Forthe past yearthere has been a steady opening of new gallery doors. The 369 moved down the hill from the Royal Mile to premises shared with a fashionable bar/restaurant in Edinburgh's Cowgate, a plumber’s shop in Great Western Road, Glasgow moved overlorthe Metro Gallery and back to the capital, Forrest Mckay painted the walls red to set off their otterings ol turn-ot-the-century art. It’s

g been a hectic time.

Only last month, the Open Eye

i decided to give its visitors double

vision by knocking the wall into next door and moving in. Their small gallery, now mirrored by a twin space,


I pastel colours, Philipson in his

remains intimate and unintimidating. ‘l don’t want people to think they have to

whisperwhen they walkthrough the doors,’ says director Thomas Wilson. The domestic space, broken up by

j centre stage pottery exhibitions goes a : long way to softening heavy gallery

hush and dictates the scale of the work. i

The present exhibition has names common to the show on the Mound at

: the Royal Academy. Not all of course, , just a sprinkling. Barbara Balmer in her

0 THEATRE WORKSHOP 3-1 I Iamilton Place. 225 79-12. Mon—Sat 9.3(lam—late.

Karen Henderson t.’ mil Mon 4 Aug. Drawings and paintings using imagery from yoga and dance with an oriental twist. A first one woman show for this [Edinburgh-based artist.

0 TORRANCE GALLERY 29b Dundas Street. 556 6366. Mon-Fri

I lam—6pm. Sat lll.3llam~~lpm.

Ken Lochead - Recent Watercolours Mon 16-Sat ZSJune.

0 359 GALLERY 20‘) (‘owgate. 225 3013. Mon-Sat l2.3(L-5.3llpm. Paintings by Christie Cameron, Shiela

Mullen, Lucy Ross and Photographs by

Michael Greenberg L'mil 37 June.

brightest pink ones and Jack Knox getting moody and black with a cockerel. Mark Stanczyk’s pottery, with one loot in the 20th century and the

other in an ancient time of gods and

sacred beasts gives the show a lustrous Midas touch. And as well as

contemporary pottery, the Open Eye . has expanded its range of stock to

include early 20th century work by the likes of Bernard Moore, Della Robbia, Moorcrott and Ruskin.

Has the northern gallery world

reached tull expansion or is there more

to come? (Alice Rain)

The first major showing for four artists widely differing in age and training.

Summer Session of Drawing and Painting Classes L'ntil IUJuly. Due to popular demand the 36‘) will he continuing its evening and weekcnd classes until the middle ofJuly. Tuesday Drawing Class, Thursday Lite Classes, Saturday Sketching Class and Saturday 369 Art Club will all continue. Artists involved are ('arole (iihhons. (ieoffrey MacEwan and Emma (iraham-Yool. Phone for details.

0 TRAVERSE THEATRE l 12 West Bow. 226 2633.

There will be no exhibition in the Traverse bar during June.

Tue— Sat

metro gallery


SUMMER EXHIBITION Paintings and Prints by Scottish Contemporary Artists

both new and established Tue 10 June—Thurs 17July

l3 Gt Western Road (opp Botanic Gardens) 041 3390730

minor m _ GRllERY

Mon— Sat

University ofEdinburgh, ()ld College, South Bridge. 031 667 ‘l ()l I I4 lune— 12 July I980 SIGNS OF THE TIMES Art and Industry in Scotland 1750 ~1985

Jointly researched and organised by the Talbot Rice Art Gallery and Collins (lallerv, UniversityofStrathclyde, thisexhibition presents a comprehensive view of how artists responded to the

industrial development in Scotland from the late 18th century to the present. and even into the possible future.

10am 3pm

Subsidised by the Scottish Arts Council

L—__-----__ _ -.

i the Birmingham Rape (‘risis (Ientre.


i D


'? FRIDAY 13

o Atterthe Thin Man (BBCZ) 5.35—7.25pm. Fifty years ago few screen couples were as smart and sophisticated as martini-swigging sleuths Myrna Loy and William Powell. This was their second case: investigating with typical aplornh. a murder in the family. James Stewart co-stars. 1936.

0 World Cup Scotsport (S'I‘V) 6.4(l—9pm. Our team playing Uruguay on Friday the l3th‘.’ Pray for a postponement.

0 Looks Familiar ((‘hannel 4)

h’. Iii—9pm. Urbano quip machine Denis Norden presides over another 50 minutes ofcosy nostalgia as three stars reminisce about the good old days. Tonight‘s guests— Bill Fraser. Thora IIird. Eric Sykes.

o The Cosby Show (Channel 4) 9—9.3(lpm. Ubiquitous Brazilian bombshell Sonia Braga makes a guest appearance as 'l‘heo's maths teacher Mrs Westlake in this ratings-topping sit—corn.


o The Southerner ( BBCZ)

A year in the life of a Texas farmer and his family as they struggle to make a go of their cotton plantation. Simple. sincere. superb rural drama directed by Jean Renoir in 1945.

0 Scottish Athletics Championships (STV)

5.05—5.35pm. Ilighlightsofthis afternoon‘s Scot Rail National (‘hampionships at Meadowbank Stadium. An important last chance for many athletes to show form in time for a (‘ommonwealth Games place.

0 Arena: Caribbean Nights ( BBC‘Z) 8.3(lpm—2am. The first ofsix nightly visits to sunnier climes includes Linton Kwesi Johnson on (‘aribbean poetry. a portrait of Bluefields. Nicaragua which is twin-towned with Larnbeth. plus archive footage of Alan Whicker visitingthe West Indies in the I960s and Ska musicof the same era from the Sombrero Club in Kingston. Jamaica.

0 Foul Play(STV)

10.20—12.3llpm. Daffy. ingenuous murder-mystery-comedy with poor Goldie I lawn being chased clear across San Francisco by some enigmatic assassins. A strong cast includes (“hevy Chase. Dudley Moore and Rachel Roberts. 1978.


0 Take 30 (S'l‘V’) 12.3ll—lpm. First in a new series of documentaries examines the work of

0 Kids Kale (Channel 4)

2—2.3(ipm. First of a new series in which a team of young cooks prepare their favourite recipes. Aimed at 8—14 year-olds the programmes are designed to foster a greater interest in food that is fun. easy to make and good to eat. Today's dishes include Macho Soup and Pineapple Igloos. All recipes can be obtained free of charge by sending a large SAE to Kids Kafe. Glasgow G 12 ‘)()J.

o A Star is Born (BBCI)

A fading screen idol meets a talented young woman. They marry but as her star rises he slips into alcoholic obscurity. the cruel seesaw of celebrity placing an unbearable strain on their happiness. Incisive musical drama featuring insightful. acutely-felt playing from Judy Garland and James Mason. Both were nominated for the Oscar. When Garland lost to an insipid Grace Kelly performance Groucho Marx dubbed it ‘the biggest robbery since Brink's.‘ 1954.

o The World About Us (8802) (BBC‘2)Down Under. Down LTnder examines the motley community of Lightning Ridge Australia. home of the black opal and irresistible lure for adventurers and hopeful prospectors.

o Arena: Caribbean Nights ( BBCZ) Tonight‘s programme is the fist full-scale documentary biography of Bob Marley with contributions from his mother. friends and fellow musicians.


0 Up and Coming (Channel 4) 6—6.3(Ipm. First ofsix programmes recorded live at the Drill Hall Arts Centre in London. mixes reading and an interview to showcase the

talents of young poets. Liz Lochhead

is the first subject. others to follow include Ian McMillan. ()liver Reynolds. Damian Gorman. Fred D'Aguiar and Jean Breeze.

o Panorama (BBCI)

9.30—10. 10pm. Flying in the Faceof Terror promises to be a disturbing report on the standards ofsafety at

: international airports. Using their


own scientific experiments Panorama found British screening devices unable to detect new plastic explosives whilst the former head of security at Belfast. Aldergrove judges precautions at (.‘orfu as ‘virtually non-existent.‘

o The Eleventh Hour (Channel 4) 10.45—1 1 .45pm. Welcome to the Spiv Economy uses song interviews and four people‘s working lives to illustrate the erosion of traditional structures ofernployment especially the booming black economy. growing self—employment and an increase in part-time jobs.

The List I3- 26 .lune 31