‘lt’s nice to have a challenge,’ says Jane Cliiiord. She should know. She plays Louise Underwood in Hull Truck Theatre Company’s latest production, Blood, Sweat and Tears - a part which involved her in becoming a judo expert in 3 months. A more than appropriate ‘Associated Event’ oi the Commonwealth Arts Festival, John Godber’s play was inspired by the story of Karen Briggs (who appears at the Commonwealth Games), a local Hull girl who became World Champion. ‘Partly we wanted to promote Karen Briggs. She’s been twice World Champion, twice European Champion, yet nobody’s really heard oi her as they have oi, say, Daley Thompson—just because iudo’s not a glamorous sport.’ During the course oi the play, Jane has to develop lrom being a beginner to entering lorthe black belt. She trained ior three sessions a week with Karen Briggs’ trainer and Karen herseli— she : ls matter-oi-iact about her own progress; ‘li you have to do a sword tight, you learn to sword iight. Ii you have to doiudo, you learn iudo . . .’


One oi Edinburgh’s best-loved cinemas i will open its doors again this summer ; aiter a tour year absence. The Cameo in Lothian Road has been bought by the ' Recorded Cinemas Group, co-owned by well-known producer, Jeremy Thomas, whose recent iilms have included ‘lnsigniiicance’ and ‘Merry Christmas, Mr Lawrence’. The group


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Jane herseli has branched out into writing and directing with Hull Truck. She co-wrote Shakers and is at present writing a play set in a hairdressing salon iorthe company. Her own writing began when she was working as Drama Workeron a YTS scheme ior young offenders and discovered there was no suitable material iorthem. Since then she’s won second prize at the National Student Drama Festival with a play about the experience. As a woman she sees a clearer iuture ior herseli in writing and acting than directing however. ‘It is getting better iorwomen writers. Over the last iew years they've begun to get a lot oisupport. But it’s still quite diiiicult ior women to get into directing —you can see that it you look atthe number oi women Artistic Directors in the country, and it’s not really getting better very quickly. One good thing about Hull Truck is that they’re very iairto women. John Godberalso writes good roles ior women—well observed characters and a good chemistry between them.’

are spending £150,000 on restoration work which involves architectural reiurbishment, new carpets and seating and the installation oi Dolby Sound.

With a seating capacity oi 450, The Cameo plans to return to its policy at showing iirst-run movies irom around the world and Recorded Cinemas hope that it will also be able to play a part in the Edinburgh Film Festival, as well as being a part of the local community.

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The (‘olor Purple.

Margaret Avery Stephanie Billen talks to one of the stars ofSpielberg‘s The ('o/or Purple. nominated for l 1 Oscars. but winner of none.

4 Museum of Childhood

Sally Kinnes on one of Scotland's favourite museums. re—opening its doors this month.

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