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Going to London? Wondering how to do it in the most comfort for the least money? The Listgives the ultimate guide on getting there.

Don‘t let it become an obsession. services have a lot to offer but Finding the cheapest way of getting coming out on top for speed is down and back to London can be Citylink‘s Cordon Bleu although it almost as gruelling as doing the only operates from Glasgow. and out journey itself. (‘heapest of all is on top for price is Stagecoach. hitching but it is fraught with o Stagecoach Based in Perth 0738 difficulties and dangers - WC don‘t . Aberdeen [0 London Service recommend it and hilVC SIUCK 10 picks up passengers in Glasgow; Public transport Whch you can at Inverness to London service picks up lCilSI ShOUi at someone lfYOU don‘t in From Glasgow‘ arrive on timc. 12.30pm arrives 9pm and 11pm _ arrives 7.30am. Return journeys at 11pm and 9am. Leaves/arrives Parks Don‘t let them hear you call it a Bus. City Terminal. Sauchiehall Street. Actually they can lay fair claim in Glasgow, Waverley Bridge, most cases to the description ‘luxury Edinburgh and Midland Road. coach‘. Services range from those King‘s Cross. London. Double that think they are airlines (Cotters decker coaches with free coffee and and Citylink‘s ("ordon Bleu) to the sandwiches (‘Breakfast in bed‘ as slightly more prosaic. we‘ll get you they put it, on the return over night there without frills. dusk to dawn journey. Single £1 1 .50 return £20 endurance runs. Since the (reductions for students when tickets independents have been allowed to pre-booked £7.50. £13). make the runs all services have 0 Scottish Cityllnk Glasgow services rapidly improved and competition leave from Buchanan Street Bus has led to prices at which you Station. 041332 9644; Edinburgh wonder. On value for money all

Service leaves from St Andrew‘s Bus

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Station. 031 556 8464. Glasgow. 9am arrives 5.25pm. 11am arrives 6.10pm. 1pm arrives 9.25pm. 8pm arrives 6.29am. 10.30pm arrives 6.25am. The 11am service is the Cordon Bleu service. the fastest coach at around 7 hours 10 minutes. Includes video and refreshment but costs a little extra (£14.50single. £22.50 return). From Edinburgh 9am arrives 6pm. 11.30am arrives 7pm. 10pm arrives 7am. 11pm arrives 8.25am (this service goes via the Borders and Cambridge making additional stops). Glasgow and Edinburgh coaches arrive at London Victoria Coach and Bus Terminal. Fares £12.50 single. £20 return (£22 when leaving on a Friday). 0 Cutters Coachline Glasgow services leave from 12 Crimea Street. 041 221 8042; Edinburgh from car park opposite offices at 59 Lothian Road. 031228 6045. Edinburgh and Glasgow coaches connect at Abington and travel on to Russell Square in the very centre of London. Leave Edinburgh and Glasgow 9.45am arrives 5.45pm. 10.30pm

arrives 6.30am. Luxury coaches witl video and hostess service.

Beverages. sandwiches etc are extra £14.90 single.£28.50 return. Reductions for students and nurses etc don‘t begin again until 29 September.

0 Despite attempts to simplify the fares structure on British Rail. London prices are still pretty complicated. From Glasgow a normal single fare is £39.50. £79

return. From Edinburgh it is £42.50 single. £85 return. The London Saver drastically reduces these price


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l ' - ~ LAboyei the cheapest return fares to London from Central Scotland. MS. The train fare is from Glasgow.

38 The List 13 26 June

although you can‘t break your journey and you must return within one calendar month. Student Railcards can be used giving a third offsaver prices but these have. of course. to be bought first. Saver return from Glasgow £38 Sun to Thurs. £48 Fri and Sat over the summer. In July the Fri and Sat fare

' goes up to £53 as a £5 supplement for

, the peak period is added. From Edinburgh the Saver Return is £45

l Sun to Thurs. £55 Fri and Sat with

! again the £5 supplement for Fridays

9 and Saturdays in July. bringing it up

to £60.

Nightrider is cheaper still. £19 one way from Glasgow (£25 Fri and Sat over summer) £20 (£26 Fri and Sat over summer). The Nightrider is a long trip over 8 hours but you do it in first class comfort. Nightriders leave Glasgow at 10.15pm daily. Edinburgh 11.35pm Sun to Fri. 11.30pm Sat. Sleeper berths are £15 (on top of fares) one way.

0 Intercity 1258 leave Edinburgh Waverley. 031 556 2451. Mon to Fri at 7.35am and then at 35 mins past the hour until 6.35pm. In addition a train leaves at 9am. and 10.55am. Overnight a sleeper train with some seating leaves at 11.20pm. and a sleeper only leaves at 11.40pm. On Sats during the day there is an additional train at 10am and 5pm; on Suns trains start at 9.35am and are then at 35 mins after the hour until 5.35pm. there is also a train at 12.05pm. Note that when travelling on Sundays for the foreseeable future you can expect severe delays— journeys are taking up to eight hours.

0 Intercity 125s leave Glasgow Central. 041 204 2844. Mon to Fri at 7.10am.9.10am.11.10am.1.10pm. 3.10pm.5.10pm. Overnight trains leave at 11.10pm (sleeper only) and 12.39am. The Nightrider leaves at 10.15pm. On Satsthere is a 7.10am. 9.10am.10.10am.11.10am.l.10pm. 3.10pm. 5.10pm. and overnight services at 10. 10pm (sleeper only) and 10.15pm (The Nightrider). On Sun trains are at 10.10am. 12/10pm. 2.10pm. 4.10pm. 5. 10pm with overnight services at 10.15pm (The Nightrider) and 11.10pm (sleeper only).

Compared to some countries British internal flights are still expensive but shuttle services have made London by air— by far the fastest way of

getting there at one hour ten minutes

more and more possible.

0 Britlsh Midland (031 447 1000) operate services to London from Edinburgh and Glasgow. Prices are the same from both cities. Fairly complicated fare structure with. as well as normal fares. three bargain returns and three bargain one way fares. Normal single £66. return £132. Day return £1 19. Domestic Excursion Return (travel any flight but stay must include a Saturday) £114. Super Key Return £71 . Single Key return £46. Peak Standby £46. Off Peak Standby £43 (1 1am to 3pm