Commonwealth Arts Festival runs lrom 17 July-2 August. Below is a daily diary listing events up to 24 July (Including Associated Events but excluding exhibitions, which are listed in the arts and exhibitions section). Events lrom 24 July onwards will be listed in the next issue at The List. Events are listed by day, then by venue, except in the case at Community Events which are also included in the diary, listed by day then event. For lilm descriptions see lilm pages. For ticket notes see below. A map, lull venue list and guide to ticket purchase is included in the colour Commonwealth Arts Festival Souvenir Guide in the centre ol the magazine.


0 Venue 1 Usher Hall. Lothian Road. .

0 Venue 2 Commonwealth Games Festival Centre Assembly Rooms. George Street.

0 Venue 3 Music Village Princes Street Gardens.

0 Venue 4 City of Edinburgh Art Centre, Market Street.

0 Venue 5 Netherbow Arts Centre. High Street.

0 Venue 6 Filmhouse, Lothian Road. 0 Venue 7 Royal Lyceum Studio Theatre, Cambridge Street.

0 Venue 8 Central Library, George IV Bridge.

0 Venue 9 Royal Museum of Scotland, Chambers Street.

0 Venue 10 Edinburgh College of Art, Lauriston Place.

0 Venue 11 Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, Belford Road.

0 Venue 12 National Library of Scotland, George IV Bridge.

0 Venue 13 English Speaking Union Gallery, Atholl Crescent.

0 Venue 14 369 Gallery. Cowgate.

0 Venue 15 Richard Demarco Gallery, Jeffrey Street.

0 Venue 16 Scottish Poetry Library, High Street.

0 Venue 17 Printmakers‘ Workshop. Union Street.

0 Venue 18 Strathclyde Country Park.


1. Ticket prices for Music Village concerts are as follows: £1 (50p cones) in advance at least one day before event. £1.50 (£1) same day and on the door: accompanied children free.

2. Ticket prices for Commonwealth Games Festival Theatre events are as follows: £3 (£2): accompanied children free.


0 Rank Xerox‘s sponsorship of the Arts Festival has been recognised by an award under the Government‘s Business Sponsorship Incentive Scheme. administered by the Association for Business Sponsorship of the Arts. It has been

devoted to the Exhibtion ‘Softwear‘.


0 Festival Opening Concert 7 .3npm. £4 (£2.50) Stalls and Circle. £2.50 (£1) Upper Circle. The Festival opens with a wealth of Scottish musical culture including Gaelic singing. Highland dancing. and of course. bagpipes. See music panel. Souvenir Guide.


o The Magic Whistle (Associated Event) Extra dates: 18. 19July. 2.30pm. £2 (£1). Party Reductions. The Netherbow Raiders in a show bringing a boy hero from Gaelic folklore onto the stage. Suitable for kids ofany age, plenty of action and involvement.

0 The Bothy: Tales, Songs, Traditions ol Scotland (Associated Event) Extra dates: 18. 19. 21—26July. 8pm. £3 (£2). Party Reductions. An evening ofentertainment that takes a look at the long tradition of the supernatural in Scottish literature and ballads. In keeping with the spirit ofthe occasion. a cheese and oatcake supper will be on offer from 7pm. price £1.50.


0 Time Belore, Time Now North Solomon‘s Travelling Theatre‘s production has been cancelled.

O Travelling Light Extra dates: 19.20. 21 July. 7.30pm. Tickets: See Note 2. Aided by a bottomless suitcase and four other performers. Meryl Tankard leads the way from home through the delights. hopes and disappointmentsofjourneying which has become so much a part of our lives. See Souvenir Guide.

0 Ceilidh 9pm. £3 (£2). The Easy Club from Edinburgh with Commonwealth guests.

0 Commonwealth Writers' Conlerence (Associated Event)

Meet the Author Session 1 lam. £2. £1 cones, UB40 free. With Sorley MacLean and Alastair MacLeod. Panel Discussion— ‘Englishes in Britain’ 2pm. £2. £1 cones. U840 free. Chaired by Philip Hobsbawn and involving Blake Morrison. Tom Leonard, Liz Lochhead and Tony Curtis.

Poetry Beading ‘Southern Cross’ 8pm. £3. £1 .50concs, UB40 free. Poems by Australasian. Asian, African. English and Welsh writers, including Chris Wallace Crabbe. Les Murray. Shirley Lim. Jack Mapanje. Nissim Ezekiel. Eunice de Souza. Wally Serote, Chinua Achebe, Elaine Feinstein. Tony Curtis and Musacmura Zimunya.


o Catelli Trinidad All Stars Steel I Orchestra 7.30pm. Extra dates: 21



July. 12.45pm. Tickets: See Note 1. A wide mixture of music from folk to classical by the winners of the l986 premiere award at the Trinidad Festival.


o The Magic Whistle (Associated Event) 2.30pm. See l7July. O The Bothy (Associated Event) 8pm.

; See 17 July.


0 Burning An Illusion (Associated Event) 8. 15pm. Extra dates: WJuly. 2.30pm. Normal Filmhouse prices. See Film page 12.


0 Time Belore, Time Now 4pm. Cancelled.

O Destiny Extra dates: 20. 21 . 22. 23. 24 July. 7.30pm. Tickets: See Note 2. A rare opportunity to see the work of the ‘father' of Nigerian theatre. Hubert ()gunde. Destiny. conceived and directed by him. shows a man's journey through life. The production uses music. dance. drama. ritual and symbolism brought together from all over Africa as were the 32 members of the company -- and is a landmark. in that it signifies the beginning ofa Nigerian National Troupe. See panel in Souvenir (iuide.

O The Island Extra dates: 20—24 July. 10pm. Tickets: See Note 2. Marangarena Company from Botswana in South African writer Athol Fugard‘s celebrated play about two prisoners in Robben Island. South Africa‘s prison for ‘political‘ offenders.

o Travelling Light 10.30pm. See 18 July.

0 Commonwealth Writers’ Conlerence (Associated Event)

Meet the Author Session 1 lam. £2. £1 cones. UB40 free. With Margaret Atwood and Elizabeth Jolley.

Panel Oiscussions- ‘Women’s Writing in the Commonwealth’ 2pm. £2. £1 concs. UB40 free. Chaired by Lalage Bown and involving Margaret Atwood. Elaine Feinstein. Eunice de Souza. Amryl Johnson and Emma Tennant.

Poetry Beading2‘Bum and Scotch'.8pm. £3. £1 .50concs. UB40 free. Poems by Caribbean and Scottish Writers. including John Agard. Grace Nichols. Fred d‘Agiar. David Dabydeen. Amryl Johnson. Lynford French. Sorley MacLean. Liz Lochhead. Tom Leonard. Edwin Morgan. Sheena Blackhall and James Berry.


0 Music lrom Ghana, Kenya and Sierra Leone 7.30pm. Tickets: See Note 1. Traditional dance from West Africa plus the Muungano Kenya National Choir from East Africa. See Souvenir Guide.

0 The 39th Old Boys Flute Ensemble

and The Armagh Rhymers 12.45pm. Tickets: See Note 1. Variationson

i the flute from the former. and a

variety of mUsical and dramatic talents from the latter.


o The Magic Whistle (Associated Event) 2.30pm. See 17 July.

0 The Bothy (Associated Event) 8pm. See 17 July.


0 Burning an Illusion (Associated Event) 2.30pm. See lSJuly. Normal Filtnhouse Prices.


0 Time Belore, Time Now 4pm. Cancelled.

0 Destiny Extra dates: 2 l . 22. 23. 24 July. 7.30pm.

0 The Island Extra dates: 21 . 22. 23. 24 July. 10pm.

o Travelling Light 10.30pm. See 18 Julv.

0 Commonwealth Writers’ Conlerence (Associated Events) Panel Discussion: ‘DRAMA' 2.30pm. £2. £l cones. UB40 free. Chaired byJenny Killick. Artistic Director of the Traverse Theatre. and involving Nissim Ezekiel. Peter Arnott and Liz Lochhead.

Tony Harrison: Beading 5pm. £3.

£1 .50concs. UB40 free.


o Muungano Kenya National Choir 12.45pm. Tickets: See Note I. The Presidents National ('hoir ofsixty voices

0 Scottish Chamber Orchestra 7.30pm. Tickets: See Note 1. The Commonwealth premiere of ()rkney Wedding at Sunrise composed and conducted by Peter Maxwell Davies.


o Waves Take Wing 11am—1pm Adult Workshop. 5.30pm—Spm Adult Workshop. 10am—noon. 2—4pm. 6—8pm. 22 July. 11am—4pm. 23 July.

Admission is free. must be booked in advance. Phone Liz Kemp or Kate (‘raik on 031 225 3614. An opportunity for members ofthe public to get involved in transforming the Ballroom through a visual arts installation. working with artists making sculptures. banners and mobiles. Ten people per workshop. one place going to a person with a mental handicap, who must be accompanied.

o Masked Dancers, Sri Lanka Extra dates: 22.23. 24 July. 4pm. Tickets: See Note 2. As well as performing the elegant. bejewelled classical dance of Kandy. this company will also take the stage in the magnificently colourful masks used in folk dances from the south of the island.

0 Time Belore, Time Now 4pm. Cancelled.

0 Emily at Emerald Hill Extra dates: 22. 23. 24 July. 7pm. Tickets: See Note 2. Margaret Chan plays Emily in a one-woman play about a woman living in the Baba Chinese :

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