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l Tickets for all events can be purchased I from the Ticket Centre at 31—33

5 Waverley Bridge, open Mon—Sat (and

3 Sun 27 July) 10am—7pm. Tickets can also be booked at branches of A & T Mays and some tourist information

oitices. 0n the day, tickets can be i bought at the respective venues.

Itthere is no joy from the Ticket

Centre, then there is a Ticket Exchange

Centre situated in Waverley Market where some more sought after briefs may be had. The local police say that they will ‘actively discourage’ the selling of tickets outside venues for more than face value.

v Tickets and times of events will

obviously be affected by the Games boycott. Apart from the political questions the withdrawals from the ‘iriendly games' have raised, there are obvious effects on the quality of competition. However, the organisers

i were struggling around the clock at the time of going to press to rearrange

fixtures, adamant thatthe Games

r “we;

t i I! (3 '

.rr'n‘; I: '-‘.' "y I" 'Hiisss. $3865“. T‘_ L; tun}- if}: ,.._”’;, '3; S’_J""SZ:'§""?T .L. we > To‘ fr“ he: fa (u .2 xi}: 5 t we». * sq“ s (.17. ‘2‘ y: Y 3%. , ’,‘ - .3“ ygflj ' .‘f, .g‘ s. “a '6 _' ‘3‘ r, )f. #2 51.36%“ 4‘"; '_. 3‘5 is a _, 't ,f' '. w w. ~v we. r it u 54: yr r... \w a}: .4 $783.3} ‘4. i r

single or return. lanes of operation are:

Day 1 ('l‘hurs 34 .luly ) J— opm;


Day 2 l Fri 35 .luly ) .\'o seryice.

Day 3 (Sat 3o .luly ) Sam 7pm. Day4lSun 37.lulyi‘).3llain~-(i.33ptn. Day5(.\1on:s.luly )S.-15am 7.40pm. Day5l'l'ue3‘)luly)l> llpm.

Day 7 l Well 3li.lulyi .\'o seryice.

Day 8 l'l'hurs 3] .l uly ) i)am—-b.3l lpm.

Day9lI-‘ri l Aug) lliam -(i.3lipm.

Day 10 l Sat 3 Aug) 1 l .3llam---al'ter


Buses: Set'yiccs J. 1331.44.51). NH. The ('ycling at the Velodrome is atliacent to .‘yleatlowbank Stadium;

same trayel guidelines apply.

0 Royal Commonwealth Pool 'l'he

yenue l'or Swimming. Drying and

would go ahead and be a success. They V

still had to finalise the Games timetable as we went to press so the following original schedules may not be entirely accurate. PLEASE CHECK all times of events, thereiore, and whether or not the event you want to see is sold out or rescheduled.


o Meadowbank Stadium the main ycnue lor the ( iames will host the Athletics. Badminton antl .lutlo as well as the opening and closing ceremonies.

HOW to get there 'l‘rains depart from Waycrley to Meatlowlumk and back again eyery 3li mins. ‘l‘he fare is Slip

Synchronisctl Swimming.

How to gel there: Bus seryices 3. 14. 31.33. 3h. JS’.

0 Playhouse Theatre the Venue for \\'restling antl \‘l'eightlilting.

How to gel there: 'l‘hree minutes w alk lrom \Vayerley Station or by bus: SeryicesT. ill. ll. l3. 13. H. lb.33. "Q 1"} o Balgreen Bowling Centre Venue lor Bowling.

Howto get there: Bits sei'yiees 1.2.0. 31.33.35. 38.

o Ingliston Exhibition Centre ( )n the Western L'tlge til the city . [his is the Venue for Boxing.

How to get there: 'l‘here is a set'\ ice rttn by liastern Scottish leaying l'rom the Bus Station in St .'\lllll'L‘\\'s Square.


'l'hroughout the (iames periotl. British ( ias w ill hayc an inlormation \ an at the Hound. oll' Princes Street. next to the National (iallery of Scotland. Open from lllam opm


Black and white TV; Guinness have sponsored the setting up of the huge 26ft-wide Starvision video screen on The Meadows behind the Universityto relay live to all those without tickets, or just to those who prelerto watch the games with a pint of Pure Genius in their hands. all the Commonwealth Games action. The screen flickers to life from noon and will be on until10pm Guinness is available from the Guinness caravan till ten with the occasional visit from the Calibre van with free samples of the new alcohol-free drink.

The screen will also be used to project live acts during the dull moments in the TV Games coverage. ‘Serious' bands between 8 and 10pm such as Plague of Fools and Wee Free Kings will be appearing-the rest otthe day it’s ‘organised chaos‘ with buskers of all kinds welcome to 'audition‘ for the chance to be videod live: free pints

l l i

Tam White an the Dexters

of Guinness to performers. Competitions and games throughout the afternoon - look out for the fast draw display from Wild West aficionados, the Pan Handlers.


It is ironic that one of the most exciting and enthusiastically-awaited events at this Commonwealth Games should have been accorded the status of only a ‘demonstration sport'.

Colin Mclver oi the Scottish Judo Federation have arranged a superb day of competition at all weights at Meadowbank to till the gap between the individual and team badminton events. Up to 16 countries and 175 contestants will take part, en route to the World Championships in Holland. A number of outstanding British performances are expected, particularly from Martin McSorley of 1 Scotland and England’s Paul Sheals in ~ the absence of Neil Adams in the under-78 kilo bracket. British champion Densign White and Kevin Doharty of Canada should produce a tight finish to the under-86 kilo category.

In the women’s events the meeting between two-time world champion Karen Briggs and Scotland‘s Anne-Marie Mulholland (who beat

Martin McSorley and Neil Ellersley

Briggs in the Belgian Open) ought to be the highlight, while Dawn Netherwood of England, a world bronze medallist, could be too strong for Eileen Boyle of Bellahouston. (Mark Ellis)


seyen days a week. the yan has tip to the tninute tletailsolticket ayailability as well as the latest results and news on its computer. The stall also haye all sorts ol literature about the (iames specifically and litlinburgh in general together with trayel inl'ormation l'or all yenues.


l’royision has been made tor tlisabletl lans during the (‘ommonwealth (iames. All ten yenues ltaye space lor wheelchairs and lime paraplegic toilet facilities. 'l‘here is also an escort scheme which will operate l'rce ol'chargc. For transport. special disabled parking spaces have been proyitletl and for those without their own forms of transport a shuttle busseryice will operate between all the yenues with an automatic wheelchair lil't.



0 Opening Ceremony .‘yleatlmt-tmnk. Tickets: £20. Em. L'lll. U».

()l'l'icial ()peningolthe l3th (‘ommonw ealth (iames by l lRl l Prince Philip.


0 Badminton Meatlowlmnk. £3. £3. £1.50.

2pm 'leam eyent -- (1 matches. 7pm'l'eam eyent ~(i matches.

0 Bowls Balgreen Bowling ( ’entre. £3.

9am Men Singles. l’airs: \Vomen

FACT Scotland’s Archie Dudgeon at

? twenty-one and a hall stone was the

heaviest competitor everto compete in

E the games—his nickname was ‘The ,

Singles. l’airs. l’ours.

1.30pm Men l’airs: Women l’airs. Fours.

6pm Men Singles. l-‘ours; Women Fours.

0 Boxing Ingliston Show (irountl. [5. £3.

7.30pm Preliminary bouts.

0 Cycling \Vestet‘ l lailes bypass to

l lillentl Ski (‘entre. l'it‘ee.

Loch Ness Monster’.

The List 35 July 7 August 3