0 Theatre is listed by city ilrst then by venue, running in alphabetical order, except ior touring shows which are listed by the name or the show. Please send details not later than to days beiore publication date.


0 CUMBERNAULO THEATRE Curnbernauld. 1123 67 32887. Box Office Mon—Fri 111am—6pm. Sat 111am—3pm. 6—S’pm perf. evgs.

Bar cafe.

0n Behali oi the Committee Fri 13 and Sat 14 June. Spm. £1 .51) ( £1 ). Phase Stage Productions. a new local group including members of Cumbernauld Youth Theatre. in a new play be David McCarroll which is set in working men‘s club.

Seanachaidh Sat 21 June. 1.311pm 511p. Cumbernauld Theatre Company in a production for 5— 1 2 year-olds of a play by Nick Fearne. which will be touring local primary schools throughout June. Seanachaidh is Gaelic for storyteller and the play. which involves plenty of audience participation is based on Scottish folklore and centres round a wedding.

0 ORUMCHAPEL COMMUNITY CENTRE Drumchapel. 944 941111.

Heather Up Your Kill Thurs 12 June. 7.311pm. Wildcat’s latest show. See Touring and Review.

0 GLASGOW ARTS CENTRE 12 Washington Street. 221 4526. Mon—Fri 11)am—1(1pm. Sat and Sun 2—5pni

Once a Catholic Wed lS—Sat 21 June 7.311pm. £1.51)(£1)L'nemployed free. Late night jazz is included in ticket price for Saturday. GRID Theatre Company in Mary ()‘Malley’s higth successful comedy about life as a young schoolgirl in a 195()s convent school.

Spend, Spend, Spend Tue 24—Fri 27

‘June. 7.311pm. £1 .5l)(£1 ).

Unemployed free. What would you do if you won the pools'.’ In 1961. Vivian Nicholson and her husband won £150.01 )1) a bit of a change from the £7 weekly they were used to. GRID Theatre Company present Jack Rosenthal‘s play about what happened (adapted by Robin Wilson).

0 HILLHEAO HIGH SCHOOL ()akfield Avenue. 1141 3392177.

117 Days Fri 211June. 8pm. £1.51)

( £1 ). Charter Theatre Co. in a one-woman play by Nikki Foulds. adapted from Ruth First‘s writings aout her experiences in a detention centre. Tamar Brown plays Ruth First. who was an associate of Nelson

Mandela. 3 0 KING'S Bath Street. Box Office j Mon—Sat noon—6pm. Four bars. [1)]

; Phone bookings (Ticket Centre).

7 Candleriggs. Mon—Sat

i 111.311am—6.31)pm. 552 5961. Benlactors Limil Sat 14 June.

Eon-Fri 7.311pm. Sat 5pm and 8pm.

6 The List 13 26 June


£4.51). £4. £3.51). Mon two for price ofone; Tue—Fri ()APs. LIB411s. students half price. Stephanie Turner and Gareth Thomas in Michael Frayn's highly acclaimed architectural comedy. Domestic comedy based on variously objectionable professional people and the rights and wrongs of highrise building a far from simplistic. very funny analysis of the issues.

Not Now Darling Mon 16 June—Sat 5 July. Mon—Fri 7.311pm. Sat 5pm and 8pm. £4.51)—£3.5(). Summer farce from Ray Cooney and John Chapman with everybody fashed with flesth lust. and Jimmy Logan and John Grieve playing comedy to the manner born.


Heather Up Your Kill Mon 23 June. 7.311pm. Wildcat‘s latest show. See Touring and Review.

O MITCHELL Granville Street. 221 3198. Box office Mon—Sat. l2 noon—6pm. Bar. Cafe. [D] Tickets also available from Ticket Centre. Candleriggs. 552 5961. Mon—Sat 111.31)am—6.311pm. _

A Glasgow Flourish Until Sat 14 .1 une 7.311pm. £3. Royal Scottish Country Dance Society.

Godspell Wed 18—Sat 21 June. 7.311pm. Sat mat 2.311pm. £2 (£1 .511). All tickets £1 .511on Wed and Sat mat. Glasgow Schools Drama Grour in the rock musical version of St Matthew’s Gospel the dawn of the Age oquuarius.

Guys ’n’ Dolls Wed 25—Sat 28 June. 7.311pm. £2.51) (£2). Capricorn Players in a production of the hit

. Broadwaymusical.

O PAVILION 121 Renfield Street. 332 1846. Box office Mon—Sat lllam—Spm. Bar.

Robert Halpern'l‘hurs 19—Sat 21 June. 7.311pm. Thurs all seats £2. Fri and Sat £3511. £3. £2. Another hypnotic show from the well-known hypnotist.

Bernard Manning Tue 24June. 7.311pm. £4. £3. Bad taste comedy. See Feature.

Robert Halpern Thurs 26—Sat 28 June.

1 7.311pm. Thurs all seats £2. Fri and

Sat £3.51). £3. £2. See above.


:21“ \ i .

Theatre, Glasgow

. An architect, played by Alister

Cameron, iruitiessly labours over plans to redevelop and rehouse a run-down part oi London atthe end oi the sixties.

Uniquely oithe tour in this two-couple play he has the power to make physical changes to the world. As he pores overthe designs taking into account the latest planning rules and jargon, his plans grow ever upwards.

Frayn seizes on the theme at high-rise building and this particular development as a locus iorthe wistiuily iunny analysis at the relationship between the couples. Gareth Thomas plays a cynical journalist married to an apparently hopeless wiie totally unable to organised either her liie or his. By contrast the architect’s wile, Stephanie Turner, is one at those smartypants (an anthropologist by education) who


'i-n‘ 12’ trial” Dayan”: '0‘7?‘;!"4



always has time to ‘help’.

The individuals take sides on the issues or the redevelopment and over the years attitudes and characters change. Needless to say, the redevelopment never takes place and those who seemed in control prove not to be.

Frayn’s play is a subtle description ol middle class pretension, neurosis and sell deception as well as a vehicle ior some thoughtiul swipes at planning and iournalism.

Delinitely worth catching even it the cast play it with perhaps an over-abundance oi kitchen sink seriousness— peculiarly appropriate at this largely TV-known set oi actors— and without quite the lightness oi touch needed to prevent it being swallowed up by the most mawkish nostalgia at all the nostalgia ior happy yesterdays. (Nigel Bilien)

0 THEATRE ROYAL 1 lope Street. 331 1234332 9111111 (credit cards). Box office Mon—Sat lilam—opm (7.311pm on perfevgs) Bar. Buffet.

Turn oi the Screw Sat 14. Thurs 10 .lune. 7. 15pm. Scottish ()pera. See Classical Music.

Tosca’l'uc l7.Sat2l .lunc. 7.15pm. Scottish ()pera. See Classical Music. The Lighthouse Fri 21) June. 7.45pm. The Fires of London in Peter Maxwell Davies’s opera. See Classical Music and Priority Feature. Barbara Dickson Tue 24—'I‘hurs 26 June. 7.311pm. See Rock.

0 THIRO EYE CENTRE 3511 Sauchichall Street. 332 7521. Box Office Tue—Sat 1(1am—5.3()pm. Sun 2—5pm. (Tickets from bookshop on perfevgs). [D] 1131

Seanachaidh Sat l4June. 11am and 2.3(1pm. £1 (£1.5(1adult). Cumbernauld Theatre Company in a production for 5—12ycar-olds of a play by Nick Fearne. Seanachaidh is Gaelic for storyteller and the play. which involves plenty of audience participation. is based on Scottish folklore and centres round a wedding.

The NutcrackerSuite Tue l7—Sat 21 June. 7.311pm. £3 ( £2). The Gateway Exchange present a new touring version of the play by Jimmy Boyle and Andy Arnold about Boyle‘s years inside the Special Unit at Barlinnie Prison. See panel.

O TRON 63 Trongate. 552 42678. Box I

()ffice Tue—Sat. Noon—lllpm. Bar with food.

The Kiss oi the Spiderwoman Until Sun 22 June. 8pm. £3 members. £4 non-members. ()ldham (Toliseum Theatre Company in a compelling. moving production of Mauel Puig’s story ofthe relationship that develops between two prisoners in gaol under an oppressive totalitarian regime: Molina. an effeminate homosexual. and Valentin. a revolutionary activist. Don‘t miss it.


O ASSEMBLY ROOMS George Street. Cabaret ior Lesbian and Gay Pride Week Sat 21 June 7.311pm. £3 (£1.511). Bar. Tickets avail. Lavender Menace. Key West. The Laughing Duck and Ripping Records. also on the door. Acts include Nervous Circus. Ashes and Diamonds. the Iron Brotherhood. Ilook ‘n' Pull Gang. Theatre International. Camera Shy. Miles and Arthur and Tina.

O BEDLAM THEATRE 2 Forrest Road. 225 9893.

Troy Until Sat 14 June. Spm. A new play and a new company: Scottish Theatre Co-operative present a play by Patrick Evans about lleinrich Schleimann which uses the unscrupulous excavation of the city ofTroy by l Ieinrich Schleimann as illustration of the folly and destructiveness of mankind.

O BRUNTON THEATRE Musselburgh. 665 2241). Box Office Mon—Sat 1(1am—8pm. Bar. [1)] [E]

Style Fri 13 7.311pm. Contemporary Dance.

Ne'erthe Twain Shall Meet Thurs 19—Sat 21 June. 7.311pm. Thurs £1.51); Fri and Sat £2. The St Michael Players present a three act Scots