All over Britain this month. events are i being organised to locus attention on the struggle against apartheid in South Alrica. In Edinburgh and Glasgow a large number oi events tor the Ten Days { ol Action have been planned by a number of groups in conjunction with the local district councils and Anti Apartheid movements.

In Glasgow. St George‘s Place will be olticially renamed Mandela Place. atterthe imprisoned ireedom lighter Nelson Mandela. in a ceremony with the Lord Provost and a representative ol the Alrican National Congress. Mr Essop Pahad irom Lusaka. The ceremony. lollowed by a public meeting (I6 June. see Open section). has beenthe subject ol some controversy, since the street. oil

Buchanan Street, houses not only the

° . . \ South African Consulate but several businesses as well. Mandela also gives his name to a bridge in Bathgate ? and a committee room in Edinburgh‘s

City Chambers.

Meanwhile. in Edinburgh, students Irom the College oi Art plan to construct a huge mixed media mural on The Mound in a‘Paint-ln‘ (Irom16—18 June. See Open). Using wood, plaster. metal and chains. they will create a mural 25' by 9‘ on the theme olthe economic aspects oi apartheid, and will be inviting members oi the public to help them to compose it. They say thay are still looking tor a home lorthe linished work oi art, although several have been otlered.

There will also be marches and

; rallies in Edinburgh (19, 21 & 26 june,

See Open), where the City Chambers


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will be flying the ANC and SWAPO

flags, and a sponsored walk in

Glasgow‘s Pollok Park. the proceeds oi

; which are to gololhe Solomon

Mahlangu Freedom College, Tanzania ' (15June, See Open). Both cities will

. host a ‘Songs for Freedom’ loIk

? concert. given by lolk singers Irom

.' Aberdeenshire who have joined forces i to produce a benefit cassette,

‘Freedom is Coming' (Edinburgh on 20 June, Glasgow on 25 June, See Open and Folk) and CharterTheatre Company’s production at the play ‘117

Days’. Based on her own writings, it

tells ol the experiences of Ruth First, an associate of Nelson Mandela who

: was arrested underthe ‘90 ans' Law (Edinburgh 17 &18June, Glasgow 20

June and also on tour. See Theatre).

Fordetaiis pleaseturn to Open section.

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