Once there used to be forty different kinds of butterfly in the Lothian region. Now there are only nineteen. In order to stop the decline, a two year full scale survey, starting this month, is being undertaken by the Scottish Wildlife Trust and the Edinburgh Butterfly Farm. They are looking for 200+ volunteers, beginners and experts to cover the 2000 areas, each one kilometre square, in the region. The results will be computer analysed to produce a

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conservation plan. The only qualifications needed are enthusiasm and a keen eye. The Guest is not interested in dead specimens. All volunteers will be supplied with a tree, specially designed Survey Pack and there will also be training sessions and a telephone helpline. Anyone interested should contact: Butterfly Guest, 25 Johnston Terrace, Edinburgh EH1 2NH.

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0 Music is listed as diary: by day, then by city, then by event.




0 St Giles' at Six St Giles‘ Cathedral. High Street. Free at door. 6pm. For visitors and the Edinburgh public alike. music for strings and piano forms the basis of the programme for this early evening recital.

Sat and Sun 10am—6pm. £35. Clinical 1

Chambers Street Lecture Theatre. 5.15pm. Free. A talk by Dr Duncan Macmillan.

WEDNESDAY 6 Edinburgh

0 Poetry Ryrie‘s Bar. Haymarket Station. 7.45pm. 20p. Thelma Ingram, Maureen Sangster. Regular readings first Wednesday ofthe month.

THURSDAY 7 Edinburgh

0 Buildings and the Ordering of Minds and Bodies Royal Museum of Scotland. Chambers Street Lecture Theatre. 5.15pm. Free. A talk by Prof Thomas Markus. concluding the series of lectures on the Scottish Enlightenment.


0 Self-Awareness McLellan Galleries. Sauchiehall Street. Fri 7.30—10.30pm. Sat 10am—10.30pm, Sun 10am—5pm (Sunday session help at Strathclyde University Chaplaincy, John Street). Free. An intensive Weekend Workshop led by Kengal Spector from the Sri Chinmoy Center in New York. currently on a world lecture tour. He will be covering meditation. intuition and creativity. film, video and slides. The weekend provides a full introduction to Sri Chinmoy‘s

SATURDAY 26 Edinburgh

0 Dancing Your Myth The Salisbury

Centre, 2 Salisbury Road, 667 5438. integral yoga. For further information or to register ring 552 1844 (Glasgow) or 031661 8403 (Edinburgh).

psychologist Amelie Noack applies Jungian concepts to Dance Movement Therapy. A variety of techniques including guided fantasy.

dance movement. improvisation and ; ~ 1 trumpeters we ll hear works by


WEDNESDAY 30 Glasgow

0 Introductory Meditation Course The Glasgow Buddhist Centre. 329 Sauchiehall Street. 333 0524. 7.30pm. £20 (£12). A course of four Wed evenings teaching two basic meditation techniques.

FRIDAY1 Edinburgh

0 Self-Awareness Saltire House. 13 Atholl Crescent. 7.30—10pm. Sat 10am—10pm. Sun 10am—6pm. Free. Intensive Weekend Workshop sponsored by the Sri Chinmoy Center. See Fri 25 Glasgow for details.

SATURDAY 2 Edinburgh

0 Advanced Sacred Dance Workshop The Salisbury Centre. 2 Salisbury Road. 667 5438. Sat and Sun 10am—5pm. £30. Led by Anna Barton of the Findhorn Foundation.


SATURDAY 9 Faslane

o The Green Action Week-long occupation of the Trident site starting 41 years after the bombing of Nagasaki. Assemble at Faslane Peace Camp from Wed 6 onwards. Contact Faslane Peace. Shandon.

Helensburgh. Dumbartonshire. Tel 820901.

: and St George. George Street. 1pm



0 SNO Masterclass Henry Wood Hall (SNO Centre). Claremont Street. Tickets: SNO. 3 La Belle Place. 332 7244. 7.15pm. Free. You might get on television ifyou go to this concert. TV are recording it as part of their Masterclass Series. The master in this one is Fife-born trumpeter John Wallace and with conductor Matthias Bamert and four student

Haydn. Falla. Monteverdi. Beethoven and Wagner.


0 Organ Recital Church ofSt Andrew

Neeme Jarvi, SNO principal conductor.

chance to go for 50p.

50p at door. Philip Sawyer. regular organist at St A and St G. gives a lunch-hour recital in this summer series.

0 Organ Recital St Mary‘s Cathedral. Palmerston Place. 8pm. £1 .50 at door. Tom Monfries is this week's organist.

SUNDAY 3 Edinburgh 0 St Giles’ at Six St Giles‘ Cathedral, High Street. 6pm. Free at door. All the way from Minneapolis comes the Choir of House of Hope Church to give a mixed programme in this week's St Giles' at Six.



0 Organ Recital Church ofSt Andrew and St George 1pm. 50p at door. There‘s hardly ever any clasical music in Edinburgh just before the Festival gets underway. but the organ recitals in George Street have been bravely doing their hit to remedy this. However. their prices do go up to £1 for Festival recitals so this one. by Keith Wright. is yourlast

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