Part One of a three-part List gurde 0 Elaine C. Smith is one of the Naked Radio team who has recently found nationwide success with the TV version, Naked Video. A native of Motherwell she lived and studied in Glasgow at the RSAMD and Glasgow University. She moved to Edinburgh where she taught for a time before returning to Glasgow. She is currently rehearsing for two lestival shows; Borderline’s Trumpets and Raspberries and the late night cabaret, Nippy Sweeties with Liz Lochhead. Glasgow is from my flat in

Dennistoun. overlooking Duke Street and up to the Campsies. I‘m an East End Person now. I used to live in the West End when I was a student. but it‘s too trendy. After I finished being a student I moved to Edinburgh. because I wanted to get away fora while. but eventually I used to yearn for Partick Cross. Edinburgh's got no soul. everyone has moved away and the people

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fwhat to do and where to go in the city this summer.

The Citizens' Theatre is in (iorbals Street. Currently closed until their new season starts in the autumn. the Citz. as it is known. is one of the world‘s most famous and challenging theatres.

The Tron 38 Parnie Street is actually a Theatre Club some good productions and one of the very few places you can get a drink on a Glasgow Sunday afternoon. Non-members can be signed in.

The Third Eye Centre 35f) Sauchiehall Street is a gallery 'theatre bookshop

‘i and maybe to the Burrell on the second day. So that‘s what I’d do. Most of the time though. I’m working— which is a good position to be in.

Ubiquitous Chip Bar upstairs at the restaurant of the same names at 12 Ashton Lane. A spartan. ; wood-decorated pub notable for the media-type clientele. The Halt is at 160 Woodlands Road. Starred in the recent BBC production The Holy (‘in and is well populated with with a fine vegetarian cafe. studcn[/mcdimprofcssionulxscrious The Briggait is in the Saltmarket on drinking types. The adjoining lounge the river. A converted fish market. it has live music during the week. is often described as ‘Glasgow's Pzazz at Royal Exchange Square is Covent Garden‘. open Fridays and Saturdays until The Barras are at the eastern end of 3am. Admission £3 Friday and £4 on Argyle Street. A Glasgow tradition. Saturday. they are open on Saturdays and Panama Jax 30 Custom House ()uay Sundays selling everything under the is on the waterfront and is one ofthe 5 sun. trendiest discos in town. In two Alexandra Park is just off Alexandra separate parts Panama and Jax it Parade in Dennistoun: includes is open most nights. tennis. bowling and golf. The Savoy above the Savoy Centre in Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum at Sauchiehall Street is open every Kelvingrove Park is open Mon—Sat nights except Tuesday and 10am—5pm and 2-5pm on Sundays. Wednesday. IIomeof Dali‘s ‘Christ of St John‘ so The Berkeley Casino Club is in beloved of Adrian Mole. Berkeley Street. opposite the The Burrell Collection in Pollok Park Mitchell Library. is Scotland‘s top tourist attraction

My favourite view of

the business I suppose. where you there now are the ()xbridge type who see so much. but if I do go. it‘s to

came once for the Festival and decided to stay. I much prefer Glasgow. there's an openness about it you don‘t get in Edinburgh. In Glasgow there‘s a feeling that

somewhere like the Citz or Tron. If someone like Alasdair Gray is on at the Third Eye. then I'd go to it.

I love shopping. Going round the supermarket filling my trolley makes everybody is in the same boat and in me feel good. Even ifit‘s just the Edinburgh there‘s not that same messages or toilet paper or feeling. something— it makes me feel fulfilled

The thing about being in my as a human being. I haven‘t been to business is that when you go out the Briggait yet. I must because it‘s people expect you to be the cabaret. like a small Covent Garden and which can be a bit wearing. They whenever I‘m in London I make a ' don‘t say “Go on. be funny“ but you beeline for there it‘s somewhere get the feeling that you are meant to you can have a seat and a cup of I be entertaining. When I go out in the coffee and read a paper without : '< West End I like places like the Chip ' bar and the Halt. The Halt is great— '-—I E FOr the lesbian 8. gay community it‘s the kind of place where you can fall over without anybody bothering. I‘m not a great night club person I hate all this snobbery of having to look right to get in somewhere. although I sometimes go to Pzazz or Panama Jax. Some friends and I went to the Savoy once and it was a hoot. There were trendy types and older people and everyone was just having a good time. What we do if we‘re having a drink in the BBC

anyone bothering you.

On a day offI might get a video out or go shopping I like Candleriggs and that part of town. It‘s great that it‘s being done up. I think it was a fault ofthe planners concentrating on one part of the city when there‘s more to it that that. I go to the Barras a lot. ofcourse. My house is furnished from the Barras. I might go to Alexandra Park or go to Kelvingrove Art Gallery if I want a day ofculture then I‘d go to the Burrell. I‘m a great cinema person. I

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IfI had a friend up from London and I was to show him or her the city I would take them somewhere nice ~ TEL: for lunch like Nico‘s when it‘s quiet. 031 225 4495 or Epicures, which is lovely. the food

ofthe casinos in town. I don‘t gamble much I set myself a limit of about £10 and when that‘s gone say. ‘no more’. Really it‘s just somewhere to 80 Whef‘ the PUbS ShUI- is excellent and it‘s not too Funmly enough I don‘t go to the expensive. Then I‘d take them

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