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Repufedly'l‘ormed when singer Nick Marsh and drummer James Mitchell met at an all-night Russ Meyer screening. Flesh For Lulu (appearing at Edinburgh Rumours on Wed 25 and Glasgow Rooftops on Thurs 26) have been more than a little hampered by the ‘Gothic‘ label, unfair at best, which when peeled off reveals a band with a great working knowledge ofthe classic rock ’n’ roll tradition. True, they have more than a passing interest in black leather, spiky hair and make-up (who doesn’t these days), but their hard-edged pop sound should please fans of The Clash, Bowie and Springsteen alike.

A writer for Sounds called them ‘the


perfect rock 'n’ roll band’, implying pretty much equal parts of exhilaration, plagiarism and stupidity. Taking Flesh For Lulu into account that sounds just about right but that’s not meant to put anyone off. I certainly wouldn’t pass up the chance to see a perfect rock ’n' roll group and I don’t intend to miss this one. Though Flesh for Lulu have yet to produce anything that could be considered a masterpiece, pulp epics the brilliance of ‘Restless’ and ‘Laundromat Kat’ should not be ignored.

They’ve also shown themselves to be fond of sleazy nightclub numbers (see Reed, Lou). (Mab)


SATURDAY 21 Glagow 0 Scheme Rooftops. 4—7pm again.

SUNDAY 22 Edinburgh

0 Billy Jones Duke of Wellington, Duke Street. Leith. 8pm. Free.


0 Scheme Rooftops. 10pm-2.30am 0 Big Flame and The McKenzies in Daddy Warbucks. A Ron Johnstone Night in Daddy‘s featuring the weird and wonderful andone and only - McKenzies. Very odd.


f Edinburg o Misconception (To be confirmed).

Preservation Hall. Victoria Street. 9pm. Free.


0 Flesh for Lulu and The Hook ’n’ Pull Gang The Onion Cellar. Rumours. Lothian Road. 9pm. £2. For gen on the headliners checkout the panel. Support. The Hook ‘n‘ Pull Gang. are already getting Radio Forth play and are definitely worth watching. Loud guitars. good songs and excellent bluesy singer.

0 After Eight Mince Lord Darnley. West Port. 9.30pm. Free. Enjoyable and proficient jazz-funk group.

0 The Peristalsis Brothers Boston Bean Co. St James Centre. 9pm. Free. Acoustic skiffle-era duo.

0 Ransom Gang Bangs. The Mission. Victoria Street. 8.30pm. £2


0 Barbara Dickson The Theatre Royal. See Tues 24.



0 Real rock and roll stuff this week in LISTEN with sweet soul singer Marti Fellow (of the yes-we're-going- to-releasea-record-soon Glasgow outfit Wet Wet Wet) impersonating a HAMBURGER in public . . . no it was a CHESSEBURGER . . . well, no, actually it was all a mistake when Mr P did a live radio interview for mega-thickies Radio Metro in Newcastle. . . Metro man Nicky mistook Fellow for James Grant of Love And Money. . . not many other people would. . . i mean, he didn’t even have a can of Red Stripe. . . 0 Celebration is in the air this month

.' . .at last at last at last the lovely Hue ; And Cry are siging a record deal. . . not

exactly major but unusual to be the first

signing on a brand new label called

5 Circa Records. . . formerly some of the force behind Fourth And Broadway. . .

0 Just when you thought it was safe to

go out . . . the Del Boys are back. . . Del Amitri . . . just one of the bands most

; likely to give you contact boredom . . . = (other examples, Genesis, Sigue Sigue _' Sputnick or The Waterboys live at

Ibrox) . . . intend to release a new single independently in the near future

3 . . . also to be seen on the very last

(sob) showing of FSD . . . which, incidentally means anything you want itto . . .

0 Jesse Rae. . . the man with the

nicest knees in the music business flew

backto Bonnie Scotland last week. . . with Bernie Worell (of Talking Heads) and Steve Feronni (AWB) in tow. . . all

three plus Giles and Lee of The Thistles

were recording a video in the Borders. . . some people go to the Mojave Desert butJesse goes to Nawick. . .

0 Round of applause to this month’s issue of Rocket 88 for the inclusion of two brilliant cartoons of Skin (Nlpsway) and the best most flattering representation of Bobby Bluebell. Rocket promise more cartoon capers next month from the pen of the isn’t-he-talented-type George Miller. . 0 Singles out soon are... ‘lndependence Day’ from The Painted Word on 23 June, Botany 50012in

I l l

You’ on 19 June featuring such acts as

, Princess Tinymeat and the Fini Tribe, Talking Drums LP ‘ReAssembly’ out on I 16 June, the hysterical Wee Free Kings

with ‘Death Of A Wild Colonial Boy’ out

now— and last but not least-The : Soup Dragons ’Whole WideWorld/ I Pleasantly Surprised’ out on


0 We Free Kings: Death of the Wild Colonial Boy/Live is in the Air (Howl). The debut single from Edinburgh’s punk folk (if you’ll pardon the expression) sextet, who have been getting deservedly fine live reviews, comes in economy-style placcy bag and photocopied sleeve, and is a strong, it flawed, record. Some dilution is to be expected in transferring their act to vinyl, and Wild Colonial Boy, though a great live number, when listened to in the cold light of a stone cold sober Sunday afternoon isn’t quite as good as one feels it ought to be. Nevertheless, with a great swirling jumble of fiddle, melodeon and acoustic guitar driving it along, it isn’t half bad. The flip side, Love is in the Air, is a brooding and unsettling number, even when the pace picks up, due mainly to honorary King Phill Bull’s eerle cello motif. Although a songwriter with the talent of The


g 0 Bill Huggins Lord Darnley. West l Port. 9.3()pm.Fre. C&W, Blues.

T TUESDAY 24 ; Edinburgh

0 Warp Factor 10 Preservation Hall, Victoria Street. 9pm. Free. If C memory serves. cover ofsoul/pop E classics from The Vandellas to Sting. 7 0 Channel 2 Lord Darnley. West

Port. 9.30pm. Free.


0 Barbara Dickson Theatre Royal. Which doesn‘t really constitute a

; ‘Bully Beef’ in mid-June, the Pleasantly Surprised compilation LP ‘You Bet We’ve Got Something Against

Pogues’ Shane MacGowan is sorely missed, this is a fairly essential purchase. (Mab)


0 Gene Loves Jezebel Outer Limits. Long hair. body paint and beads. What we call in the trade pretty gothic stuff. Listenable. though bursting with self-importance.

O Bat Tarts Clowns. High Street. 9pm. Free.

0 Block Brothers Preservation Hall. Victoria Street. 9pm. Free. Blues-rock. beards and guitar solos 10 Billy Jones Lord Darnley. West Port. 9.30pm. Free. Pop/folk.

rock gig. but we don’t have a section for good female singers who wear Glasgow \ funny padded shoulder dresses and 0 Barbara Dickson Theatre Royal.

sing with dwarves do we? Do we?

See Tues 24.

16 The 7— 2o June >