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UB4lls free. A regular feature of the Progrilm'm‘l- £4 (£3). Tht‘ [limitm Glasgow Arts (‘entre‘s programme. FC-‘IiVill OTChCSiril 0011105 [0

[hc youth (uncut prcgcntg an Scotland for part of its Summer increasingly excitingy Opportunity to FCSiiVi" "f MU-‘ic l“ (‘i‘ihc‘lriil‘ hear the a.” ilmmmng [mung throughout Britain. With the choir

ofSt Mary's they perform Viyaldi‘s Gloria. just one of the range of

achieved by the young members of the music project.

o The Turn of the screw 'I‘hcuirc g popular works on offer. ()the rs are Royal. Hope Street. Box Office 331 liaydn‘s Sinfonia (‘oncertante. 1234. 7.15pm. [ixtradate: 'l‘hui's‘ i9. Vivaldi‘s(‘onccrm furl 'l‘rumncts {ISO-£18.50. Scottish ()pern l and Mozart‘s l.atidate Dominum. continue their highly successful l Soloists are all established v Muslcis listed as diary: by day, then i 1 l and his ()rgan (‘oncerto ()p 4. No production ofBenjamin Britten’s i meL‘SSiUnuls. b'cm’m" hymn" l 5' . . . . “n”. “‘7‘”“9569"”.1'” mm" o StGiles‘ atSix StGiles‘ Cathedral. 7 o Classmal Aid Concert Ldinhiirgh story by Henry James. H. ,h 51 . ,I F n, Id ) 6 The ; (‘ity i-‘eiioii-siiip. South (‘lerk Street. 0 8N0 Proms Scottish lixhibition and “35 ,, §“§,'d T1931} pm' i BOX 0m“. (,67 3779. 7_3(lpm. £1.50. (‘onference Centre. Box ()ffice 552 Maria“ - {L I L Offuim 5 phi“, Music“ of [idinhurgh present 59M (Ticket Centre) or 327 5015 Pixie“? p12 0m: l‘ H d an eyening of Baroque music with ((‘erlt (‘ilrdSl 7.30pm. £2--£8.5ll d “mnd‘ omuu 1' on “Kim

i . .. . . . - . . , : Elliot Cartcrin this we ‘k‘sr‘citalat soloists l-iona Mitchell. Sheila (series discount ayailable). 7..»lipm. l .. . L t . six o clock.

- (‘ochrance and [)21\ id l lume in aid of {3—f85tl (series discount ayailable).

Edinburgh ? mentally handicapped. Sir AlexanderUibson conductsa’ i 0 Bach at StCecilia’s St ('ecilia's 0 Organ Recital (‘hurch of St Andrew . O Choral and Organ Recital (lunch of tuneful concert including the New llall. (‘owgate Box ()ffice ES l 155 and Si (kmuc. (‘wmuc Strut St Andrew and St (ieorge. (ieorge World Symphony. Nutcracker Suite. (L’sher l lall) ortiti7 ill] I ext-4577 ’l‘jckctg at (him. 3pm.]: ( {1 )' Juhn ; Street. 'l‘ickcts at door. 8pm. £2 ( £1 )_ I he Sorcerer‘s Apprentice nmL m : (Edinburgh ltanCrS”). MUS“. wcmlmhum‘ [)irccloruflhcJohn [Edinburgh ()rgan Week comes to a open. Suppe s Poet and Peasant Faculty). 8pm. £3(£2). l’eter '

close with the Renaissance Singers ()yerture. Williams(harpsichord) bringsthis

Loosemore ("entre for()rgan and i _ . _ , . . . . . . Early Music giyes a recital as part of i “Om “Cull-“l “ml Phll'l‘ 51“".“01'0” year s Bach at St ( ecilia sconcerts to

a . . . . ). .. . .' ' . . . I . . .. . the Who ladinburgh ()rgan Vt eck. ; Wild” i “’f—"dmmL “l” “‘Lllldk ilk - a close with a performance of lhe

l first performance of a new work by (ioldberg Variations.

; [{rlinbiirgh-based composer David

0 Glasgow University Orchestra Biite Johnson. ; , g 0 Scottish Sinlonia Queen's i lit”.

“a”. (“MIN pmwrsilg BOX 5 Glasgow 3 (oxcathedral Classms St filthy ‘s _ (‘Ierk Street. Box ()llice 238 I 155 Office 33‘) 8855 ext 457] . 7.30pm. l 2 ‘l‘..‘“L'%”C I film‘an i Id“. Hm High” I In“). 74mm. £2“)

Free at door. ProfessorofMusic ' Youth Concert(ilasgow Arts } 0mm, “5 l INH'Shfir I M” . (£3 U .5“). A 'l‘chaikoysky night Hugh MacDonald takes his students 5 (ic'mlc' l: Wu-‘hi'li—‘mn Sircu- BOX ' I‘mpm' fix”?! Limcl Inc 17 ( Pubic}. With a“ the great 'miimmcs‘ Rome” 3 through a spirited programme i ()mCL‘ 33‘ 453“- 3Pm- Lil-SW“) i AM)“— 5°C “Sung if” WWI." “Mum and Juliet. the Violin (‘oncerto

opening with Berlioz's l lungarian l (m'm‘I M'IC‘ Bi'swr)’ [hc ; March. Elizabeth MacDonald is the 5 “WNW” 5"“ “W ‘” “mm “""7 i .Ccllomlmsl in [)OhmnyieN bangor two. the lh’lloyei'ttire. Neil

Kunzcmmck (MUN known for his Mantle conducts atid swelling the Variations on 'l‘winkle. 'l‘winkle l numhc” ‘5 ill“ N“in” (“HUI—’0 Brit”

- - . . t » overspill otbigtunes and big names is .- .. . Little Star) and there s also I laydn s = x . , thssmlils. second last symphony. .\'o lll3, ' " 7 * there‘TCha'kovs" s chracnr' 4‘“

.. I y . ., O . , Symphony, RomeoandJulietor lsodaly sl)ancesol (ialanta and. Brahms, Dvorak’nossiniand Elgar. E

finallyfilitn ..2 i ' . . .. . . l ' N” 1 “mm” Immhmi MuSIcalDirectorNeemeJam,whos

Proms Scottish l'Xliibition' n l I done so mucn to tasmon me SNO'S Ed'nburgh

(‘onference (i‘entre Boy ()ffice 7L increasmgly blooming repmatiop' . James Ga'way Recnal “\SSC'11NV 5%] (Ticket (mm; ) (“:37 5mg " ? conducts the opening concert, liilth Rooms. (ieorge Street. Box ()ffice ((‘redit Cards). 7.30pm. £2--£8.5(l i lavoumes "Re s'rAlexande' G'bs‘m’ 335 5373 (PM) Ferries). Inm- £3.

James “"19th BWde" Thomson and The S('()‘s series of international

(series discounts ayailable). After - ' ' Chrlsmpher seaman 3" havmg a mgm Lunchtime ('oncerts come to a close

Proms in Edinburgh. Dundee and

0 Organ Recital Glasgow University

this session will be a study of Handel‘s Recorder Sonata ()p l..\'o

. t . . i i . . . . each. with a recital by irobably the most glintrgéltsfiiii: 2:)31:::_'E;::CIhL Adding a lone“ 9i "esnness but" i." famous international artist to appear base city of ( ilasgow altlioiioh the germs 0i personamy and programman _ Jame“ (“may With his gumcn SECC a new \Lnuci. Emmi] mmic '3 "'9 concerto" “may. 2‘! team'an flute. sparkling eyes and Philip Moll isthe theme ofthe ()peniiiut‘oncert Evelyn. Glenmeas sommmmexander I” “Cwml‘imy hlm- “Ci” “(’d‘mm _ Vaughan “~illmm~ “in”; Plum-S Lepak 3 conceno '07 Mallet . charm his audience with a selection English suite The Young tiersoiié'; ' '"Strumems' unusua' sounding you “i mm” ‘5‘" “U” “"d PM”

, ~, - x ; ~ ~ I may think, but the tactthat Miss (lullL‘lxutltllilTC :s'rchestra by Britten~ , l Glennie is completely deafis even Glasgow

. ‘F‘fgtm‘ “m “'m” * “‘“hmi” " 5 I more impressive..Still only 20, this . nsmn Competitions gist-mam

_ , Piano Rama, I {mm mm “a” :3 i Young percufismnlst, brought up or! an liilll. RSAMI). st (ieorge's l’lace.

' (‘laremont Street. Ambassador E Aberdeensmre farm and now ho'dlng Box Office 332 4101' daytimc' mm!

. (1m Q m “38 983 318.7301)!“- 5; an Honours degree and LRAM from dates: Tue 17; wed is; 'rtiiirs 2o.

1 £3.15 (£1.60). (ireek pianist Aiieiii . i . '- L°"d°'.' s p'eSi'g'm‘s “9"” Academy Fr“ ‘” ‘1‘”- “W “him 0" “Wm

Zizm EMS a mum 0f mm, popular 5 Even though the mUSIC played at Proms at Music, has a long String 0' awards eontroi-ersy. competitions are still

l works“ Schumnn. “Cm-N. 2 concerts has been recorded countless i and achievements behind her- going strong in (ilzlsgtm' its young Beethm-rm‘ Rum and (how-IL “.5 timesoby orchestrasthe world over, Including running rings round Terry musicians yie withezieh Utherfnril

' herSCOmSthmL there is stillthatcompellingthrill otthe W093" as 8080'?" Duesmn "'3 Chat yarietyof awards. ’l‘odiiy it‘sthe

live performance. Add to that an show. The most tamous deal musrcian John 0. Miles Prize for

; ; orchestra shaping up in line form with in hiStOW is. 9' comsei Bee".me hm L'naccompanied Violin.

s . i the confidence brought by an Evean Glennle lost her hearlng at a o Lunchtime Concert Art Gallery and Edmburgh exhilarating and rewarding European much earlier age. being Classea 88 Museum. Kelyingroye. Box ()ffice . Wofkshop m Organism and ! tour, and the SNO's own 1986 Proms profoundly deat while only‘12.A.s 3:12 4101 (RSA Ml) ). 12.3ti—2pm. Recorder pIayers Church 01. SI 1 series is assured of success. Evelyn herselt explains Itr Making L-xtru dill-CS} Monday 23 and Monday Andmwund SI (Mme. ammo Edinburgh. Dundee and Aberdeen have musm has nothingto do ivith hearing .. 30. Admission free at door. the Sum. Tickets at may ~ 1 all had theirshare but there. 3 still two . It comes from the heart. . Royal Scottish Academy of Musie “mulw 12.3%!” D ( U ). John weelts togo in Glasgow..This year, tor The 8N0 proms are on from Friday 13 and Drama give it mixed programme Wellinuhum (we Hi 13) takes a the first time, the venue Is the Scottish until Saturday 28, concerts starting at demonstrating the results of their “mkshsop m mwcium mum: mm ! Exhibition andConterence Centre not 7.30pm, at the Scottish Exhlbltlon and practice and rehearsal throughout the “bow Cmmmcs The lmig m. ideal but marginally bettertlian the Conterence Centre, Glasgow..See the year.

t ' bleak Kelvm Hall. The traditional listings for details. (Carol Main)

10 The List 13 26 .lune