The Commonwealth Arts Festival continues until Sat 2 August. Below is a daily diary listing events from 25 July (including Associated events, but excluding exhibtions which are listed under the Art and exhibitions section page 27.)

Events are listed by day, then by venue, except in the case of Community Events which are also included in the diary, listed by day, then by event. For lilm descriptions see Film listings page 22. Forticket notes see below. A map, lull venue list and guide to ticket purchase is includede in the colour commonwelth Arts Festival Souvenir Guide, lacing page 20.

Many events have been atlected by the boycott ol the Commonwealth Games and Arts Festival in protest at the British Government’s stance on sanctions against South Alrica. Details were correct at the time 01 going to press - please check tor latest replacements. Please note, lunchtime events in the Music Village (venue 3) are now FREE and there will be a FREE CABARET in the Assembly Rooms Cale (venue 2) every lunchtime (12 noon-2pm) and evening (lrom approx 7.30pm onwards).


1. Ticket prices for Music Village concerts are as follows: £1 (50p cones) in advance at least one day before event. £1 .50(£l) same day and on the door: accompanied children free.

2. Ticket prices for Commonwealth Games Festival Theatre events are as follows: £3 (£2): accompanied children free.



0 Honeyspot 1pm. A play for children and adults too written by Aboriginal playwright Jack Davis. Davis‘s play tells how a white forest ranger‘s latent racism is gradually overcome when his daughter takes part in a concert with her Aboriginal friends.

0 Commonwealth Gala Concert 7.30pm. Tickets: See Note 2. A special concert to celebrate Commonwealth Festival Day. attended by Commonwealth High Commissioners and with performances from many of the artists appearing at the Festival.

0 Commonwealth Ceilidh 9pm. £3 (£2). Traditional Scottish (.‘eilidh with Commonwealth performers as guests.


o The Whistlebinkies in Concert 7.30pm. Tickets: See Note 1. Including a performance of ‘The Piper‘s Return‘ by Eddie McGuire 0 National Dance Ensemble, Sri Lanka 12.45pm. Tickets: See Note 1. CANCELLED but will be replaced, check on day.

0 Children’s Hour 1030—1 1 .30am.Frec.

0 Waldo Free. Punch. Judy and Magic.

0 Music Workshop 2. 15pm The Whistlebinkies.

0 Music Workshop 3.15pm Caribbean music.


0 Talk: Sri Lankan textile cralts 12.45pm. 50p (25p).

Associated Events:


O The Bothy 8pm. An evening of tales from Scottish folklore and literature performed by Anne Lacey and put together by Donald Smith.


o Bitter Cane and You Hide Me 8.15pm. Extra date 26July. 2.30pm. See Film page. Tickets: Normal Filmhouse Prices.


0 Blood, Sweat and Tears 3.30 and 7.30pm. Hull Truck in John Godber‘s play about a young girl who becomes a judo expert. inspired by the tale of Karen Briggs,



0 Arts and Culture lrom India Bangladesh and Hong Kong. 11am. Free.

9 Honeyspot 1pm and 7pm. See 25 July.

0 Bagamoyo College 01 Arts, Tanzania 4pm.

0 Canticle ol the Creatures- Danced Jazz Oratorio 7 .30pm. Tickets: See Note 2. Community dance and music by the people ofCraigmillar and other groups. Jazz. adult choir. children‘s choir and vibrantly costumed dancers.

o The Great Oz Concert 7.30pm. Tickets: See Note 1. Australian music featuring the diverse talents of top Australian musicians, The Larrikins, Colin Offord, Michael Atherton and Margaret Roadknight (see panel in colour section).

0 Pan Project 10.30pm. Pan Project, an innovative performance art group from London in their much acclaimed production Dreams of lnanna which brings together the different cultures of the many ethnic minorities in Britain to tell the ancient Sumerian myth of the goddess lnanna and King Gilgamesh.


0 India 12.45pm. Free. The Rajastan musicians from India have cancelled and been replaced by musicians from Malawi and Mauritius.

0 Music Workshop 3.15pm. Led by musicians from New Zealand.

Associated Events


o Bitter Cane and You Hide Me 2.30pm. Tickets: Normal Filmhouse Prices. See 25 July. See Film page. VENUE 7

0 Blood, Sweat and Tears 3.30 and 7.30pm. See 25 July.


O The Bothy 8pm. See 25 July.




0 Honeyspot 1pm and 7pm. See 25 July. 0 Ek-Tara 7.30pm. Free. Presented by ethnic communities from Edinburgh. Glasgow and Dunfermline. an evening ofdance and music in honour ofthe International Year of Peace with the theme Ek-tara meaning one string. 0 Pan Project 10.30pm. See 26 July.


0 Music lrom Three Countries 12.45pm. Free. Musicians from Malta and Sri Lanka cancelled but will be replaced. Check on day for details.

0 Music Workshop 2. 15pm. Led by top Australian musician Colin Offord.

0 Tanzania, Zimbabwe and Mauritius 7.30pm. Tickets: See Note 1. Musicians from these countries have cancelled and will be replaced by musicians from Malawi, and others to be confirmed.



0 Music, Writing and Visual Arts Workshop 12.30pm. Admission free but book in advance: tel Kiz Kemp or Kate Craik on 031 225 3614.

0 Outside In 7.30pm. Extra dates 29. 30 31 July at 7pm. Tickets: See Note 2. The British premiere of New Zealand playwright. Hilary Beaton‘s play set in a women‘s prison. Showing the relationships that develop between the women ‘indisde’, the play also says a great deal about life in New Zealand society. and has been received with a great deal ofpraise in New Zealand. 0 Atherton and Roadknight 7.30pm. Tickets: See Note 2.


0 Jamaica - Oucenle, Kumlna Dueen

12.45pm. Free. CANCELLED. Replacement to be confirmed.

0 Children's Hour 1030-] 1.30am. Free.

0 Pavia Puppets Free. Puppet Theatre.

0 Music Workshop 2. 15pm. Led by musicians from Malawi.

0 Music Workshop 3. 15pm. Led by musicians from the Caribbean.

0 Western Australia Youth Jazz Orchestra and Midlands Youth Jazz Orchestra 7.30pm. Tickets: See Note VENUE 4

0 Children’s Workshop: Sri Lankan Tie and Dye 50p. Time to be confirmed.

Associated Events


o 81.8 BG-The Canary Bird and King Lear Extra dates 29. 30, 31 July. 12.30 and 7.30pm. Tickets £2 (£1). Alan McIntosh Brown’s play about an imaginary return by Robert Louis Stevenson to Scotland in 1893.


0 Blood, Sweat and Tears See 25 July. 3.30 and 7.30pm.


o RLS at the Movies- Treasure Island Free.


0 Dance and Drumming Workshops Book in advance: tcl Liz Kemp or Kate Craik on 031 225 3614. Members of Dance Company 7 from London and the Afro-Caribbean Dance Company lead the first of three workshops.

0 Outside In 7pm. Sec 28 July.

0 Secrets 29. 30. 31 July and 2 Aug. 10.30pm. Tickets: See Note 2. A puppet theatre from Australia with a difference. Movable objects present a vividly contemporary show to a sharp. aggressive soundtrack.


o The Royal Tonga Police Band 12.45pm. Free. Traditional music and Tongan songs from The Royal Tonga Police Band. favourites ofllis Majesty King Taufa’aha Tupou IV. 0 Children’s Hour 10.30—1 1.30am. Free.

0 Jansen Free. Punch and Judy. Magic.

0 Music Workshop 2. 15pm. Led by musicians from the Caribbean.

0 Music Workshop 3. 15pm. Was to have been led by musicians from India, replacement to be confirmed. 0 Caribbean Three 7 .30pm. Tickets: See Note 1. Music and dance from artists from Barbados. St Lucia. St Kitts.


0 Talk: Conceptual Fibre Work 12.45pm. 50p (25p). Douglas McManus, Australia.

Associated Events


o 81.8 lib-The Hill at the Red Fox and Kidnapped Free.


o RLS 86- The Canary Bird and King Lear 12.30pm. See 28 July.

o 81.8 86 - Yo-Ho-Ho an the Mune was Shinin’ Clearly Extra dates 29. 30 July; land 2 Aug. 7.30pm. Tickets: £2 (£1). Written by W. Gordon Smith and performed by the weel kent Russell Hunter— in the first part ofthe programme, Russell Hunter takes on the characters of Long John Silver and Jekyll/Hyde, while the second part is given over to the range and variety ofStevenson‘s verse (a compilation by W. Gordon Smith). VENUE 9

o RLS at the Movies- DrJekyll and Mr Hyde Free.


0 Blood, Sweat and Tears 3.30 and 7.30pm. See 25 July.


0 Pressure 8pm. Tickets: Normal Filmhouse Prices.


VENUE 2 0 Dance and Drumming Workshops 10.30am. See 29 July.

0 Barbados Masquerade Group Workshop 2.30pm. Participants please register by 2pm on the day. 0 Outside In 7pm. See 281 uly.

0 Caribbean Cabaret 8.30pm. Free. 0 Secrets 10.30pm. See 29July.

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