l 0 YWCA THEATRE Randolph Place.

Parodies Lost: The Revue Mon 28

. July-Sat 2 Aug. 8pm. £2.50 (£1 .75

3 Student, OAP. UB40 and under 185.

Mon-Thurs). Tickets available from

I YWCA. Randolph Place; Bandparts. London Road

I Roundabout; R & E Stewart.

- Newsagents. Portobello High Street. A revue by seven local performers.

described as an ‘antidote to the

Commonwealth Games“ parodying. amongst other things. Spaghetti

Westerns. Scottish songs, Edinburgh District Council and the Commonwealth Games . . .


Festivals to the left of us, Festivals to the right of us this year's Stirling Festival boasts 300 events and runs from Thurs 31 July until Sun 10 Aug (handy timing for folk in Edinburgh suffering from withdrawal symptoms between Commonwealth Arts and Edinburgh Festival . . .)

Running all day and in various venues round the city. the Festival programme is packed. and hugely varied. ranging from concerts. to theatre. to music ofall persuasions. to street theatre, discos. walks and talks— and. from the educational to the libational a Beer Festival! Some events are free and many are outdoors. Festivalgoers from Glasgow and Edinburgh may well think the trip worth making for some ofthe Festival‘s highlights. which include:


0 Piano Recital, David Home (Guildhall. 7.30pm. £2.50).


o Laughing Matters The Scottish

3 premiere of a play looking at American life. presented by the American Folk Theatre‘s Young Company (Cowane Centre, 8pm, £1 .50/£1. Also Sat 2 Aug). 0 Trossacbs Festival Folk Concert Jean Redpath. the McCalmans and

Tom McGrath, commissioned by the Festival for Stirling District Youth Theatre (MacRobert Studio, ;._.; -. .. £1 .40/£1. Also Fri 8 and Sat 9. (p . o Osslan and Bab Noakes Two of the . v- j best-loved names in Scottish folk music (Golden Lion Hotel, 8pm, £4). 0 Earl Dltln This man is amazing— his . , .g ,_ . . _ .- . incredible ‘vocal-trumpet’ has “‘ E: r become almost legendary (The

‘~ * r v W5 Smith, 10.30pm, £2.50/£2). 0 Berlin State Ballet School A performance from dancers from East Germany (MacRobert, 7.30pm, £3/£2.20).


O Dualchas lain Crichton-Smith presents an evening of Gaelic poetry, prose and song followed by a ceilidh at 9pm (Guildhall, 6.30pm, £1.70, ceilidh only£l).

0 They Came From Mars Fringe favourites the Entertainment Machine (the Farndale Ladies) in their latest satirical show Sci-Fi sent up (MacRobert, 7.30pm, £3, £2.20).

0 Desire Premiere of a new production by the renowned group Communicado a production which

will go on to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Their latest play, by Stephen Jeffreys, is based on a South Seas epic by R.L Stevenson, and directed by Gerry Mulgrew (Cowane Centre, 8pm, £2.50/£2. Also Sat 9).

o The Andy Cameron Show One of the fave funny men in a show bulging with guests (Albert Hall, 8pm, £3/£2).


o Stirling Dance Project A performance which represents the culmination of a week ofdance workshops led by Royston Maldoom and the Dundee Rep Dance Company (MacRobert Centre, 7.30pm, £fl£1.40).

0 National Youth String Orchestra of Scotland A widely varied programme including Dvorak, Poulenc, Purcell, and Neilsen (Church ofthe Holy Rude, 7.30pm. £2/£1).



BLOD, sw

designs on her judo champion boyfriend. Liza Sadovy, as the bristling

'WPC, adds electricity to the atmosphere. Who will triumph, performing what mate Michelle calls Toyota-Toshibas upon her unfortunate adversary?

Jane Clifford is totally convincing as the gawky girl from the council estate whose life takes on a new meaning when she discovers judo. Meanwhile Michelle (played with gusto and charm by Gillian Tompkins) finishes, afterher meaningless rounds of the local pubs, ‘upstick’ and unmarried. Is there a deep moral message in all this? In fact the mood ofthe piece remains essentially lighthearted. Like Louise says ‘lt's a good laugh, innit?’

(Helen Davidson)

Lyceum Studio, Edinburgh

The world of judo might seem like unpromising stuff for a playwright, but John Godber’s new comedy Blood, Sweat and Tears is another sporting success for Hull Truck Theatre Company. The audience arrives to find three of the cast already limbering up and practising their body-drops. The eye falls upon the cryptic announcement, ‘No shoes on the gee-mat as it is required for rubbing your nose on.‘

The play, inspired by real-life World Judo Champion Karen Briggs, charts the transformation of Louise, coy giggling waitress, into mature and purposeful Black Belt. Further interest is added by Louise’s rivalry with a hostile WPC, who fears that Louise and her would-be sexy friend Michelle have


o Sibelius Academy Chamber Orchestra A programme of Sibelius, Mozart and Kokkonen from a group of musicians from the National Music Conservatory of Finland (MacRobert, 7.30pm. £3/£2.20).

o Incllnatlons Mime Company A

seen on the Edinburgh Festival Fringe (Cowane Centre. 8pm. £2.50/£2. Also Thurs 7).

0 Scottish Chamber Orchestra with Diana Rigg A programme ofwords and music, titled the ‘Travelling Rigg’ music from the SCO. words from the famous actress Diana Rigg.

Jimmy MacGregor and the Jacobites (Doune Castle. £4).


double bill of ‘The Life and Tim'es of Bunk Hadley’ and ‘Murder at Tomb Lodge’ (Cowane Centre, 8pm.

and a beautiful setting in the form of the historic church (Church ofthe Holy Rude, 8pm. £5/£4 restricted view).


0 Working Hearts This performance is

£2/£l .50. Also Tue 5 and Wed 6). . O Rumlllajta The famous Bolivian folk group (The Smith, £2.50/£2. Also Wed 6).

the culmination of a week long residency in Stirling by Graeae, the famous disabled company, working

' i 0 Colony Premiere of a new play by

j 0 Melbourne School of Dance A i programme ofdance including 3 ‘Sequenza‘. ‘FlibertiJibbert‘,

7 ‘Sargasso Sea‘ and ‘Sybils‘ from one ofAustralia‘sleading centres of

i dance (MacRobert Centre. 7.30pm, 3 £3/£2.50).


g 0 Mary Queen of Scots Banquet Eat

i and drink in the manner to which you i would like to become accustomed (Guildhall, 7.30pm, £11).

0 Run Rig One ofthe best-known, best-loved bands combining Gaelic and contemporary music (Albert Hall. 8pm. £4 in advance, £4.50 on door).


O A Pile of Dogs Scottish premiere of the new satirical show from Confederacy of Fools, later to be

SUMMER SEASON 12 June to 9 August



comedies tor the long Performances at 7.45 pm summer evenings. Tel 031-229 9697 PERFORMED BY

ROW. “FEW. We”!!de

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