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member 0fthe National Theatre in London (and currently appearing in their production of Yonadab). The play touches on some comic and

poignant moments in an Edwardian

household. which Jonathan. the younger son. is just about to leave for the first time as he starts boarding school. A musical. Family entertainment. Farewell to Jonathan. Silver Cloud Theatre Company, George Square Theatre (venue37) George Square. 14—16 Aug5—6.30pm. 21—23Aug 10—11.30am. £2 (£1.50). Tickets: 667 3704. [F]


The Ludus Dance Company will be performing their story-telling dance it's No Accident before a backdrop of a huge can of baked beans. They will be spilling the beans in a lighthearted way on all sorts of aspects of the food industry. using mime and contemporary dance and also speech. For 9 years plus. It's No

Accident, The Wigan Venue: Ludus Dance. The Wigan Venue (venue

123) South Bridge Resource and

Education Centre, Infirmary Street. 25—30Aug2.15—3.15pm. £2 (£1.25). Amongst the many shows put on at the Wigan Venue, funded by Wigan Education Authority, which are almost all suitable for older children (with the exception of Perceptions which is for adults). Amknis and Dumbshow sounds particularly interesting. It is a piece of mime in which the actors move in and around a huge piece ofsculpture a 14ft x 8ft spiders web. Some spider! Some web! Araknis and Dumbshow, The Wigan Venue: Moves A foot Mime Theatre, The Wigan Venue (venue 123) South Bridge Resource and Education Centre, Infirmary Street. 25—30Aug noon—12.55pm. £2 (£1.25). [F]


There is more dance for children at the Playhouse Theatre. There will be special performances for them of




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Cinderella 16 Aug 2.30pm, and Sleeping Beauty 23 Aug 2.30pm. All tickets for children £2.50. Adults (must be accompanied by a child: £3.50). See Dance section for full details.

Cinderella, Lyon Opera Ballet, Playhouse Theatre, Greenside Place. 12—15 Aug 7.30pm. 16Aug2.30 and 7.30pm. £2—£10.50 (exceptas above) Tickets: 225 5756. [EIF]

Sleeping Beauty, Ballet 0f the Great Theatre, Warsaw, Playhouse Theatre, Greenside Place. 18—22 Aug 7.30pm. 23 Aug 2.30 and 7.30pm. £2—£10. 50 (except as above) Tickets: 2255756. [EIF]


The over-subscribed Mitchell Theatre for Youth in Glasgow aims to give every child (8—21 years) who want to have a go, a chance to act or get in on the act of making a play.


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' spider’s web. There is an Arthurian

The travelling children's troupes come to the Festival . . . the Emperor linds his tailor is altogether delighted with his Birthday Suit, the butler-cum-thlel gets out oi a jam and into a custard pie, and just because he’s six loot tall and has swallowed a clock doesn't mean a crocodile can't have a little dance. Others dance rather more nimny on a

masque and an arttul Ark making a Great Escape. Others spill the beans on what’s edible, while Boaid Dahl’s woll llnds a law people to nibble. A shepherd has a devil oi a job with his

Far right: Superman, the bungling hero, goes like the wind. . . ..

Below: l A couple ot criminals get the wrong end oi the stick . . . .

WestSIde Story, their production this year, has been choreographed by three of their members (17—19 years) together with the director. The : majority of the group’s work has

been in musicals and with a : successful Godspell behind them, ,‘ they feel well up to the challenge of the Laurents and Sondheim musical. 3 West Side Story, Mitchell Theatre for 5 Youth, Cluny Church Centre (venue 52) 3 Cluny Drive. 25—30Aug

7.30—10. 15pm. £2.50 (£1.50). [F]

The tale is familiar, but as for the cast : . . . Noah is a one-time winner of the 2.30 at Kempton Park and the world is overrun by bombugs. It’s a lighthearted look at a serious world, suitable for 8 years plus. Noah’s Ark, Grass Roots Theatre Company, 5 Walpole Hall (Tic Toc 1) (venue 18) Chester Street by St Mary’s Cathedral. 25—30 A ug noon-1 pm. £2 ' (£1). Tickets: 226 3358. [F] é


A slightly less familiar angle on the familiar tale of Alice in Wonderland, I plays up the quirky and the absurd in ' Nasty Dog Theatre Co’s production. They see it as a sort of comedy of manners with the famous tea party being a battle of etiquette. It looks at the nasty Heart of the Queen - and Alice - but there is also lots of music, colour and mask work. For 9 years plus, including adults. Alice in Wonderland, Nasty Dog Theatre Company Ltd, Bedlam Theatre

(venue 49) 2 Forrest Road. 10—23

Aug (not Suns) 10.30—11.40am.

£2.25 (£1.75) Tickets: 225 9893. [F]

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