0 Bobby Wishart Group Halt Bar. Woodlands Road. Evening. Top flight playing on sax and flute. with electric band.


0 Swing ’86 Malt Shovel. Cockburn Street. 225 6843. Evening. Hot club sound. Four-man line-up. Strings and reeds.

0 Melanie D’Reilly and Francis Cowan Shore Bar. Leith. Evening. Mainstream singer with guitarist.

0 West End Jazz Band Basin Street. llayrnarket. Evening. Solid trad.

WEDNESDAY 23 Glasgow

0 Sandy Taylor/Alex Moore Duo Plus Friends Glasgow Society of

Musicians. Berkeley Street. 221

(ii 12. 8.30pm. Highly accomplished. friendly session. All welcome.


0 John Burgess Quintet (iladstones. Royal Mile. Spm. Be-Bopand Modern.

0 Charlie McNair’s Band Preservation Hall. Victoria Street. 2203816. livening. 'l‘rad swing band.

0 Louisiana Ragtime Band Basin Street. Haymarket 'l‘errace. Evening. Dixieland.

THURSDAY 24 ; Glasgow

0 Platform Jazz Club Sloans Bar. Argyle Arcade. Argyle Street. 8pm. £ l .50. The great Motherwell sax magician takesthe night in (ilasgow‘sonlyjazz club.


0 Spirits of Rhythm Basin Street. llaymarket'l’errace. Evening. Straight trad band.

0 West End Jazz Band Ailsa Craig Hotel. Evening.

0 Sue Robertson Maxics Bistro. West ' Nicolson Street. Livening. Classic songs with guitarist.

0 Delta Devils The Partridge. West Nicolson Street. Evening.

Blues Swing.



0 Lone Wolf Shadows. Bath Street. Free. More ineffectual macho posturing. 'l‘ight spandex trousers. tight spandex t-shirts and tiny spandex brains.


0 7 WestJailhouse. (‘alton Road. 10.30pm. Free.

0 Rootsie Tootsie Band Preservation Hall. Victoria Street. 9pm. Free.

0 Brian James Clowns. High Street. 9pm. Free.

f lead/rhythm blues guitarthe most imitators. In fact, Dr Feelgood, with

created a more favourable climate for 1 the punk bands thatwere to follow.

Edinburgh ' O The AM Band Lord Darnley. West ' country~rock covers and originals.

' Jam Atmosphere. 0 Makossa Jailhouse. Calton Road.

o Wilko Johnson Warehouse. Kirkgate. See panel.



5 Glasgow l 0 Scheme Rooftops. 4—7pm. £1.50. L Regular residency from local band.

on. List I] ~24July



In an otherwise quiet fortnight, it’s good to see that most heroic of guitar heroes, Wilko Johnson (Saturday 12 in Dunfermline and Sunday 13 in Madison‘s, Edinburgh), one of the most compelling figures on the live scene today, and described more than once as the greatest exponent of rhythm'n’blues this side of the Atlantic. It’s hard to believe nowadays, but in 1976, Wilko’s old band, Dr Feelgood, shot straight to Numberone in the album charts, the leading lights in the pub—rock boom. Wilko, makingfevered

immaculate schoolboy’s bowl haircut, attracted the most attention, and his minimalist machine gun bursts of

their basic format and rootsy music,

Port. 3pm. Free. 60s R&B.

10.30pm. Free. Enjoyable. good-time reggae band.

0 Me And My Pals Brandos. Blair Street. 8pm.

0 Backbeat Clowns. High Street. 9pm. Free. 50s and 60s rock ‘n' roll. 0 Misconception (To be confirmed) Preservation Hall. Victoria Street. 9pm. Free.



0 The Television Personalities/The Fizz Bombs Daddy Warbucks. W. George Street. Doors open 10pm. £2. The Fizz Bombs are an effervescent punk 'pop outfit (as their name suggests). who were formed by an ex-Shop Assistant. The 'l'elevision Personalities are probably best known for their excellent early success ‘Part Time Punks‘. Since then. they've undergone various changes in

line-up. though

Road. 10.30pm. Free. Enjoyable

Interestingly, Wilko’s stripped-down guitar ster emerged on the other side of punk In the mutated form of the Gang 0f Four’s Andy Gill, completely modern but with roots going back to the birth of the blues.

Since his separation from the Feelgoods, Wilko has been a sideman for Law Lewis and Ian Dury, in between gigging and recording with his own outfits like the Solid Senders, a band along much the same lines as his old group but with the added bonus of

. Wilko’svoice—as awesome and 1 dashes across stage with histrademark l 5 black suit, bewildered manic look and

frightening a prospect as one would

. imagine.

His current group features at least one of Ian Dury’s old Blackheads, bassist Norman Watt-Boy, and possibly Dury's faithful drummer Charlie Charles. For devotees of the old school of British rock, this tour should be given serious consideration. (Mab).

songwriter/singer/guitarist Dan Tracey is still with the band. Reports suggest that the Television Personalities have learned to play their instruments over the last nine or ten years. but don‘t let that put you off. This double bill should provide an excellent summer‘s evening entertainment.

0 Scheme Rooftops, Sauchiehall Street. 10pm. £2. Regular resdidency from local rock band.


0 Wilko Johnson and Bluetinger King Biscuit. Madisons. Greenside Place. 10pm. £3. See panel.

MONDAY 14 Edinburgh

0 TV Personalities, Beevllle Hive Five and The Honeymooners The Mission. Victoria Street. They've been around a while. but without the acclaim ofthose that catne in their wake.

0 Bill Huggins Lord Darnley. West Port. 9.30pm. Free. C&W. blues.

0 Channel 2 Preservation Hall. Victoria Street. 9pm. Free.

0 Mr Rhythm Jailhouse. Calton Road. 10.30pm. Free.

TUE DAY 15 Edinburgh

0 After Eight Mince Jailhouse. Calton

and proficient jazz-funk group.

0 Delta Devils Lord Darnley. West Port. 9.30pm. Free. Boogie and barrelhouse blues.

0 Roadrunner Preservation Hall. Victoria Street. 9pm. Free. The one from Inverness. ifthat means anything to you.



0 The Smiths, plus support Barrowlands. Doors open 7.30pm. £4 unwaged (tickets available from Other Record Shop on production of ID. and U840) and £6.50 from usual sources. The Smiths. the band who make a living from singing songs with only three different notes. return to Glasgow promoting their fourth album. ‘The Queen is Dcad’, which sounds much the same as their previous three. Statistics are now being collated regarding who really is the Patron Saint of Bedsit Land. Is it Lloyd Cole or is it Morrisey'.’ Answers on a S.A.E. please.


0 Peristalsis Brothers Boston Bean Co. St James Centre. Acoustic skiffle-era duo. 3 O Deia Vu Jailhouse. Calton Road. 10.30pm. Free.

0 Mr Rhythm Lord Darnley. West Port. 9.30pm. Free. i


0 The Candy Kings Fixx. Miller I Street. Band on stage approx 10pm. i Free. The Candy Kings are in the i enviable position of being hotly , pursued by various record company 3 talents. which apparently is the ' reason for this gig. Worth checking out.

0 Ricky Ross Club Eden. Panama Jax. Custom House Quay. Doors open 10.30pm. £2.50. Ricky Ross has long been one of Glasgow‘s more respected musicians. but has

suffered from an alarmingly low profile. Ricky. however. is now

being managed by Gill Maxwell.

(who also handles the Painted .‘ Word). and should therefore find his 7 career blossoming accordingly! ' Definitely worth a visit.

0 Scheme Zanzibar. Sauchiehall Street. Regular residency from the 1 local rock band. as seen on t.v. . . . '


0 Throbbing Gristle Clowns. High Street. 9pm. Free. Not the real Throbbing Gristle. At least i don‘t think so. In which case why pick a name like that. instead ofsontething like Duran Duran'.’ Unless the idea is to drive people away. . .

0 Clark Gable Jailhouse. (‘altott

Road. l0.30pm. Free. Ditto. ; 0 Block Brothers Preservation Hall. Victoria Street. 9pm. Free.

0 Billy Jones Lord Darnley. West Port. 9.30pm. Free. Pop: folk. '

0 Touch of Fever'rop o‘ The Walk. s: l

James Centre. 8pm. Free. Dunfermline

0 Blues ’n' Trouble Warehouse. Kirkgate. Edinburgh‘s finest rockin' blues band.