VENUE3 0 Malawi 12.45pm. Free. Musicians from Malawi.

, 0 Music Workshop 2.15pm. Was to

have been led by tnusicians from lndia. replacement to be confirmed.

0 Music Workshop 3.15pm. Led by

musicians from the Cook Islands.

0 Coloured Stone, KD. Lang and Skanga 7.30pm. Tickets: See Note 1. The chart-topping Aboriginal rock band Coloured Stone join ‘Cowboy Punk' K.D. Lang and her band The Reclines from Canada and Skanga from Edinburgh (see panel in colour section).

0 BLS 86 Yo-Ho-Ho an the Mune was Shinin' Clearly 7.3(1pm.See 29 July.


0 Blood, Sweat and Tears 3.30 and 7.311pm.See 25July.

VENUE 9 o BLS at the Movies— Kidnapped 2pm.




o Jamaican Dance Workshop 2.30pm. Free. ()riginally to be led by Jamaican dancers from Dance Company 7. please check with venue. 0 Caribbean Cabaret S.3(1pm. Free.

0 Secrets 10.30pm. See 2‘) .1 uly.

0 Dance and Drumming Workshops 111.3(1am. See 29July.


o All Souls Orchestra 12.45pm. Free. 0 Children's Hour lll.3ll—l 1.3tiattt. Free.

0 Pavia Puppets Free. Puppet Theatre.

0 Music Workshops 2.15pm. Led by K.l). Lang rock star from Canada. 0 Music Workshop 3. 15pm. Led by musicians from 'l‘onga.

0 Malawi 7.30pm. Tickets: See Note 1. Musicians from Swaziland and Zambia originally also to have

appeared have cancelled.

replacement to be confirmed.

i Associated Events

gvenues o BLS 86—The Canary Bird and King I Lear 12.3(1pm. See 2SJuly.

VENUE? 0 Blood, Sweat and Tears 3.3o and 7.30pm. See 25 .luly.

3 venues

t o RLS 86- BLS and the South Seas

; Free.


: o BLS 86—The Canary Bird and King i Lear 12.3iipm and 7.3(lpm. See 28

j July.


: o BLS at the Movies-The Wrong Box

' Free.



0 Commonwealth Ceilidh 9pm. Tickets: £3 ( £2). Hosted by the Scottish group Easy Club. Food and drink available.


0 Scottish Contemporary Dance Showcase 3.30pm. Tickets: See Note 1. Four new dance companies

22 The List-ZS-July 7 August

get together for an outdoor performance. Project Dance. formed only weeks ago will be presenting their first public performance. See colour section. (Scottish Ballet Theatre in the colour section should read Scottish Dance Theatre). 0 Children's liour 10.3(1—1 1.3(lam. Free. 0 Jansen i-‘ree. Punch and Judy. Magic. 0 Music Workshop 2.15pm. Led by David Fanshawe. composer of African Sanctus. 0 Music Workshop 3. 15pm. Led by York University Gamelan ()rchestra. 0 Marathon Music Night: Artists Against Apartheid 7.30pm. Tickets: See Note 1. Performers include musicians from Cook Islands and 'l'onga. 0 York University Gamelan Orchestra 12.45pm. Tickets: See Note 1.



0 Choral Concert 7.30pm. Tickets: Stalls and Circle £4 ( £2.50). Upper Circle £2.5(1(.£1). Magnificent farewell concert featuring David Fattsltawe‘s epic ‘African Sanctus' See panel in colour section. VENUE2

0 Surprise Event! ilant. Free.

0 Secrets 1i).3()pm. See 29 July.


o The Easy Club 12.45pm. Free. Music from the Scottish folk group. 0 Music Workshop 2.15pm. Led by the Easy Club if you liked the concert. now learn how to do it!

0 Music Workshop 3.15pm. Workshop in Scottish folk music:



0 Children's Hour 10.30—1 1.3(1am. Free.

0 Ericko Free. Punch and Judy. Magic.



0 Children‘s Hour l().3()—l 1.30am. Free.

0 Bryan Tranah Free. Magic. Hand ' Puppets.


o Illustrated talk: Northern Geometric Style oiWeaving 12.45pm. 50p (25p). Cheryl Samuel. Canada.



0 Workshop: Drawn Thread 1(1.3(1am—-l.3(ipm. £3 (£1). Valerie Wilson. Northern lreland.


0 Children‘s Hour 10.30—11.3(iam. VENUE 4

0 Children’s Workshop: Canadian Chilkat Spinning An unusual technique which combines Cedar ' bark and mountain goat wool. Groups are taken for an hour throughout the day from 1(1.3()am.

each with their own individual style 5°“ “men” (’u'dc- "’11


o This section aims to provide a review oi every lllm to be seen in central Scotland over the next fortnight. For programme times see individual cinema listings.

U - Universal, suitable for all ages.

PG - Parental Guidance suggested as some scenes may be unsuitable for younger children.

15 - No-one under the age of 15 admitted.

18 - No-one under the age oi 18 admitted.

' 0 Absolute Beginners (15)-(Julien

Temple, UK, 1986) Eddie O’Connell. Patsy Kensit, Lionel Blair. 108 mins. Exuberantly kaleidoscopic musical about the long hot London summer of 1958. Much-hyped, much-maligned and certainly not without its faults, this is still a dazzlineg energetic and electrifyingly visual neon-lit swirl of a film, breathlessly entertaining and with plenty to say about today‘s youth culture. Glasgow; GET

0 Amadeus (PG) (Milos Forman. US, 1984) F. Murray Abraham, Tom Hulce, Simon Callow. 160 mins. A risible title fight for a place in posterity between a God-fearing but mediocre talent and a musical genius with bad manners. Music’s good. Glasgow; GET Grosvenor

0 Another Country (15) (Marek Kanievska, US, 1984) Rupert Everett, Colin Firth, Cary Elwes. 90 mins. Fictional exploration of the milieu and circumstances at an English public school that may have resulted in the nest of traitors that emerged in the Fifties led by Guy Burgess. The substance of the film may be facile but the sharpness of the script and the excellence of the lead performances make it worth seeing. Glasgow; GET 0 Birdy(15) (Alan Parker, US, 1984) Matthew Modine, Nicolas Cage. 120 mins. Two boyhood chums are traumatised by their experiences in Vietnam. One indulges a childhood illusion that he is a bird, the other seeks a mutual road back to sanity. Peculiar, well-acted drama directed by Parker with the expected heavy hand allied to uncharacteristic optimism. Edinburgh; Filmhouse O Bitter Cane (15) (Jacques Arcelin, Haiti, 1983) 75 mins. An awardwinning, clandestinely shot documnetary exposing the realities of pre-revolutionary Haiti. The most disturbing footage comes from

interviews with spokesmen for Duvalier’s US~supported regime. Edinburgh; Filmhouse. O Cabaret ( 18) (Bob Fossc. US. 1972) Liza Minnelli. Joel Grey. Michael York. 123 mins.1n decadent. downtown Berlin of the early 30s singer Sally Bowles is wowing them in the Kit Kat Club. When she‘s not sharing her pretty. English boyfriend with a gay baron. that is. Glasgow: Grosvenor O Caravaggio (18) (Derek J arman, UK, 1986) Nigel Terry, Sean Bean. 93 mins. Thankfully not another middlebrow biopic but a film which, in its visual artistry and impish sense of fun, remains very much J arman’s own.

Caravaggio is the product of a rich painterly sensibility, constructing an ecstatic Chiaroscuro landscape and meditating upon the transient beauties of form and movement that often go unnoticed. A work of careful but not embalming refinement. Edinburgh; Filmhouse o Chariots oi Fire (PG) (Hugh Hudson, UK, 1981) Ian Charleson, Ben Cross, John Gielgud. 124 mins. Exhilarating, multi award-winning British triumph of runners and faith, class and conscience during the 1924 Olympics with sterling character work by Ian Holm. Edinburgh; Odeon 0 Cobra ( 18) it (George Pan Cosmatos. US. 1986) Sylvester Stallone. Brigitte Nielsen. 87 mins. Stallpne and Rambo director Cosmatos do a Dirty Harry for the Reagan era with a no-bullshit cop determined to combat the crime wave by blowing the scum offthe streets. Do you feel lucky punk? Edinburgh: ABC. Dominion Glasgow: ABC Clarkston Road, ABC Sauchiehall Street, Cinema, Grosvenor. Rio. Lothian; ABC. Strathclydc; ABC Greenock, ABC Kilmarnock,Kc1burne. La Scala. Odeon Ayr. Odeon Hamilton. Rialto o The Color Purple (15) (Steven

Spielberg. US. 1986) Whoopi Goldberg, Danny Glover. Margaret Avery. 152 mins. Spielbergturns serious. transforming Alice Walker‘s Pulitzer Prize winning novel. a milestone of Black American Feminist fiction. into what comes across as a Black American Feminist David Lean-style epic. Whoopi Goldberg is unuttcrably splendid as the protagonist. the film being the story of her awakening from her role of female servitude to a tyrannical husband and realising her potential as an independent woman. One is always aware of the skilful