lady. An extremely enjoyable. lucid members £4; Full members £3.50; and good looking production. with Students. OAPs. UB4OS £2.50 R good rounded performances. (members £2), Students now 12 June to 9 August AMidsummerNight’s Dream Until Sat bookable in advance, Reductions for 9 August 7-45Pm- (10. 1-1. 15. 18. more than one play of'scason 19.23. 24. 28.29July; 1—9 August: booked. Final few days for the first plus Sat mats on l9July and 2 August British production ofGerman M AND 3‘ 3' 15pml' {245' Theilllcsilvcr playwright. Fitzgerald Kusz‘s two holders £1 off. Further concs hander play about a summer A available—£1offeachticketifyou ‘romance‘between two young book for both shows. The second in people ofdifferent classes and

I the Lyceum‘s summer season double i aspirations. Kusz‘s terse. spare. , bill Shakespeare’s magical comedy 5 Often comic dialogue carries a weight Two charming

ill which the course of true love runs ofsocial despair and questions about comedies for the long Performances at pm anythingbut smooth. See Review. E communication between differing . . TeI o THEATRE WORKSHOP 34 Hamilton ; outlooks. economically handled in summer evenings Place. 226 5425. Box Office Hamish Glen‘s production. PERFORMED BY Mon—Sat 9.3(lam—5.3(lpm. Bar. i Lucy’s Play Until Sun 27 July. I.

Rm (‘ilfé- TD] 7.30pm. Tickets as ()rphan's Young People’s Theatre Fortnight is Comedy. Epic {rm john mirror“ E D I N D U R G it

still running at Theatre Workshop latest play is set in Syracuse. AD 386, the final few days 0le programme of : and somehow manages to involve

' work mounted by and for young E upwardly-mobile emperors. sheep.

people. As well as the shows listed saints. saintly or otherwise. and the i

there will be workshops covering a Truth or lack of it in metaphysical i

Perfonnance Project huge range ofacthltles (see Klds mayhem. Described as ‘Asterix I for Edinburgh International Festival page 19) and “cc cabaret m [he meets Ihcorcsm '

, cafe 'bar after the shows every evening. For further detailsofthese “\ “any”: M an H... __ I E, 3 please contact Theatre Workshop.

'\ as; COLT'JP‘J‘. P’Jt: mi. e.;.:. .'-'2 a . A Fox on the BOX'I'hurs 10 and Fri 1] 1 FIRST MEETING : MdtlDAY 21 JULY July. 7.30pm. Double bill with the '

t - Secret Six and a llalfon Thurs. and ~, :4 Ham'lmn Place Edmburgh 031 226 5425 (iotcha on Friday. £1.5()(£1) for EDINBURGH ; ' both shows. Theatre Workshop’s DRAMA SUMMER SCHOOL Senior Youth Theatre ( 16—21 years) Performances that are panoflhe Enioyalunweekand learn new skills e.g. in a showdcviscd by tho the Commonwealth Arts Festival are listed ACTING, DANCING and VOCAL TECHNIQUE company which takes 21 sqttoro-cyotl in the separate diary. See also colour look at life. at all that flickers on the Souvenir Guide facing page 16,

1244 yrs, 2145!" July;9_11yrs, flickering screen. from soap to sci-fi. FURTHER DETAILS zsthJu|y_1stAugusL The SecretSlx andaHalt lhurs llland SUMMER SCHOOLS (SAE please) Sat 12 July. Double blll with A Pox H . . _ , on the Box on Thurs and (iotcha on ° Arlene Erb The RCbCCC“ walker Edinburgh Acting School 24 Nicolson Street Ealnburgh 031 667 9493 gar£1y5()(£1)f0rbmh shows, Dance Studios. 14 Orwell Tt‘rmt‘t 3 Stonehaven Youth Theatre ( 14-18 2370748- 53‘26111'3" Fri 1 Aug-“5t- } i years) in an ironic play by Russell TWO Classes P“ (111)" (m9 OPCnPnd - 1 Adams about a working Class boy 0mm, for 3d)““CFd/PYQTCSSlOn“It . swelling the ranksof Enid Bl-yton‘s lhc Eto rochmtluo Is it unique blond : : FamouS Five. ofballet and Jazz. Currently worklng l ‘i Gonna Fri 11 and Sat 12m”. in Vlenna at the State Opera. Erb l 7.30pm. Double bill with A Pox on has when “me “lllhls Summer 10 thc Box On Fri and The Secret Six teach ln Monte Carlo. London and

and a llalfon Sat. £1.5()(£1) for both Edinburgh Clo-980818 each £30 for . shows. Barry Keeffe‘s play about the 10- .l

! young school leaver who holds his . Scottish summer schoo| of Mime I teachers hostage. m a strong. tense Dunfcrmhnc (1,”ch of Education. ' production by Gateway Exchange Cramond Road North 33o oolll. : that was first seen at the openingof 9.17m”. Daily. A new school 3 the Mandela Theatre there a few organisc'd by pg" Kcysc”. “raw?” £50tuitiononIVor£15llfull-board. . Dilly Rascals-The Video Fri 11.5pm: 0 Seventh lnterhational Summer l 31" 13‘2P’ll‘lnd5P‘llt“ (SW). A School otModern Dance Dunfermline I video tnade by Andy (Tannonof C0”ch of Education. 3-15 August. i 'l‘hootro Work-shop‘sluoior Youth Daily. Phone 075032213 or()3l 225 ; ! 'l'ht‘otro in o Ploy h)’ Evan Loovotcnz 4olxiror information. Organised ; l about bowel-spoilt tonyoor-old annuallvbv Dance Connections under 3 looms the tool Volvo of money. the directorship of Kedzic Penfield. ; . TRAVERSE l 12 We“! BOW 226 This year‘s course has more I' 2633- Box Office Tues—sun emphasis on workhop sessions than I ! ll)illll—8P"l- Bury RCST- TleClS “'50 before and has classes ranging from E ‘mulubl": The T'Ckm Ccmm‘ 22 ballet technique to Spanish dance. ~ 313*“ EUCL‘L‘J- .l g I“ I from contact improvisation to injury urnlng 0V8 ntl . at . u y. ., ' . '25 z xsmc l BY GODBER 7.45pm. (Theatre Downstairs). ticks Ezlg'riigion _ _ 'I‘lel "lthch £4501 ECO” full course. £55 for one week. AT D T TRAVERSE THEATRE

2 ljuly - 2 August, 8pm Hats. 25, 26july, l, 2 Aug 3.30pm Tickets: £4 (£3 concessions) also available from Assembly rooms

LYCEUM STUDIO Box Office (03 l ) 229 9697

l__ -

GThe list ll~ :4 July

031 226 2633 Upstairs. . . LUCY’S PLAY, an epic comedy by John Clifford 7.30pm. Downstairs. . . till July 13 BURNING LOVE by Fitzgerald Kusz 7.45pm (Closed Mondays)