celebrate the publication of Julian Halsby’s book Scottish Warercolours I 740—1940

0 CALTON GALLERY 10 Royal Terrace, 556 1010. Mon-Sat 10am—6pm.

Summer Exhibition ’86 Until Sat 2 Aug. A mixed exhibition of watercolours and prints by over 100 British and European artists from 17th—20th centuries, including works by McCulloch, Naysmith, Zyw, Bough and Cameron.

w. A. Stewart, Artist/Craftsman Wed 6—Sat 30 Aug. Pictures from Egypt, Palestine, France and Scotland by this 20th century artist.

0 CENTRAL LIBRARY George IV Bridge. 225 5584. Mon—Fri 9am—9pm, Sat 9am-lpm.

HLS ’86-Three Exhibitions Until Sat 2 Aug. The three will be Robert Louis Stevenson and his Family, Skelt’s Juvenile Drama and Foreign Editions.


., J , . .. ’:‘ ’7“ 4‘ ' I, ; a ’3‘» A mysterious black-capped accordionist plays to a crow-iilled sky. His gaze penetrates unnervingly. Is he playing a tune oi late or death? Whatever it is, he sens a shiver up your spine. There are iew ligures in the ‘Modern Spirit’ exhibition at the Scottish Gallery (Edinburgh) and he is oi the most powerful.

This grim musician is an early reminder otJohn Bellany’s work, soon to be seen in several exhibitions throughout the Festival. His iirst maior retrospective is being hosted by the Gallery oi Modern Art, new works will be shown at the Scottish Gallery and a selection oi drawings and watercolours will add weight to the Assembly Booms’ exhibitions. 1986 is a big year ior Bellany - a one-man show at the Portrait Gallery, London, a controversial commission in the iamiliar shape oi the garrulous lan Botham and now this. Deserved ior an artist oi stature in his prime.

The Scottish Gallery’s ‘Modern Spirit’ looks back trom Bellany to progressive painting throughout this century. Large, earthy abstracts by William Gear and the blue seas oi Cadell’s landscapes are billed underthis collective banner. Sharing the space and oiten colours, the “Shape and Decoration’ exhibition oi ceramics adds the curves and bulges oi a third dimension. (Alice Bain)

ms and Australasia Until Sat 2 Aug. A photographic exhibition celebrating Robert Louis Stevenson and his associations with the Antipodes and New Zealand in the early 18905. The collection traces pictorially ships sailed upon, places visited, people met and works written and provides a rare opportunity to view new unpublished material about this much-loved ‘Scotsman of the World’. Contact the Central Library for details of a host of talks by experts on the author and his period like Trevor Royle , John Cairney and Owen Dudley Edwards. Talks run until Thurs 28 August, are held between 12 and 1pm and are free. See also Netherbow.

0 CITY ART CENTRE 2 Market Street, 557 1265 ext 211. Mon-Sat 10am—5pm. Closed Sun. Licensed cafe. [D]

Soitwear Until Sat 6 Sept. 50p. Major Commonwealth Arts Festival exhibition. Perfect material for this international occasion, this exhibition with its tangible beauty provides a stunning show for all.

Cultures are stitched and dyed into the textiles of the member Commonwealth nations throughout the four floors of the art centre. A souvenir catalogue, designed by ‘Designer of the Year 1986’ - Kate Lackie of Edinburgh’s Graphic Partners, is available at the entrance. See colour section for more details. Demonstrations, talks and workshops will be held throughout the period of the Arts Festival (until Sat 6 Sept). Something exciting will be taking place every day and visitors should not miss this chance to meet and talk with the makers of the textiles on show. Demonstrations on the top floor will be included in the 50p cover charge. Other activities held in the lecture room on the first floor will be ticketed at a nominal charge (25p—£1 ).

Contact the City Art Centre for details.

0 COLLECTIVE GALLERY 52-54 High Street. Tue, Wed, Fri 12.30—5.30pm, Thurs 12.30—7pm, Sat 10.30am-5pm. Closed Sun and Mon. Mark Ainsworth and Don Prince Sat 26 J uly-Tues 12 Aug. Painting by M.A. and sculpture by DP.

0 DEMARCO GALLERY 10 Jeffrey Street, 557 0707. Mon-Sat 10am-6pm.

Balrai Khanna Until Sat 2 Aug.A Commonwealth Arts Festival Associated Event. Abstract work by an Indian artist now living in London. Once foreign correspondent for the India/Pakistan war, Khanna has had a successful artistic career in this country and has exhibited at the Serpentine and other London galleries. Though influenced by the West, his work is rooted in his native land and the natural world, with the meditative quality of the East.

0 EDINBURGH COLLEGE OF ART Lauriston Place , 229 9311. Open daily 10am—6pm.

The Bank Xerox Marlow Collection Until Sat 2 Aug. Commonwealth Games Exhibition. Like many businesses today, Rank Xerox are investing some of their profits in art.


Father Abraham is carved lr’sm smooth, black wood. His checks are plump and his iorehead untroubled. He carries a log on his head or rather he has grown irom beneath it in the hands oi his maker, Mallica Reynolds. Slylised leatures and deep ebony suggest Airica, but Reynolds’ lite and

_ l

This exhibition of paintings, prints and sculptures by contemporary artists working in Britain, forms their new art collection. The work is based on the themes ‘Work and Leisure in Society’ and ‘Tradition andInnovafionK

0 EDINBURGH UNIVERSITY LIBRARY George Square, 667 101 1. Mon—Fri 9am—5pm.

Pick up a Penguin Now extended to 30 Sept. An exhibition illustrating the development of Penguins since their debut in 1935.

O ENGLISH SPEAKING UNION 22 Atholl Crescent, 229 1528. Mon-Sat 10am—5pm (Tue 10am—12.30pm). Jamaican lntultives Until Wed 30 July. Artists include Kapo (recently subject of a documentary television film on the Caribbean) Everald Brown and Sidney MacLaren. (See panel).

0 FINE ART SOCIETY 12 Great King Street, 556 0305. Mon-Fri 9.30am—5.30pm. Sat 10am—1pm. Scottish Paintings 1800-1920 General selection of work until the


work is set in the Caribbean. Now known as ‘Kapo’ he is one of several primitive artists together as ‘intuitives’. ‘They transcend the concept oi correct perspective and anatomical truth and colourtheories’, he explains. ‘. . . each artist has created his own sense oi order.’

Sidney McLaren takes pleasure in the everyday-the busy, working streets of Kingston— buses, policemen, traliic lights. Everald Brown paints scenes clustered with people, vegetation or pattern, decorating canvas, hardboard and even a star-shaped banjo. The Bevivalist preacher, Kapo, perhaps the best-known and certainly one oi the most colouriul artists in his crown-like turbans, surrounded by clouds oi pet birds, happily switched to painting alter losing both legs as a result ol many years of leaning heavy blocks oi wood against them. The lush sensuality oi the Jamaican hills sweeps through his paintings oi young girls bathing, oiilowery iields with swaying coconut trees and robed angels. Christianity and the mysteries oi nature come together in the Caribbean. (Alice Bain)

0 FORREST MCKAY 38 Howe Street, 226 2589. Mon—Fri 10am—6pm . Sat 10am—1pm.

Scottish Paintings irom 1800 onwards Rugs and porcelain. General display.

0 FRENCH INSTITUTE 13 Randolph Cresent, 225 5366. Mon—Fri 10am-1pm. 2—5.30pm. Sat 10am—1pm.

Venue will be closed until August when they re-open with an exhibition of Roland Topor‘s work. 0 FRUITMARKET GALLERY 29 Market Street, 225 2383. Tue-Sat IOam-5.30pm. Closed Sun & Mon. Licensed cafe.

The Mirror and the Lamp Until Sat 30 Aug. An unusual exhibition on both floors of the building, with work based on the themes of the title. Reflections and illuminations of the self. Skulls, marionettes, paintings of blind children, 6ft tall Polaroids and mirror images explore the worlds of vanity, narcissism and image. Gilbert and George will be represented along with Helen

Edinburgh Festival.

Chadwick, Julio Paolini and other

9—30 August, Mon—Sat 10am-6pm, Admission £1.50; Student, OAP £1


THE GOLDEN AGE 1707-1843 Sponsored by Mobil North Sea Limited

FOR THREE WEEKS ONLY Old College, The University ofEdinburgh

Sun 2—5pm

Te10316671011 ext 4308 With the support of the Scottish Arts Council



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