O The Misfits (BBCZ) 6-8pm. The

John Httston season continues with

this engrossing Arthur Miller dratna written for his wife. Marilyn Monroe. Co-star Clark (iable died a few weeks after shooting finished.

0 Hoodwink (Channel 4) 11.30pm-1.15am. Lightweight Australian romantic drama in which

j inveterate bank robber John

Hargreaves hatches an ingenious long-term escape plan. Jttdy Davis co-stars. 1981.


o The Nuclear Gulag (Channel 4)

3 7.30-8.30pm. [Ising filtn shot secretly in the USSR this 2020

Vision report accuses the Soviet authorities of working thousands of prisoners to death in dangerously unsafe uranium mines.

o Bullitt(S'l‘V')<). 15-] 1.20pm. Steve McQueen in one of his tnost felicitous castings. as a laconic anti-establishtnent cop who senses that something is amiss when he is assigned to guard a criminal witness. A taut action vehicle fora charismatic star that makes excellent use of its San Francisco locations and includes the now classic. curb—crunching car chase. 1968.

0 Rabindranath (Channel 4) 2.30-3.30pm. 1961 documentary by Satyajit Ray traces the life of this Bengali poet through rare archive film and dramatic reconstructions. Followed at 3.30pm by The Lost Jewels. Ray‘s filtn of his ghost story. 0 Only Yesterday ( BBC] ) Paul Scofield and Wendy l liller co-star in the first of a new series of dramas.


o In Search of Freedom (S'I‘V) 10.35-11.05pm. Father Ed de la Torre spent nine years in prison under the Marcos regime and was only recently released by Cory Aquino. Visiting Scotland he talks about his need to stand up and be counted. the price he paid and his hopes for the future.

0 The Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo (Channel 4) l 1pm-12.30am. Trenchant and moving documentary about the 30.000 people who ‘disappeared‘ during Argentina‘s ‘dirty war’.

0 Sayonara Pet (S’I‘V) 10.30-11.30pm. Documentary of an unforgettable trip last autumn when 25 Geordies flew out of Newcastle bound for Tokyo.

0 The Max Headroom Show (Channel 4) 11.20-1 1 .50pm. Media megastar Max returns from a triumphant




season on America's 1 lomc Box ()ffice to present videos and highlights of his foreign successes and displays his devastating skills as an interviewer. Tonight he chats with Sting about golf. ‘the big Cf.


o Positively Unemployed (S‘I‘V) 3.30-4pm. The programme visits Paisley and shows how children's playschemes bring people together and discovers how Credit 1 'nions can help avoid the debt problems that always accompany unemployment. 0 Opera on 4 (Channel 4) 9- 10pm. This short season of neglected operas by major composers continues with Puccini‘s Sister Angelica. This live recording features British soprano Rosalind Plowright in her debut at La Scala. Milan. (iianandrea (iavazzeni


o The Bad Sleep Well (Channel 4) 10pm- 12.25pm. Akira Kurosawa directs an adaptation of an Ed McBain novel. 'l‘oshiro Mifune. an ambitious businessman marries a tycoon's daughter as part of a

scheme to avenge his father‘s murder. 1960.


o All the Prime Minister’s Men (Channel 4) 8-9pm. Second part of the series examining the validity of Cabinet government. looks at the Cabinet ofthe 1980s. offering an inside view of the major events in Thatcher's reign with the promise of frank revelations and an explanation ofthe PM‘s ‘grovel count.’


o The Mountain (S'I'V) l.3(l-3.3()pm. Studio-bound drama of unlikely brothers Spencer Tracy and Robert Wagner scaling a lofty peak to reach the lucrative wreckage of a crashed airliner. 1956

0 Sleeping Dogs (Channel 4) 11.30pm-125am. Loner Sam Neill avoids any involvement in the civil unrest dttring a worker‘s strike in a totalitarian regime. However. he is unable to turn his back on events. Directed by Roger Donaldson. 1977.


0 Joan of Arc (Channel 4) Account of I

the interpretations of the life ofJoan of Arc and how her image has been misappropriated and used to emphasis militarism. patriotism and self-sacrifice in death.

[MW— 0 The Kit Curran Roadshow (Channel 4) H.30-9pm. Denis Lawson's opportunistic DJ returns unemployed. unwanted and still dreaming ofsuccess. fame. fortune and a woman called Pamela.

O Tusitala (Channel 4) Filmed in the South Pacific. a 3-part drama ofthe last years of Robert Louis Stevenson (John McEnery) his entanglement in the politics of Samoa and his tempestuous marriage to Fanny ()sbournc.

Max Headroom is back. . . on Channel 4 ma series drawing on the best moments and

x A 1' yr” .4» _. I “If, 1”, // _(" l

videos from the last series. The Max Headroom Show returns on Tues 15July


To begin at the end. R2 starts 50 hours of‘live‘ coverage ofthe Commonwealth Games with the Opening Ceremony. Thurs 24. R Scotland will also carry reports at 6.30am. 12.30pm and 5pm.

Tonga is an incredibly fertile island in the Pacific. a tropical paradise with an abundance of food. Their Royal Police Band. His Majesty‘s pride and joy. will be in Princes Street. Edinburgh duringthe Commonwealth Arts Festival (29 July) and His Majesty can be heard in conversation with Roger Royle on Good Morning Sunday. R2 Sun 13. 7.30am (a royal first for R2).

You-know-whose wedding in July will be a media event par excellence. Professors Bateson and Gregory from Cambridge and Bristol will be explaining the symbolism rather than the romance in Royals and Weddings R4(VHS only). Sat 12. 5.30pm.

The BBC. never one to overlook an anniversary/centenary given the opportunity. looks at the Edinburgh Festival at Forty. R4. Thurs 24. 9.45pm as part of a Scottish Arts Week. beginning with Something for Everyone Mon 21. 4.30pm. in this case what the Priesthill-Nitshill Arts Association in Glasgow is doing to take art to the people. It also looks at the state of the Scottish film industry. not all Bill Forsyth and Gregory‘s Girl. and painters. publishers and poets.

The relative strength ofFreebies v Fleet Street is considered in A Free Press R4. Tues 15. 8.30pm. Second cousin ofthe Aga Khan and one time Assistant Floor Manager at the BBC. Eddy Shah. has had extensive experience ofboth. He is the first guest in a new series The John Kerr Interview. R Scotland. Sun 13 and discusses the future possibility ofa Scottish Today.

The (92nd) Proms begin in a big way with Mahler's 8th Symphony (Symphony ofa Thousand ). R3. Fri 18. 7.30pm. Amongst other highlights is Monteverdi‘s Orfeo. R3, Sun 20. 7.30pm. the first ofthe great operas. staged as closely as possible to the 1607 original and performed by the Early Opera Project with Guy de Mey as Orfeo.

Juliet Cadzow. recently seen in a fine performance in Liz Lochhead’s translation of Moliere‘s Tartuffe at the Royal Lyceum. Edinburgh. stars in Pairing Dii R4. Tue 8. 11am & Wed 9. 9pm by Alma Cullen. amongst other things the Assistant Regis Director ofthe Edinburgh Botanical Gardens. It is directed by Marilyn Imrie.

Busking. vigorously embraced by the well-known minister on The Mound in Edinburgh. is a colourful part ofGlaswegian life and the subject of The Glasgow Bustiers R Scotland. Mon 14.

And Geoffrey Howe is castaway. Desert Island Discs. R4. Sun 20. 12.15pm.

1:th Li's-Ti f— 24 July 19