GREYFRIARS KIRKI l()USli ('.i:IIlli~III.ik«~I Run. lltlIIIlIIIIzle X} g: n CELEBRATION ax}

Box Ofi'ice open daily 10 a.m. to 11.15 pan. (Sundays 4.30 p.m.- 7 p.m.). Telephone 225 3626

Crummlea Theatre'Company presents j ABSURD PERSON SINGULAR

A new production done efAlan Aychbouru'e rnoat brilliant comedies: hilarious. poignant and a nasty sting in its tail Directed by Doug Fisher. 7 30 pm, 11-23 August (nu Sunday) £3.25 [2.75

THE IDIOT WITNESS, or A Tale of Blood

A true Victorian melodrama played in true Victorian style. Late-night entertainment with a dIfl'erencc! lll5pm, 18-30 August (niSudeyi) 075/025


Jennifer Rose's tnumphant celebration oonce Crenl’ell, the big hit oi'last year's Fringe. returns In a much expanded version. 'Spcllbindin“ (YubAm Put). 5 pm,, August (2 75/0 25

Simon Callou co—directs this fascinating story ofthe great poet Davod Cucoync, a brIIIIant and moving play With Adam Godley, star ofTV‘i Moon/1x! 5 pm. August [2 75/0 25

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Reid Convert "all

INTHLLIMANI Brisio Square . Edinburgh Mon 25th, Tue 26th, wed 27th August Ticitets £5.50 ‘GUITAR ENCOUNTERS’ . .NT...LL.MAN., mo pm Piano Rentals by David Howells and JOHN WILLIAMS

Presentation ()ne Presentation 'hi'o Bnlnkir‘ex. Borodin. ( lIIi. .'\i‘t‘iiSk‘\'. liyntlm. (llnznnov. 'l‘t‘hnikm‘ski. \lnssm‘gsM Rnklnnnninm'. Stravinsky.

lnti-Illimani join torces with internationally renowned guitarists John Williams and Paco Fade, to blend the delicate sounds at Andean traditional instruments and Latin lollt guitar with classical and Spanish styles.

. ' .- knlim Thursda 28th, Frida 29th, Saturda 30th Au ust. Ti II : 7. Mums! " "l. '3'" t‘ '0'" I '” y y y a c 8“ £ 50 at 8.00pm \ugusl IZIIIK Hill at 8.00pm All at: 9pm ‘The Music Hall, Assembly Rooms 'I‘It‘kt‘ls 22.50 ((Illlltln'n £2.00) 54 George Street, Edinburgh from: Festival Fringe inn oilin- Tlckets:031226 2427/8 I70 I ligll Slrt't'l. l-ItliIIlIIII‘elI ((‘l't'illl (‘.'Il‘(| bookings ()IIl 2203138)(Ii‘zillht‘Vt'illIt'

lmnI -l.()()prn Hil lilt' (Int III [it‘l‘llil'llltlilt’t‘


"THE BRASS BAND will dazzle you WIth theIr Instrumental pertechnics at one moment and convulse yOu WIth [hCIl’ slapstick satire at the next." —- "The best comedy-mum group since Spike Jones." CHICAGO TRIBUNE

8-l7 A t t 9:30 "805 3 W“ "They play with diabolical virtuosity."


A5 8 IE M B LY

"The Best ACt in Town." TIME OUT. LONDON

The MUSIC Hall

"One of those rare companIes who c0u|d perform any- Assembly Rooms

54 G where to any audience and brIng the house down. Don't

. eorge Street ‘- ' miss!" CITY LIMITS. LONDON Edinburgh ; Tid‘ets: 03"226 2427/8 . , ( “Hilarious! . . ‘THE BRASS BAND takes horn mum to new 3'50 at ngc Off'cc ‘_ " * heIghts of theatrical lunacy." SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE £4.25 £3.50 ' .. ( ) "The funnieSt musical act since VIctOr Borge,


(Please refer to Assembly Rooms entry) "Never heard of them!‘ TURKEY CREEK BUGLE

30 The List 8 - 21 August