Skilful black comedy directed with t this severely edited version. The

i assurance b veteran Huston and original runs 102 minutes.

I distinguishgd by a rogue‘s gallery of Edinburgh: Filmhouse performances. 0 The Woman in Bed (15) (Gene Glasgow; ABC. Clarkston Road .___ - _ _ Wilder» US, 1984).Gene Wilder.

0 Race for Your Life, Charlie Brown beam? 23321533332? 807..., (U) (Bill Melendez. US. 1977) With middileflggd grazy overthe g cht vorcesofDuncan Watson. (1ng delectable Le'Brock in this remake of elton. 75 mins. Ihird ofthe pardon Mon Affatre genial feature-length Peanuts cartoons in romantic comed aha undoubted] which thc sans go off to Summer Wilder’s best tiinyt as director y Camp. Mild.fami1y fare. Gl' i 'G . Edinburgh: Filmhouse dbgow‘ msvenm 0 Rocky IV (PG) (Sylvester Stallone. _ US. 1985) Sylvester Stallone. Dolph T Lundgren. 91 mins. East meets West in the boxing ring as southpaw slugger Rocky Balboa faces Soviet ° ' ° Swim?“ “.3.” Drag“ predicmbly Tiiis friaiiiriigsgslliiiiiiiii‘aziiiliiemas in fiatlrttotic pugilism. Strathclyde; gang,“ Scotland ovefgthe nut C um“ . . fortnight. Readers are advised that o A Room With A View ( P0) (James , , . . , ._ . _. _ many cinemas in the Strathclyde and ivory. U K. 1985) l 1e1ena Bonham Lothian regions are unable to provide Carter. Ma ) vie Smith. Daniel Day ' ' Latte 1 17 m. ' The Trip to Bountiful (U) (Peter becomes human and attractive a giggly:ggdfgfggtgtfiits covered Elegantly mounted with an Masterton, US, 1985) woman whose past includes a by each issue as these may not be agreeable lightness oftonc A Room Geraldine Page, Rebecca De Mornay, tragically ill-fated love affair, and available atm'e "me 0' go." m press With A View is a near-perfect screen John Heard. 106 mins. whose present includes a susceptibility These "8"" s thereto“: meme an version er the Fetster ttmvei, only an For a film about mothers-in-law, to beauty, and a longing to be happy accurate u?“ m m “fumes to, one 0vehtttshteht thug-teat heme and domestic disharmony, disappointed nonetheless. Ms. Page found the key to week om: unlesspmrgher dates are htttttstve StthtttteS jet the carefully love, American Dreams and trips to the the transformation in the line ’I don’t specified headers are advised that eehetttteted mood The aetthg {mm homeland, Trip to Bountiful is a want to bethat woman I’ve become,’ promamifies may be subject to late Stteh a distinguished edst is as dandy remarkably fresh and compelling piece and explains: ‘l thoughtit won’twork if I change at any time

- as could he expected with a special 0' “nema' , do.“ Show "'3" W m "m a deal "we Cinemas operatingia family discount mention tt, Dante] Dtty,Lewts wh0 The story is doddering Mother Watts’ thing all the way through.’ . scheme an“ an adu" accompanying a pttwett eh thtethgeht reading or the frustrated existence in a Houston Well acted by all, the film is Visually child to .U. and .PG. certificate Shehhtsh (teeth capturing his suburb with her son and shrewish arresting, with Edward Hopper bus programmes m gain admission [Mme ehttttteter in 3 skim” Combination of daughter-in-law, and her subsequent station landscapes, and directional same price as the shim up to 6pm went gesture and phyeetat heating. escape to Bountiful, the country daring, with moments of stasis iudged .A" mowamme times are pm “'8'” myths-ed entertainment at its very outpost of her youth. But Horton Foote’s exactly right for emotional impact. otherwise stated hest. Edthhtttght Demimon- play, written in 1953 when it is also set, Though about Time, Trip to Bountiful is '

. , - . . . complicates everything by shifting the not unduly nostalgic. The period EDINBU RGH sawi'coni 1“: ( ECdCT'C‘,’ Fen”? sympathies of the audience and authenticity is unobtrusive and the 0 ABC Lothian Road. 229 3030. Bar: “99+ “)“CC‘ 1 )8 Mam” P0“? ’j creating resonances where you might resolute lack of flashbacks, prepares Ham—2.30pm, 5—10pm l‘llrzini bcllct ~ ( “PW”?- .1 “lam'm' expect caricature. the way for Mrs. Watts’ and herson’s (Mon—Thurs). 11am—11pm W199 "f “"F'cm Rm"? j“ "l"? I Most notable is the central playing by debate on the function oi memory (Fri/Sat). 5—10pm (Sun). [D] idlohimnillc flrwnlcr 5“ r‘ L? “P d the excellent Geraldine Page, of Carrie where the past is irrevocable. cinemas 2 & 3 prior notification timid.) gm“ 9) l’iigctfilm "I Ilk‘ watts, who starts the film as a Like Mother Watts’ ginger advisable. £2.70. £2.30 Child £1.40, kaml ""9 "‘9 Wu”? hm h“ slipper-shuffling pie-senile lump who exploration oi her one-time home, Trip £1.300AP £1 (before 6pm). Family 1““"F‘nmhc h5’”“’~‘°x““' . hides her pension book and beaches to Bountiful is quite simply, an discount scheme operates. rclzttlonshli} hclwccn Ehcolplus and l herself onto sofas like a whale when exceptionally sensitive retreading of 1. 9% Weeks (18) 2. 10, 5.10, 8.10. AI“) “95" :99”? ““j’mt‘lg‘ v I. _ she is unhappy. As the film progresses, lamiliargfoulld- 3"“ ‘3 ("‘09“ ’3‘“ "W “15"” Sum“ “m with a bus ticket in her hand, she (Stephanie Billen) 510. 8-10. that will either appeal or appal. 2. King Solomon.s Mines (PG) 220’ Watch out for the atrocious dubbing. I 520,820.51)" 5.20, 8.20. {NB some Win“ m” 129 mmsl- in concert from 1983. Glasgow; animal liberation has repercussions 3. Marie (15) 2. 10, 5.10. 8.10. Ldlnhurtlhl I‘llmhousc l Grosvenor on their own well-being. 0 THE CINEMA Nicolson Street 667 . The scorpion ( 18) (Ben Verbong‘ . Trading Places ( 15) (John Landis‘ Rarified, disarming and’beautifully 1839. [D] Cinema closed Sunday. £2. Netherlands. 1984)Peter'1‘uinman. US. 1983) Dan Aykroyd. Eddie thograPth- (3111580le”. CAP“. Monique Van De Ven. Rima Melati. ; Murphy, 116 mins. A ‘Prince and the 0 White Nights (PG) (Taylor Until 19June: Electric Blue-The Movie 98mins. Pauper‘ lifestyle-swapping comedy Hackford. US. 1985) Mikhail (18) 1105-15, 820- Let "3 Play 3” 1956. Scheduled to quit Holland for g sparked. once again, by the dynamic Baryshnikov. Gregory Hines. Helen (18) 350s 6-30- America a lorry dirver finds himself 1 presence of Murphy. A weak Mirren. 134 mins. A Soviet defector F101" 20 June: LOSIN’ "(18) 12-55» compelled to stay when he discerns , reflection of 19303 screwball farce stranded in Siberia and an 5-05. 820- Emile Tales (18) 335. his unwitting complicityin the l butstillthebest film in Landis‘s anti-Vietnam Yank in dire straits 6-50- murder of a former army officer. ' increasingly indifferent career, team up to fight the system and fly 0 DOMINION Newbattle Terrace, 447 Delving into the implications of the | Edinburgh; Filmhouse the flag for Uncle Sam. 2660. Rest 10am—2pm & 6—11pm man‘s death he slowly pieces 1 o The Trip to Bountiful (U) {I (Peter Forget the cold war rhubarbing and (Mon-Fri), 10am—11pm (Sat). Bar together the facts about a covert ! Masterton, US, 1985) Geraldine concentrate on the chance to see the 12—2.30pm, 6—10pm (Mon-Sat). gun-running conspiracy in Page, Rebecca De Mornay.John dancing dynamosin full flight. Cinema closed Sun. £2.50,£2.20. indonesia. Heard, 106 mins. See Caption Edinburgh; Odeon Child £1 .20OAP £1 UB40/Studcnts Offbeat. moderately atmospheric r Review and Feature, Glasgow; ABC 0 The Wicker Man (18) (Robin £1.20. (all perfs except evng perfsin

. iatterday film noir burdened with an (Sauchiehall Street) Hardy. UK. 1973) Edward cinema 3).

._ implausible and plodding narrative. ; o Turtle Diary (P(}) (John Irvin, UK. Woodward. Christopher Lee. Britt 1- Jewel 0' the ""9 (PG) 2010’ 5-10v Glasgow: OH | 1985) Glenda Jackson, Ben Ekland. 86mins. investigating the 8-10-

. . Scottish Islands ( U) Tourist ' Kingsley. Michael Gambon. 96 Clih‘fill’lmamncc 9“! young girl. a 2' out 0"“"93 (fig) 2.235%0S 8

j matinee of three films The Shepherds mms' JaCkSQn '5 lhtc wmicn'om poncc “igcan‘ J‘iumcys to 3' A Room w'm TV“ ) i i i

: ()fBenwruy‘ The Dana Bull and author ofchtldrcn s storicst Kingsley Summerisle. a privately-owned 0 Lothian Road, 228 Whickeri’i Ben-S World 106 mine in a bookshop employee. Together island offthe West Coast of 2688. Bar (Mon—Sat, noon—11pm, total. Edinburgh; Filmhousc they share an obsession with Scotland, There he discovers a covcn Sun 630-] lpm) Rest (Mon—Sat,

observing the sea turtles at London 0f "10de Pagans. “OOH-Wm)- [El 0 Stop Making Sense (PG) (Jonathan Zoo and embark on tt scheme to get Unsettling and commendany Matinees £1 .20. (concs 50p). Early Demme. US. 1984) 88 mins. the turtles free and return them to imaginative chiller whose eerie evgs £1.80 (concs £1.20). Main Dynamic footage ofTalking Heads the ocean. Their mutual act of potency is criminally fragmented in evenings & Double Bills £2.20. No

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