One at the most promising associated events running alongside the Commonwealth Arts Festival isthe Caribbean Cinema Season at the Edinburgh Filmhouse. This ties together native Caribbean leatures and documentaries with works which reflect the Caribbean experience in Britain, and the lilms attempt to place home-grown images on screen as an antidote to the imposed cliches oi loud-shirted, banana-picking Harry Belatonte clones.

Part 01 the season concentrates on films whose authentic Caribbean images are placed in the context at mainstream tictions. The HarderThey Come (Sun 27 July) works eltortlessly as a gangster-on-the-run thriller; tamiliar Hollywood cinematic territory, except that the tairly thick patois throughout shows a determination to avoid commercial kotowing to the massive transatlantic audience. Similarly, Rue Cases Negres (Wed 16 July) subverts the traditional coming-ol-manhood tale by setting it in the grim poverty ot1930‘s rural Martinique and charting the hero’s progress towards an awareness at colonial oppression.

ll these lilms seek to work against the grain at commercial control, tor that ol the major lilm-producing countries overthe Third World is a sort of celluloid imperialism, two acclaimed documentaries in the season seek to bend more explicitly political controls.


those who like films by directors with long names and those who enjoy the

: sight of assorted stuntmen i precariously and thrillinglydangling i offspeedingtrains.

0 Scottish Islands (1;) 106 mins. A Tourist Matinee programme

. consisting of The Shep/zen! of Berneruy. The Drum Bill/and Whickerin Bell‘s ll'orld. Edinburgh:


O Silverado (PG) (Lawrence

KasdaanS. 1985) Kevin Kline.

Scott Glenn. DannyGlover. 130

mins. Assorted travellers in the West

join forces to rid Silverado ofits crooked Sheriff. An attempt to return to the dusty shoot-em-up of

years gone by provides a glossary of your favourite scenes gun fights. saloon showdowns. stampedes et al

I but in trying to be all things to all

critters. ends up a little too much of a good thing. Glasgow; GFI‘.

0 The Song Remains the Same (pg) (Peter Clifton. Joe Massot. US.

1976) 136 mins. Rough and ready

documentary-fantasy featuring footage of Led Zeppelin in concert

% circa 1973. Edinburgh: Cinema

1 o StarTrek-The Motion Picture (U)

1 (Robert WisellS. 1979) William

Shatner. Leonard Nimoy. Stephen

Collins. 130 mins. At a desperate

juncture in the history of the cosmos.

the rebuilt USS Enterprise under

Admiral Kirk is ordered into

immediate service. The mission to

stop an irresistible force hurtling

towards Earth.

Bland. boring big-screen

Bitter Cane (Fri 25, Sat 26 July), clandestiner shot, explores the harsh realities of pre-revolutionary Haiti, while One Way OrAnother (Fri 1, Sat 2 August), the first Cuban picture to be directed by a woman, has some probing questions tor the Castro regime on the topic of the place of women in post-revolutionary society. Growing political awareness is also the theme at the two Black British leatures to be shown. Burning an Illusion (Fri 18, Sat 19July) and Pressure (Tue 29 July) both examine

embalming ofthc TV series.

, GlasgowLGFI’.

0 Star Trek II: The Wrath ol Khan (PG)

(Nicholas Meyer.US. 1982) Leonard

Nimoy. William Shatner. DeForest

Kelley. 113 mins. Kirk and crew do

battle with the villains of the 1967

‘Space Seed‘ episode. Best of the

'l'rekkie feature films as it stays

closest to the flavour of the original

series. Glasgow: GFT.

: o StarTrek 3: The Search tor Spock

. (PG) (Leonard Nimoy.US. 1984)

William Shatner. Christopher

' Lloyd. Dame Jusith Anderson. 105 mins. Last time the noble Spock gave

; his all to save the Enterprise crew,

this time a brooding Kirk suffers countless privations as he returns to the Genesis Planet to retrieve whatever remains of his departed colleague. Sluggish entry with the original ageing cast rounded up for one more pay cheque. Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home is on American screens this Christmas.

t GlasgowzfiF'l'.

0 Sweet Dreams ( 15) (Karel Reisz.US. 1985) Jessica Lange. Ed

; llarris. Ann Wedgeworth. 115 mins.

I The story ofcountry and western star

Patsy Cline. concentrating on the

see-saw of tensions between her

career aspirations and a turbulent

marriage to the beer-guzzling

; Charlie Dick. Highly praised.

l Oscar-nominated. unsentimental

l biopic with excellent work from the

l two leads and a special salute to Lange‘s seamless miming. Edinburgh; Filmhouse.

the progression ot young Blacks in Britain from disillusioned alienation to the viable alternative of involvement in the Black political movement, and both are landmarks in heightening awareness at the stittling WASP cultural stranglehold in British society.

Full details and showing times are to be lound in the Film Listings over the next couple of issues otThe List, and the series at lilms should provide a stimulating taster tor the torthcoming Third World Cinema event at this year’s Edinburgh Film Festival. (Trevor Johnston)

0 That Sinking Feeling (PG) (Bill Forsyth.UK. 1979) Robert Buchanan. John Gordon Sinclair. Richard Demarco. 92 mins. A group of bored. unemployed youngsters plan a daring robbery. . .ofstainless steel sinks. Vastly ambitious and influential shoestring success; ‘a fable for the workless‘. Edinburgh: Filmhouse

O The Thing ( 18) (John Carpenter. US. 1981) Kurt Russell. A Wilford Brimley. Richard Dysart. 108 mins.


This section gives details oi l programmes showing at cinemas in 1 central Scotland over the next

tortnight. Readers are advised that many cinemas in the Strathclyde and Lothian regions are unable to provide The List with details at their programming tor both weeks covered

by each issue, as these may not be available at the time 01 going to press. These listings therelore provide an accurate guide to programmes lor one week only, unless lurther dates are specified. Readers are advised that programmes may be subject to late

{ change atanytime.

Cinemas operating a tamin discount

3 scheme allow an adult accompanying a g child to ‘U’ and ‘PG‘ certilicate

programmes to gain admission for the

; same price as the child up to 6pm. All programme times are pm unless T otherwise stated.


0 ABCLothian Road. 229 3030. Bar: Ham-2.30pm. 5- 10pm

l (Mon-Thurs). llam-l lprn (Fri Sat). 5- 10pm (Sun).[D] Cinemas 2 6'; 3 prior notification advisable. £2.70.

£2.30 Child £ 1 .40.. £1 .30 ( )Al’ 31 (before (1pm). Family discount scheme operates.

1. Police Academy 3: Back in Training

f (PG) Sun 525.825

2. ET. (U) 2.05. 5.05. 8.05. Sun 5.05. 8.05

The ColorPurple (pg) 2. (1.45.

0 THE CINEMA Nicolson Street ()()7 1839 [1)] Cinema closed Sunday. £2. OAP£1

Until July 17: That's Outrageous ( 18) 12.50. 3.30. 6.05. 8.45

Blonde Ambition ( 18) 2.05. 4.45. 7.25 From 18 July: The Other Canterbury TaIeS(18) 12.45. 3.50.7

More Sexy Canterbury Tales ( 18) 2.21). 5.25. 8.35

See also Lates section

| O DOMINION Newbattlc Terrace. 447 l 2660. Rest. 10am-2pm 8’; ()-l 1pm

A remote Arctic outpost is terrorised 12-2.3()pm. (1- 10pm (Mon-Sat). i Cinema closed Sun. {25012211.

by an alien organism in this fashionably grisly remake of the 1950s remake. Glasgow: Grosvenor o Urgh! A Music War (pg) (Derek Burbidge. UK. 1981) 124 mins of concert footage featuring the Police. John Cooper Clarke. ()MD. Echo and the Bunnymen. XTC. The Dead Kennedys. Steel Pulse. Magazine. Pere Ubu and the Cramps. Wow! A treat for music fans. Glasgow: Grosvenor. o Vagabonde ( 15) 8 (Agnes Varda.France. 1985) Sandrine Bonnaire. Macha Meril. Yolande Moreau. 106mins. Glasgow; GET.

0 Witness ( 15) (Peter Weir.US.1985) Harrison Ford. Kelly McGillis. Danny Glover. 112 mins. A young Amish boy is witness to murder. The investigation leads a cop into a brush with another culture. a touch of romance and the expected police corruption. Atmospheric. impeccably acted and beautifully orchestrated. Glasgow: GFI‘.

(Mon-Fri). 10am-l 1pm (Sat). Bar

Child £1 .20 ()AP £1 . UB40 Students

. £1.20(allperfs exceptcvng pcrfsin : cinema3). UntilJuly17:Clockwise(P(1)2.15.

5. 15. 8.15

From 18 July: Peter Pan ( Li)

2. Until 17 July: Jagged Edge ( 18) 10

i From 18 July: E.T. (U)

3. AHoom with View(P(}) 2.5. 8 0 FILMHOUSE Lothian Road. 228

l 2688. Bar(l‘v1on—Sat. noon—11pm.

Sun (130—1 1pm) Rest (Mon-Sat. noon—9pm).

Matinees £1.20. (concs 50p). [Early evgs£1.80(concs£1.20). Main evenings & Double Bills £2.20. No concessions on Sats.


Fri 11: Alamo Bay( 15) 2.311. Agnes ot GOG ( l5)(1.45. 8.45

Sat12:Agnes otGod ( 15) 2.31). 4.45. 6.45. 8.45

Sun13: Police(15) (1.8.30

Mon14: Police ( 15%. 8.30

The 1.81 11~ 341118713