Community. Written by Stella Kon. the play was highly praised at the ; Singapore Drama Festival. and won the 1983 National Playwriting Award. See panel in Souvenir ; Guide. E O Destiny 7.30pm. See 2(1July.

O The Island llipm. See 2(1Ju1y.

o Travelling Light 10.30pm. See 18 Julv.


o The Music from Three Islands 7.3(1pmfl‘ickets: See Note 1. 'l‘raditional Kandy dancing and masked folk dancing from Sri Lanka. 'l‘raditional music and dance from l’apua New Guinea and the Paphos l-‘olklore Association from Cyprus.

0 Catelli Trinidad All Stars Steel Orchestra 12.45pm. See l8July.

0 Children‘s Hour l().3(1—11.3()am MargaretMcLean A magic »


entertainer. ,


O The Bothy 8pm. (Associated Event) Sec 17July.

VENUE 6 s 0 Commonwealth Writers’ Conference (Associated Event).

Film Show: The Year of Living Dangerously 2pm. Tickets: Normal l-‘ilmhouse Prices.


0 Blood, Sweat and Tears (Associated livcnt l lixtra dates: 22. 23. 24 July. 3.311 and 7.3(1pm. £4 £3. The highly successful llull Truck Theatre Company in .lohn (iodber‘s play about an ordinary young girl who becomes a judo champion inspired by the story of Karen Briggs. World

.ludo('hampion. See panel on priority page.


o Waves Take Wing lllam—12 noon Workshop for adults. 2—4pm Workshop for children ( ltl—lo). 6—8pm Workshop for adults. Admission Free. See 21 July.

0 Masked Dancers, Sri Lanka 4pm. See 21 July.

0 Emily of Emerald Hill 7pm. See 21 July.

0 Destiny 7.3(1pm.Sce 20 July.

0 The Island ltlpm. See 2(1July.

0 Pan Project Extra dates: 23. 24 July. l().3(1pm. Tickets: See Note 2. Pan Project. an innovative performance art group from London. in their much acclaimed production Dreams (if/Hanna. which brings together the different cultures of the many ethnic minorities in Britain to tell the ancient Sumerian myth of the goddess lnanna and King Gilgamesh.


o The Gambian National Troupe 12.45pm. Tickets: See Note 1.The i Gambia has a very fine professional I musical tradition. They will be

playing koras. a specific West

African and very melodius string i instrument. See Souvenir Guide.

te't'he List 11— 24July


l l i 0 Caribbean Dne 7.30pm. Caribbean I l l

{ Stevenson (Associated Event) . Admission Free. Talk byJenni Calder.

5 Workshop for adults. See 21 July.

children and adults too written by

: Davis‘s play tells how a white forest ranger‘s latent racism is gradually 5 overcome when his daughter takes

; o Masked Dancers, Sri Lanka 4pm.

; See 21 July.

; 0 Time Betore, Time Now 4pm. See 18 f July.

0 Emily ol Emerald Hill 7pm. See 21

: July.

O Destiny 7.30pm. See 2() July.

t o The Island 10pm. See 20 July.

. 0 Pan Project 10.30pm. See 22 July.


= 0 Caribbean Two 12.45pm. Tickets: ' See Note 1. See 22 July. 0 India and The Gambia 7.30pm.

and from a very prestigious musical


O The Bothy 8pm. See 17July. VENUE 7

7.30pm. See 21 July.




0 Children’s Hour 10.30—1 1.30am. Waldo Punch and Judy and magic.

music includes calypso and soca (soul + electric calypso). combining more popular music with traditional.


0 The Bothy (Associated Event) 8pm. See 17 July.


: O Oueimada (Associated Event) 6 . and 8. 15pm. Tickets: Normal Filmhouse Prices.


f 0 Blood, Sweat and Tears (Associated Event)3.3()and7.3()pm. See2l July. ,


o HLS 86—The Lite or Robert Louis


o Bagamoyo College of Arts 24July. 4pm. See also Venue 3. 0 Emily of Emerald Hill 7pm. See 21


0 Folk from Three Continents Tickets: See Note 1. From America. Australasia and Europe Barkin‘ Kettle. The Larrikins and the Boys

' ofthe Lough. See panel in Souvenir i. Guide.

0 Destiny 7.30pm. See 2() July. 0 The Island llipm. See 2(1July. 0 Pan Project 10.30pm. See 22 July.


o Bagamoyo College oi Arts, Tanzania 12.45pm. Tickets: See Note 1. See also Venue 2. Another group of excellent musicians. definitely worth a visit. with xylophones. thumb

. pianos and the clamour of many

ankle bells accompanying the dancers and singers. It's a wild.

: exciting event with lots of costume

; changes and plenty rhythm.


0 Waves Take Wing l tam—4pm.

O Honeyspot Extra date: 24 July. 1pm. Tickets: See Note 2. A play for

Aboriginal playwright Jack Davis.

part in a concert with her Aboriginal friends. and it incorporates

} traditional Aboriginal dance and


Tickets: See Note 1. The Rajasthan performers from India are likely to be one of the musical highlights of the Festival. unanimously acclaimed

tradition. See the Souvenir Guide and 22July.

0 Blood, Sweat and Tears 3.30 and


0 Honeyspot lprn. See 23 July.

0 The Grecian 2000 (BC) Games 2—4pm. Admission free but book in advance. Phone Liz Kemp or Kate Craik.()31225 3614. A Theatre Workshop ‘Fun Factory" for 5—9 year-olds to join in.

o Masked Dancers, Sri Lanka 4pm. See 21 July.

0 Children’s Hour 1(l.3()—11.3(1am. MargaretMcLean Magic show.


0 The Bothy (Associated Event) 8pm. See 17July.


0 Blood, Sweat and Tears (Associated Event)3.3() and 7.30pm. See 21 July.


o RLS 86—Zen and Stevenson (Associated Event) 12 noon. Admission Free. Talk by Alan Spence.



i o The Games People Play St Bride's

Centre. ()rwell Terrace. Gorgie. 346 1405. 7pm. £1 Adult 5(lp Child. The culmination of a residency by Scottish ballet in the area. a multi-media performance by eighty-six young people on the theme of the ‘Games People Play'.


o The Games People Play St Bride‘s

l l

Centre. Orwell Terrace. 7pm. £1 Adult. 50p Child. See Fri 18.

o Catelli Trinidad All Stars Steel Orchestra Silverknows Primary School. Muirhouse Gardens. Muirhouse (tel: Martin Ayres 336 3934). 1.30—3.3(lpm. Free. Caribbean steel music from the forty-piece band. as part of the Muirhouse Caribbean Festival. which also involves a gala procession. acrobatics and juggling. See also Commonwealth Arts Festival Diary Fri 18. 9 o Catelli Trinidad All Stars Steel j Orchestra Jack Kane Community

3 Wing. 33 Niddrie Marischal Road

(tel: John'Masson 6615877).7pm.

: from the forty-piece band. See also i CAF Diary Fri 18.

Free. T he sounds of the Caribbean j


0 Ghana National Dance Ensemble Craigmount Youth Wing. Graigmount Secondary School. Craigs road. Corstorphine (tel: Ilse Shaw 33‘) 8278). 1(1am—l2noon. Free. Traditional Ghanaian music and dance from an ensemble of30 performers.

0 Ghana National Dance Ensemble Wester Hailes Education Centre. 5 Murrayburn Drive. Wester Hailes (tel: Marcel O‘Connor 442 3063) 2.30—4.3(1pm. Free. See above.


o Skittle Bunch M.E.D.I.(i.A. Langlaw Primary School. Langlaw 5 Road. Mayfield. Dalkeith (tel: ' Agnes Walker 6605821). 1(1am—12noon. Free. All the way

from Trinidad. calypso music from a group of 18 musicians. Dancing mandatory!

- Pollok Community Circus Princes Street Gardens. All day. Free. Run away and join the circus. . . Pollok Community Circus will be entertaining all day in the gardens

and welcoming volunteers who want

to try their hand at some of the acts involved.