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Above: tastest journey times to London from Central Scotland. N.B. the coach time

ls from Glasgow.

Mon to Fri and any flight Sat or Sun). Key fares must be bought a day in advance for a particular flight (Super Keys are available only on flights between 10am and 3pm Mon to Fri. or any Sat or Sun flight) and the return journey must be made in a month. Free meals on all flights ranging from snack to hot breakfast depending on flight. Flights from Glasgow are 7.10am. 9.05am (not Sat,Sun). 11.15am. 1.15pm (notSat. Sun), 3.35pm. 5.15pm (not Sat. Sun), 7. 15pm (not Sat). Additional discounts for students and young people (12—21 ) are available off Normal Fares only.

0 British Airways (031 225 2525) operate the Super Shuttle to London from Edinburgh and Glasgow. Prices are the same from both cities. The full fare which guarantees you a seat on any flight is £69 one way. The Super Shuttle Saver one way price is £50 and guarantees a seat without reservation but must be bought the day before departure. It is only available on Mon—Fri 10am—3.30pm and after 7pm or any Sat or Sun flights. The Super Shuttle Standby is a fully refundable but you take pot luck as availability ofseats price £43 one way. Best BA bargain is the Super Shuttle Early Saver: must be bought 14 days in advance and is restricted to the same flights as the

Super Shuttle Saver but these restrictions aside you can fly on any day deciding. almost literally at the last minute. providing outward and return flights are made within a year ofticket purchase. Cost: £72. All BA shuttles have a free bar. early flights (upto 9.30am) have free breakfast. Flights from Glasgow are at 7. 15am. 8. 15am (not Sat. Sun). 9.15am (not Sat. Sun) 10.15am. 11.15am (not Sat. Sun). 12.15pm. 2.15pm (not Sat. Sun). 4. 15pm. 5. 15pm (not Sat. Sun). 6.15pm. 8. l5pm(not Sat). Flights from Edinburgh are at 7.10am (not Sun). 8.10am (not Sat. Sun).9.10am, 10.10am (notSat. Sun). 11.10am. 1.10pm. 3.10pm (not Sat). 4. 10pm (not Sat. Sun). 5. 10pm. 7.10pm.

In short. . . For price the coach is unbeatable value with Citylink's Cordon Bleu service just winning on overall value for money given its speed. Still. you will spend most of the day travelling ifyou go by coach. Train travel times are quicker— but look out for Sunday delays. Note for certain Fridays and Saturdays next month the £5 surcharge on Saver fares bringing the Edinburgh train up to £60 which makes British Airways Early Shuttle Saver (£72) very attractive. provided you know 14 days ahead that you are going to London.


He may work in isolation. but he is by no means a hermit. Recently he was appointed associate composer/conductor with the Scottish Chamber Orchestra. a post that he relishes. and this year he will be conducting them both in the premiere of his Orkney Wedding at Sunrise at the Commonwealth Arts Festival and in the Glenlivet Fireworks concert at the Edinburgh Festival. Still further. perhaps from the ivory tower or in this case, cottage - is the work he does for and with children. particularly those living locally in Hoy: ‘Whenever possible I write things for kids. I think it’s very important for a composer. if he possibly can. to involve himself in working for and with young people. This is our

audience and players of the future. And writing for kids. you get

tremendous feedback. You certainly

learn what works pretty quickly they‘re not inhibited about saying what they feel. And for them well. for a start. I think it teaches them that composers aren‘t all in their graves . . .‘

The Lighthouse will be performed by The Fires of London at Theatre Royal, Glasgow on Fri ZOJune. and at the St Magnus Festival on Sat21 June. The Tenth St Magnus Festival. Orkney runs from 18—24 June. (World Premiere of Maxwell Davies" violin concerto on 21 st, simultaneously broadcast on B 8 C2 and Radio 3; of Jimm y the Postie on 22nd; ofHouse of Winter based on poems by George Mackay Brown and sung by the Kings Singers on 23rd). For further details tel: Eleanor Laird on 08562433.


Part II Meals on Wheels in Glasgow

If Edinburgh‘s takeaway deliveries reflect that city’s passion for Italian food. then Glasgow‘s reflect a similar passion for oriental cuisine. As we explained in the last issue. pizzas are ideally suited to this medium. but it appears that Glasgow‘s Pizzerias are not desparate to take advantage of this. ()ne exception is Pizzaville in Byres Road (339 4444) who. while not offering a delivery service at the moment. intend to start one in the near future saying they will be the first in the city. Ifyou remember as far back as Issue 10. you may also recall that Pizzaville came out rather well in our pizza sampling which leads us to conclude that this is one for Westenders to look out for.

In the same situation is the Lotus Garden Chinese Restaurant at 609 Great Western Road (334 0790/ 1 ). Recently opened on the site of the much loved Castle Peak the Lotus Garden is already getting a fine

recommended Gujerati Korma £2.60 for chicken up to £4.60 for King Prawn and the equally tasty Chicken 'I‘ikka Masaa at £4.30 on offer 5pm—10.30pm 7 days a week with a minimum orderof £6. this is well worth a phone call.

The lesser known Sultan. 3 l5 Dumbarton Road (339 93029143) delivers meals to the door from

5pm—10.45pm with a delivery charge of 50p (free with order over £10). A large and varied menu offers such delights as Chicken Curry at £2.30. Beef Beryani at £3.50 and Lamb Rogan Josh at £3. With a stated minimum delivery time of45 mins round a 3-mile radius. they deliver in only a little over this.

Long regarded as one ofthe West End‘s best Chinese restaurants. the Amber. 130—132 Byres Road (NB number for delivery service is not the Amber’s; it is 945 3969). They deliver round the West End with a delivery charge of60p until 11.45pm during the week and 12.45pm on Friday and Saturday. Prices and dishes are. for example: BeefChow Mein £2.50; Sweet and Sour Chicken £2.50 and Roast Duck with Mushrooms at £3.50.

Just along the road is the Highland Sky. 108 Byres Road (334 3229). They have a delivery charge of 70p with a minimum order of two meals and deliver 5pm—midnight Sunday to Thursday and 5pm— 1 am Friday and Saturday. Prices from £1 .70 for Mushroom Foo Yung to £3 for King Prawn in (‘hilli Spicy Sauce (Yum). They also provide curries such as the unfortunately rare Pork Curry for El .80.

A bit ofdigging around may well unearth more restaurants where you can get a meal with no more exertion than picking up a phone. but why oh why don‘t they make themselves known? Here's a thought. if someone can organize an lrn Bru home delivery service for Saturday and Sunday mornings they could retire within a couple of years.

reputation and intends to start a delivery service once they get themselves settled in with a delivery charge they think may be about 50p.

The curious thing about restaurants and takeaways that offer a home delivery service is that they seem curiously disinclined to advertise the fact. It may be somewhat naive of us to expect that a restaurant doing such a service would advertise the fact in Yellow Pages or Thompson‘s but the fact is that they frequently do not and the only way the lazy gourmets/gourmands amongst us can discover they do is by word of mouth or by looking in their windows. Rather strange. Anyway. here are a few we have managed to dig up.

The Ashoka praised to the heavens in this very publication on a number ofoccasions. provide a delivery service from both the restaurant at 1284 Argyle Street (339 0936) and their takeaway shop at 139 Dumbarton Road. With such

delicacies as the heavily (Graham Caldwell)


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