SATURDAY 2 HOT PIPING Glasgow Premiered at Maylest and commissioned by Tennants, the new . l . PM.“ PM": To-lboom Bar’ piece by Eddie McGuire (pictured with .. . Glasgow 0988' Evemng' Bab Wallace) lasts about twenty - ' "°"' KW“ mm“ P“ Hm"

0 Please note that evenlng session; minutes and Will be performed during sauciueha" 3"?“ Evcmqg' . . i begin at apltrox 8.30m unless the Whistlebinkies concert in mgssii'édamsgggg?mc M8” otherwise stated. Edinburgh on 25th July. '

I Cortll'monvlealth Arts Festival events Flao Wallace will be the only group Edinburgh

i are sted separately. See member to perform in the work, playing .

: Commonwealth Arts Festival Diary, lowland pipes and Scottish small ; '3" "gm" R°ya' 03'.“ ’"f'm‘a’y

' pipes. The other instruments are the treet’ 57 2976' Evemng'

i FRIDAY 25 bombarde; the Breton shawm, played SUN DAY 3

g GI by Martin Hughes; the Highland

g asgow bagpipes, played by George Glasgow

: o Tolbooth Bar Glasgow Cross. McElwham, better known as a session 0 mme 33, Glasgow Cross.

Evemng. .Nalfan, a group of . llautist; two Royal Academy students Evening. Music on guitar with Jack ? Indetermlnate number With flddlCS, on concert harp and clarsach and a and Dave, melodeon, guitars etc. double-bass player. The piece is a ' ; o m 333 Gas Kelvin park Lorne i Edinburgh strllilng example oi modern scored by McGuire can be heard later in Hotel, Sauchiehall Street. Evening.

' music tor non-orchestral instruments, August in parts at the Festival Fringe. Ed. b h ; 0 Whlsllehlnlllos See Commonwealth the crux oi the composition being the The Whistlebinkies have just n “'9 ' Arts Festival. phased ligures ol the three reed returned lrom the fabulous festival at ' Glonolo Hotel Leamington Terrace- - 0 Commonwealth Cslllllll See instruments and is not a harmonisation Saint Chartier in the heart at France, 9Pm- MUSiC in the back room Fl¢¢~ ; Commonwealth Ms FOSllllal. ol folk-based tunes. where a hundred musical instrument NW management, mUSlC for trial , 0 North Sea Gas Platform One. . Eddie McGuire attended the n.A.M. mailers set up stall round the chateau period- Support your free music - Rullancl SlFCCl- EYemng. Duo With in London and subsequently studied and bagpipe and hurdy gurdy resound SOCiCl)’ and 30 along for surprise . "landmine and 8mm, favourite composition in Stockholm before in the woods lor days on end. In the 811683- smgalong folk songs and the biggest returning to Scotland to become one of village square there is dancing till the ' MY" OWN“ Bannermans I . bodhlan "1th World. the country’s most prolilic composers sun comes up. Will the parkies allow it 38!. Cowsalei evening- NObOdY

° Cllllll Hamill! Royal Oak, . and the llautist with the ’Binkies. An in Princes Street gardens? leads on sax and Clarinet. Business

millilile SUCSC}, 557 2926.1135veolllng- organ prelude and music lorthe guitar (Norman Chalmers) follows.

we come. mgaroun . er I] L 23m. 4 9 0 The Covers Tolbooth Bar, Glasgow others dropping in. Cross. Evening. Versions of old hits 0 Limited Edition Tolbooth Bar, G'asgow

' GIaSQow somewhat rearranged. Glasgow Cross. Evening. String . can“ TOIbOOtll 381'. Glasgow ' . Tomoom Bar Glas ow Cross 0 Buslteteers Wintersgills, Great band. folk and country. Cross. Evening. Busking

Evenin Fozzie an?! Friends . wésmm Road' Evening” Pavement rearrangement Of many 800d songs. - Acoustigc' fun ' artists, settling down into a regular . o 0 Irish Music Stage Door Bar,

. Ken: Kelvil'] Park Lorne Hotel gig, popular and different. 0 Room Turner Royal Oak. Infirmary Gorbals Street, 429 0922. Evening.

Sauchiehall Street Evening Bar till Street, 557 2976. Evemng. Bar u" . m." Wintflngs Bar’ Great ; ' , ° , 1.30am. Trad and contemporary on western Road. Evening.

E 12.30pm. Popular electric/acoustic . “ch We, Edinburgh Folk Club. guitar. b h

f [Y‘Sh/SCOtS' Osbourne Hotel, York Place. 8pm. 0 Reverend Brothers Shore Bar, n "m

, £1.50. Comedy and straight songs, Leith. 553 5080. Evening. Bohemian 0 Sesslon Fiddlers Arms,

5 . from one of the endless] gun at Irish music. Grassmarket. Evening. Scottish 3 . '3“ "cm" Royal 03‘." Infirmziry heart ‘Bitter Withy’. Epileyrtaifing mUSiC in the Corner.

5 Etna}; 557 6' EvemggNB? till: and a good voice. u 0 Gill Mitt Royal Oak, Infirmary . am. rom asgow an as VI 6. . ' . .

l 0 Great 02 Concert See Commonwealth gtfgle'tflggytzgféyaégfiamy“??? Glasgow Street Evemng' Bar a" 1'303m' ; Arts Festival. 2 . h'b . g'd ar 1 O Tlch Frler Star Folk Club, Carlton 5

; .am‘ ongs w“ anlo‘ an Place. 8pm. £1. The ever popular

' algfig’elgg'rmsc k 229 East Coast wag, but a fine Glasgow

GIasuow 2655 Evenin Selig?“ Ct’ singer/SUltaYlSi» and long experience 0 Tolbooth Bar Glasgow Cross.

. St J K I , P k Lo ' g' ' of the Folk Club scene. Evening. Rab and John, singing with . IIHEIIE— ' m ; Folk tiio acoustic uitars. g. as aw Glasgow cross. Evemng. country . "am" Vietoria Bar, Bridgegate'

. "mom," a" Glasggow 6085 g blucs bOYS- Gutsy melodeon/fiddle music. 3

Evening. Jack and Dave. Guitar and a?“ wagon" TOlbogth Bdr’ Edmburgh Edinburgh

Banjo. asgow ross' Evemng' 0 Royal Oalr lnlirmary Street Session 0 a m a a B

Edinburgh fiiitgiiuiieionee e a t ""2"" ' ' Coraugale asass 3323633351: an

' ar, rt gega e. ' t - -

. Mus“: "om Three Counmes See Evening. Meiodeon and fiddle based . Maud Fiddle socmy we“ End Regular folky hangout, with

commonwealth Ans Festival session. Mainly Irish music Hotel, Palmerston Place. Evening. background tunes over the

O Glenelg Hotel Leamington Terrace. F 1 Litisgffhtccrzggeal mus'cmns at the

zzmM8?;gE":$ Hgngfinfgl?“ 0 Caribbean Three See Commonwealth GIaSQOW WED N Es DAY 6

Australian songs. Ans Fesmal' 0 Steam Jenny Kelvin Park Lorne

0 Nancy lllcoIson Royal Oak ' 33"“ 83"" Bannc’ma"? Ba" Hotel Sauchiehall Street, 334 4891. Glasgow

Infirmary Street 557 2976 Evening COWgate’ 556 32.54' Eyemng' Music Evenihg. Folksy trio. . N u n H It 3 w d1 (15 R0. d

Singer and meiodeon player with . in the vanits’ mainly InSh O llallan Tolbooth Bar Glasgow 3 -a a at, 0-0 an d . . t Instrumental. . r Evening. Meiodeon, fiddle and

lots of toplcal and self-penned songs. . Jim Km ms, m m R I l O k Cross. Evening. sundry assmtams.

. Honours Busmess Bannermang [nfirmary98treetg Eveliilrilg a Edinblflgh . “mind sumo" TOIbOOth Ba”

Bar. COWgatC , 556 3254. Evening. Glasgow Cross. Evening. Blues and

0 Crown Folk Club 48a The Pleasance. . may Flume orchestra Concert

Medlcme mus‘c’ homeoPathlc' 8.30pm. Instrumental workshops for Usher Ha”. See Commonuulm m COllml'Y- folkinstruments. Allweicome, ML Edmhurgh

G las including absolute beginners. . mmom.m “mun See . Edinburgh F0“ cmb Osbourne 90w mmom‘.mmrow"" Hotel, York Place. 8pm. £1.50.

0 Irish Music Stage Door Bar, 0 llortli Sea Gas Platform One. . Revemnd Emma's Shore B an

Gorbals Street, 429 0922. Evening. asgow Rolland Street. Evemng. Len” Evening.

The Glasgow IriSh Players With 0 Nailan Halt Bar, Woodlands Road, . “ml Gaunt-1mm” Streets 557 0 Robin Turner Royal Oak, Infirmary

champion fiddler Jimmy McCue. Evening. Melodeon and fiddle with 2976. Singaround downstairs. Street, 557 2976. Evening.

14 The List 25 July 7 August