. Kate Capshaw. Christopher Plummer. Through the miracle ofscience it becomes possible for one human being to physically enter the dream world of another. becoming not only an observer but a participant in the visualisations ofa tormented psyche. But what ifthe US President was shaken by nightmares of the nuclear holocaust and decided to bargain with the Russians for disarmament? Surely some right-thinking CIA smoothie would save a hawk from turning dove . ..

Decent conspiracy thriller-fantasy; adequate special effects and all told an intriguing potboiler. (99 mins)

0 Mass Appeal (Glenn Jordan. US. 1984) Jack Lemmon. Zeljko lvanek, Charles Durning. (CIC Video) Lemmon is Father Timothy Farley. a charmingly pragmatic and determinedly inoffensive priest who cossets his congregation with well-rehearsed patter and ‘song 'n‘ dance theology‘. In return they offer a bountiful collection plate and their undying devotion. When he begins to care for a highly principled seminarian and observes the prejudices he faces he is forced to examine his own conscience and evaluate the price ofpopularity.

Slick. entertaining Broadway hit. successfully transcribed from board to screen with the customary accomplished Lemmon performance.