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on a good run. hard team to beat.‘

Murdoch has a grasp of footballing tactics greater than I and has obviously thought hard about how we should play. so it is comforting to hear him say: ‘l'd like to think we‘re going to surprise a few people.‘

ALEX cnomsv

The momentoes on the wall of Alex (.‘ropley‘s Bar in Easter Road. within earshot ofthe ground on the rare occasions llibs have much to shout about these days. are a reminder of happier times for the club. A key figure in the fine llibs side ofthe early seventies. (‘ropley’s ability to score goals from midfield prompted Arsenal. and later Aston Villa. to part with large fees. while a Scotland jersey is proudly on display beside his shirt from Villa‘s League (‘up win of 1977. An injury. which he ruefully admits to not having worked hard enough at overcoming. prematurely ended his senior career.

While Alex feels that the style and pace of the game in Mexico might have suited Hansen. it is not surprising that a player with such sharply-honed striking instincts should be most concerned about goals— looking at the squad. he wonders where they are going to come from. ‘()bviously. the loss of Kenny is a major blow. although he didn’t have a very good game. by his own standards. in the FA (‘up Final. I doubt if he would have been used for ninety tninutes over there. but his influence would have been crucial. I always feel if you are strong down the middle. you have the basis of a good side. With Miller. Souness and Kenny we had that his absence leaves a huge gap.

‘As suspected they will be frightened to play (‘ooper initially— they will probably open with 214-4-2 formation against Denmark. with Strachan and possibly Bannon supporting Souness. I also think they will find a place for Roy Aitken; Roy is a wholehearted player. although his style may not be suited to Mexico. .lim Bett has been a disappointment to me this season. to the point where I began to wonder how much he really wanted a place. It's essential that we have good passers of the ball at that level. especially with the dry. bumpy pitches over there.

‘I think it may have been worth taking a chance on Nevin they will need players who can open tip defences. The standard is a lot different at international level. you get a bit more time on the ball. and that suits the players who are a bit more intelligent. a bit more thoughful. rather than the kind of tireless workers we produce in our domestic football. 'I‘hat style won't last ten minutes over there. People are speculating that Denmark and [fruguay don't like to be hustled from the pace they set. but you can't chase and harry teams in that heat.

‘()ne thing that does annoy me is that I don't think there will be a lot of goals scored. We probably won't see

j much end to end stuff: teams will

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They-n. min” m be u . need to be composed. and look to ' i play possession football from the

middle. looking for the quick. incisive break. Dead ball situations will be very important. and very difficult for the goalkeepers— the ball will fly very fast through the air. and our opponents will be strong at making it dip. swerve and bend. Having said that. (‘ooper can do a bit on the ball in those areas if he plays.

‘I keep coming back to the problem ofwho is going to get goals for us. None ofthe striking partnerships has really been allowed to settle and develop an understanding. and even now it’s a guessing game as to who will finally get the nod. I think McAvennie looks assured of a place. probably with Nicholas. and it will be so important that they find their scoring touch. There won't be a lot of chances. and we will need players


who can make the most ofvery little. or who can produce something unexpected on their own.

‘Ifwe get a result in the first game against Denmark. who I fancy to do well in the tournament. then it might just be the springboard to something better. We don‘t know a lot about Uruguay over here. but the conditions will inevitably favour the South Americans. West Germany will be very strong. very disciplined. but I feel they will miss the likes of Schuster. or Littbarski if he isn‘t fit exactly the kind ofplayers l was talking about. able to conjure up something out of nothing.

‘It‘s interesting that the standard seems much more even this time. with two or three contenders in each group. I would like to see France do well. purely because they are an exciting side to watch they place the emphasis on skill and flair. and I think the game needs that. that wee bit of razzle. For the same reason. I would like to see Brazil win. but I‘m not sure they are good enough this time. There are so many strong. well-organised sides. It will start to look clearer after the opening matches. which is why the game against Denmark is so important. We couldn't have got it much harder. so even a draw would be a tremendous confidence-booster for us. Whatever happens. the football should be fascinating. I‘ll be watching it closely and it should

i keep the pub busyl‘



Now that Mayfest is no more than a fond memory. it is time to wind up the 'l‘:\l.KAB()l"l' l)ial-a-('rit competition by printing a few more of the entries and announcing the five first prize winners. 'l"he third week of .\lay fest brought a sudden rush of entries. too late unfortunately to win the concert tickets and subscriptions. Some of them were very good and will in due course be receiving their film tickets and 'l‘Al.l\'.'\l3()l"l'goodies. 'l'he standard of entries was uniformly high and a lot of thought had been put into them. 'l'he competition has been picked up by Radio (‘lyde and has attracted attention from all over the country where other areas are thinkingofadapting the scheme to their own purposes.

'l‘his is the last selection ofentries: we do not have room to print all of them. so do not feel too bad if yours has not been published.

Graham MacGregor was impressed by some Mayfest Dance:

"lilie (ilasgow Arts('entre's (‘ontemporary Dance (iroup. Junction 1‘). bubbled with energetic delight on Saturday evening. The show opened with "l‘he Star Spangled Banner" ~ an enthusiastic nuntbcr complete with imaginary rodeo (yee-hah l ) and some mighty mean gun slingers. Working as a typist didn't get Melanie Revill down her glittering ‘()ff Key' routine was full of fun and imagination. ()ther favourites included the Parisian 'l’adam l’adam'; a jolly lrish jig. ‘()n the Fiddle' and the interesting ‘\\'hispers' using vocal accompaniment. The show included a flowing movement piece which had been devised front a workshop held earlier in the day. Much praise to (‘heryl Strong and hersquad of seventeen dancers. We eagerly await the next pcrformanee.‘

'l'lie Red Wedge Revue was seen by Linda Appleby:

‘May 4 saw Red \Vedge drive itself into the hearts of (ilasgow ‘s Kings ‘l'heatre’s audience and when all is said and done. they did it with style —-

.T ..--:. - a” '


well as far as Socialism allows for style. Robbie (‘oltrane as the bigoted .‘ylason Boync just in from the No Surrender Wine Bar has returned to his roots and so was the highlight ofthe evening. He could do

no wrong. yet those around him were i

at least as entertaining. For me the succinct musical satire of Skint Video. the poignancy of Mark Miwurdz and the gay ravings of Simon l’anshawe made it all worth while.~

Some entrants got just a little carried away. Jeff Holder said:

'Yee—hah! 'l'he l lank Wangford troupe ofstrolling players demonstrated yet again the pioneering spirit that won the West by venturing into the blackest depths of(ilasgow‘s late night anomie —- the .‘yloir l lall. And truly my children behold or revelate the wonders of that night. How champion crooner and fabulous fiddler Bobby Valentine overcame the inate handicap of a silly tuoustache to win our hearts with his inimitable vocal sty'lings. l low ltiseiotts. poutng Siss: l-‘ootwear warned of the dangers of wearing mascara or liaisons with men ofthe non-batchelor variety. llow .let Atkins took the (’ountry and Western guitar solo into areas never before entered and to areas where no-one would ever dare to wish to enter again. And how l lank himself. that wonderful human being. maintained his drum roll as most accomplished and sincere taker of the piss. Who would have thought that dancing frantically to chaotic. neo-psychadelic polka would have been the height of Mayfest'." llmmrnm . . .

The live lucky winners of the concert tickets. cinema tickets. six months subscriptions to 'l‘he List and assortedTALKABOl"l'goodies are: l’atricia Murray. liileen Lyn. l’ete Skelly. Douglas l’aton and (iraham .‘yle( iregor and such prizes as they haven't yet recciy ed w ill soon be arriving. 'l‘hanks toall w ho entered.