Marilyn Monroe was the little girl of the screen who was never allowed to grow up. She would have been of) on 1 June. but died at 36 after a life she couldn‘t resolve. Anyone Can See I Love You Sun 1. R4. 2.30pm. is a repeat of R Scotland‘s impressive play. directed by Marilyn lmrie and is an intimate. poignant production. Hetty Baynes as Marilyn sounds uncannin like her and successfully conveys the tragedy of a life in which the struggle was lost. R4‘s Monday play on 2 June. 8. 15pm is A Personal Affair at Victoria (iillick-type issue in which a 15 year-old girl neglects to seek proper contraceptive advice fearing her parents‘ involvement and on Tue lflJune R3's play is Ashes at 7.30pm. an accomplished play by David Rudkin from the BBC Edinburgh Studios.

An incredible and colossal event. the birth of an island. during which the sea bed erupted through the Atlantic in 1963 and. after a period of 18 months. left the world with Surtsey is the subject of a report in Like No Place on Earth line in .lune. R4. 8.30pm.

Recent sell-out success in (ilasgow and Edinburgh the Glaswegian band Hipsway are In Concert Sat 7 .ltme. R1. 6.30pm and the controversial Tom Robinson. playing (ilasgow University OMU. Sat 31 May and the Empire. Edinburgh Sun 1 June. joins Feargal Sharkey in Singled Out Fri ()JLIIIC. R I . 5.45pm to assess the week's new single releases. As organisers‘ minds turn to festivals in spring. the festivals of Bergen. Bath and Aldeburgh offer a wealth of classical music this fortnight. including the Polish (‘hamber Orchestra conducted by Jerzy Maksymiuk Mon 2 June. R3. 9pm playing Stravinsky's (‘oncerto in l). Tchaikovsky's Serenade for Strings in (‘ and a Mozart piano programme conducted by Sir (ieorg Solti and Murray Perahia. Mon 9 June. R3. 8pm.

Work for Yourself’l‘hurs 5 June. R 1. 7.30pm is an attractive if perilous prospect. Janice Long asks some of the people who did it. how they did it and what it took to do it (first of a

six-week series no short cuts to 1 success. you know! ).

Iris Murdoch‘s first novel L'mler the .N’el is the new Book at Bedtime beginning Mon 2 June. R4. 10.15pm. read by Stephen Rea; Brian Matthew reports from the (,‘hichester Festival Theatre in Round Midnight'l‘ue lllJune. llprn (imagine Suzie Quatro as the lead in Annie Get Your (Jim?) and highlights from Radio Clyde‘s Free Music Festival are broadcast on Fri 30 May. 12.06am (includes Hue and Cry and The Styng Rites).

Finally. for the World (‘up (and how to survive it) alternative. Bernard (‘ribbens will be taking a gentle View from the Boundary Sat 7 June. R3. 1.10pm in the lunchtime interval of the Test Match.

0 Sport I: listed as diary: by sport, then by day, then by event.


o Strathclyde Sheriffs v Musselburgh Magnums Lochinch. (ilasgow 2pm. 0 East Kilbride Pirates v Ayr Burners 3pm.

Saturday 7

o Ayr Burners v Musselburgh Magnums i

Dam Park. Ayr. 2pm. Sunday 8

0 East Kilbride Pirates v Strathclyde Sheriffs. 2pm.

Saturday 31


o Fifeshire v Stirling County.

0 Ayrshire v Forfarshire The Oval. Prestwick.

0 West Lothian v Dunbartonshire Boghall. l.inlithgow.



o Leith Franklin v Stenhousemuir Leith Links. Edinburgh.

0 Edinburgh Accies v Fauldhouse Victoria Newfield. Edinburgh.

0 Cuparv Carlton Duffis Park. ('upar. o Heriots FP v Kirkcaldy (ioldcnacrc. Edinburgh.

0 Royal High v Watsonians .lock’s Lodge. Edinburgh.


o Dumpellierv Clydesdale Langloan. ('oatbridge.

o Kilmarnockv Ferguslie Kirkstyle. Kilmarnock.

o Poloc v West of Scotland Shawholm. (ilasgow.

o Kelburne vAyr Whitchaugh. Paisley. 0 Uddingstone v Greenock.

Saturday 7


o Fifeshire v Clackmannan Co.

0 Ayrshire v Stirling Co The Oval. Prestwick.

o Dunbartonshire vaerdeenshire

One of the most unusual competitions of the year comes Glasgow‘s way in June with an International Croquet match between Scotland and Australia. Teams from Australia and New Zealand are in Britian to play matches against Ireland and Scotland as a warm up to thetriangular McRobertson Shield Trophy between themselves and Great Britain.

i l

Although almost everybody will have i

seen croquet in some shape or form usually on tv orthe movies— few will have any understanding of its aims or rules. The sport to which it can be most closely compared is snooker with

which it sharesthe tactical awareness,

‘breaks‘ and a form of sneakers, called ‘wiring‘ in croquet. Like golf, it has a handicapping system which allows both experts and the more casual player to compete on equal terms. Association Croquet. the form used in Internationals, is played on a court 35 yards by 28 yards which should have absolutely level surface. The object of

i the ame i opei the 1lb balls


around 12 hoops in order and then a central peg, amassing points in the process. The first side to reach 26 points wins. Croquet has been described as the cruellest of games in that a vital part of it is putting your opponent in the worst possible position while enabling yourself to play extra strokes up to a maximum of 91 ! This description, however, is more suited to the family game where a favourite trick is to send your opponent's ball into the bushes. Extra strokes are earned by either going through a hoop or hitting another ball which means croquet is a game of great subtlety, delicacy and no ~ little skill. The game between the six man teams of Australia and Scotland takes place on Glasgow Green on Thurs and Fri 5 & 6 June. Play starts at 103m and admission is free so it might well be worth taking a stroll along.(Graham


Auchenhowie. Milngavie. RYOEN & PARTNERS EAST LEAGUE DIVISION1 0 Carlton V Heriots PP (.irange Loan. Edinburgh. 0 Cupar v Fauldhouse Victoria Dut‘t‘is Park. Cupar. ' o Leith FranklinvEdinburghAccies ? Leith Links. Edinburgh. o Stenhousemuirv Royal High The 'I'ryst. Stenhousemuir. o Kirkcaldyv Watsonians Bennochy. Kirkcaldy. O. M. HALL WESTERN UNION ' o AyrvOrumpellier(‘amlmstloon A.”- g o FerguslievWestof Scotland Meikleriggs. Paisley. 1 0 West of Scotland v Kelburne HamiltonCrescent. Ayr. o Clydesdale v Kilmarnock 'l'itl‘ieltl. (ilasgow. o Greenockv POlOC(ilenpark. (ireenock.

CROOU ET Thursday 5-6

0 Scotland vAustralia International

(ilasgow ( ireen lilam (see panel).


0 Race Days 'l'uesday. 'l‘liursday and Saturday. Powderhall Stadium. Beaverhall Road. Edinburgh. Race meetings are for If) races. starting at 7.30pm. £2.2(lstand. £1.3(lground (incprogramme).


0 Race Days 'l‘uesdays. ’l‘liursdays 7.45pm. Saturday 7.30pm. Shawfield Stadium. Rutherglen. £1 .50 (inc programme).


0 Hamilton livening Meeting.


0 Hamilton Iivening Meeting.


O Musselburgh livening Meeting. First Race (i.45pm.


0 Hamilton Iivening Meeting. l-‘irst Race 7pm.


Friday 30 Glasgow

0 Glasgow Tigers v Boston Barracudas Blantyre Stadium. 7.30pm. .-\du|t {2})“. (‘hild ()AP Ll. Programme £1.

Friday 6


0 Edinburgh Monarchs v Newcastle Federation Specials I’tm-tlerlmll Stadium. lidinburgh. 7.15pm. Adults £2.60. ('hiltl ()Al’ Ll .3”. Programme Slip.

Sunday8 Glasgow

0 Junior Grand Prix lop .Iunior riders from Scotland and North of England. Blantyre Stadium. 3pm.

The List 3() May 12 June 37