is the Roman Catholic cathedral with interesting 20th century additions to

E the 19th century original.

{St Mary‘s Cathedral Broughton Street 1


CHILDREN Museum oi Childhood 42

1 High Street 557 1265 ext 21 1.

Mon-Sat 10am-6pm. Newly

re-opened in refurbished premises. its a wonderful collection of almost

2 every facet and era ofchildhood.

3 Take along'your i neice/nephew/offspring as an ; excuse.butdo go.

DRINKING You can drink by the

E water: The Shore (Bar and

Restaurant). 3 The Shore. Leith 553

i 5080. a mellow. sun-filled and croissant-serving bar with live music

(closed Sundays) and the Slarbanii

' Bar 64 Laverockbank Road 552 4141

(16. 22. 32. 7 & l 1 buses from city

3 centre)overlookingthe Firthof

Forth both are good on sunny evenings when the sun pours in; by convention (with the General Assembly of the Church ofScotland) at The Doric Tavern 15 Market Street

225 1084 (closed Sundays). a

French-ish wine bar with good food; by design (sumptuous Victorian) at

the 0316 Royal West Register Street ; 556 1884. Mon~Sat llam-l 1pm. Sun

7pm-10.30pm. all polished wood. plasterwork and stained glass. popular with the opulent: in beer

3 gardens Pearlree House 36 West

Nicholson Street 667 7796 (Mon-Sat

llam-l 1pm. Sun l2.30pm-2.30pm

5 about recognising.

e ‘The Complete Guide to

i music coaching 954 9817.

and 6pm-1 lpm) and the Tilted Wig 1-3 Cumberland Street 556 1824.


AIDS' Everyone‘s doubts

managing. avoiding AIDS answered. Your medical solution. £1.50

sassy. P0 83:33:... 13:23:11.1:21521522" as ow .

' g licence. seeks interesting . mu,“ 7'13":an L0" Y CI", 24, seeks people post of employment. Phone experience ma year

interested in going to plays,


Desperate?! No money? For a great business opportunity contact Jules Cranfield on 0796 3321 (eves) now!


O Resourceful Female Early 305, Primary teacher.

after 7pm, 0413341790.

EATS Traditional Scottish iood ranges from salmon. lobster. venison and beef at one end of the spectrum to black pudding. haggis. stovies and oatcakes at the other. The Oyster Bar 17 West Register Street 556 4124 serves smoked salmon from the western isles. cured in rum and sugar. crabs and lobsters from the west coast (where there are more rocks) and Scottish venison and steaks. The oysters. however. come from England.

Black pudding ofgood quality is almost impossible to find in England. Although it sounds an inauspicious mixture ofdried blood and oatmeal. it is delicious. served for breakfast in Scottish universities. available from all good butchers and comes in a roll in the mornings from some bakeries. try any ofthe Crawiords chain. For breakfast most good cafes sell bacon rolls and some serve porridge: Stockhridge Steakhouse 42 St Stephens Street 226 5877 (60p). or Clarinda’s 69 Canongate. Strictly speaking. you should have it with salt. Alternatively you can have it with sugar and cream. . . . Outwith Burns Night (25 January) haggis most often comes as a takeaway with chips. known as a ‘haggis suppper‘. in which the contents are contained within batter rather than sheep's stomach. To buy haggis. MaeSweens Haggis Maker. 130 Bruntsfield Place 229 1216 is generally acknowledged as the best place and will export all over the world (import licence permitting). For stovies. at best an

inexpensive. tasty and substantial mixture ofpotatoes. meat and vegetables. try Tapas 10 Victoria Street. Of the variety ofoatcakes available. Orkney are usUally considered the best and remember Scottish ‘neeps' (as in ‘haggis and neeps‘) means an English swede. not a turnip. and vice versa.

FREE St Giles at Six At 6pm every Sunday evening in St Giles Cathedral. High Street there are free classical music concerts (sometimes talks). See listings.

Bushing on the Meadows. is not only free to listeners and perfomers. but the latter even get a pint of Guinness for doing so.

Daily newspapers are to be found in Tapas 10 Victoria Street. (cafe) and Ca Va High Street. French-style bar/cafe. (ie it sells coffee. croissants and takes La Mamie)

GARDENS Usually overlooked is Dunbar’s Close Garden Canongate. open 7 days. 10.30am-8.30pm (approx). It is laid out in the manner ofa 17th century Edinburgh garden and was donated to the city by the Mushroom Trust. It has all the intimacy and privacy of a private garden with ivy growing along the old stone wall it shares with Canongate Church and big bumble bees feeding drowsily on fragrant lavender.

The Royal Botanic Gardens 552 7171. entrance in lnverleith row(8.9.19. 23 & 27 buses) (the West Gate

entrance in Arboretum Road isn‘t on

a bus route). Open 7 days. dawn to



0 Acting Coach can accept pupils for audition

preparation etc, singly or in i groups. 031 225 1987.

0 italian Lessons Contact

Elena 447 2333 (evenings). O Violin Tuition Contact I an Karel, 6 Sciennes Gardens,

student. Tel 031 557 0919.

dusk. It is the second oldest garden in Britain. wilder and more woody than most. with a famous Rhododendron Walk and a splendid view ofthe city skyline from lnverleith House. Next to this is a Tea Room. 332 4162. open daily 10am-5pm with seating outside and there is another by the East Gate. Rachel‘s 557 4465. Wed-Sun 11am-5pm. Closed Mon & Tues. Home-made cakes and lunches.

HOUSES John Knox's House 45 High Street. Both conspicuous and interesting. It is the last house in the street to retain its timbered gallery. These were commonly encouraged in the 1601 century and gave the inhabitants some access to fresh air above the unsavory pavements. Dalmeny House. South Queensferry (7 miles west of Edinburgh. off A90) 331 1888 May-Sept Sun-Thurs 2pm-5.30p1n (closed Fri and Sat). £1 .40 (child £1). Home ofthe Primrose family. Earls of Rosebery. ofwhom the 5th was Prime Minister. He married Hannah Rothschild. the richest woman in England and heir to Mentmore. When this was sold. many of the pieces ofart came to Dalmeny. Finely situated in extensive grounds on the edge ofthe Firth of Forth. it makes a good walk - along the beach from South Queensferry.



AtAccomm to Let; Courses; For Sale; Holidays &

Travel; Property for Sale; Sits Vac.25p per word, bold 30p. 3: Accomm Wanted; Jobs Wanted; Lonely Hearts; Meetings; Tuition; Volunteer Work. 20p per word, bold- 25p. Box Nos £3.50. Display rates also avail.Please pre-pay. Lonely Hearts please send SAE.

Please print your ad below in BLOCK CAPITALS with one word in each box. Telephone numbers count as a single word. UNDERLINE any words you want in BOLD. Send with Postal Order or Cheque (payable to THE LIST LTD) - please write your name and address on the back Classified Ad Dept. , THE LIST LTD, 14 High Street, Edinburgh EH1 lTE. 031 558 1192.

. . . NAME

fill“! 8" exhtbtions, gigs. Box no. EDINBU RGH A333,?“ WANTED PHONE 'DAY ' EVES

0 es bric-a-brac or Bits and Pieces, Sue Rhyder ADDRESS 0 Wanted for Mission funds: Shop, 26 Barony Street, used poetage stamps (with Edinburgh. margin). Cigarette coupons, 0 Community Circus requires SECTION trading Stamps, Co-op donations of musical stamps, tea stamps, instruments and other NO- OF ISSUES TICK IF BOX lemonade bottles, gifts for equipment. Can collect. TOTAL COST N0. WANTED bingo prizcgé Igr William Ring 229 3287. Cameron. hancellor o Dateline Weritsi Many Street, 334 0414. Holy Mass thousands of happy couples ACCOM MODATION offered for all benefactors. nationwide are proof oi our

success. Free details;

TUITION om"... Comm" Danna, 0 Workshop Space Available 0 Painting and Drawing mm. (351). 25 “mod” Underneath the Arches, 42 ruilionbyanexpcrienced Road, London we em, or 933 “Fido” Street Contact artist , in your own home. 1011. Michael Duman, 556 8329. Patient. individual help for F fr I beginners or cXperts alike! 0' 0 Ice use 0" Y3 041 334 7l76. SITUATIDNS VACANT 0 Violin echo and piano ' . . tuition, a" grades to LRAM BairADéLSSB All advertisements must be pre-patd standard. Theory/chamber '

1193 now and ask or Sally.

Classified Deadline ior Issue 22 is Fridayi August 1986.

4D The List 25 July ~ 7 August