EDINBURGH FILMHOUSE BAR AND RESTAURANT. Stnce Ctnema l opened or February 1982 the Edtnburgh Ftlmhouse has deservedly won the reputatton of hemp one of the ftnest ltlnt centres lll Europe. thh the opentng Ill June l985 of Its bar and restaurant tlte Ftlmhouse IS at last complete 7 and the new addtuons are m perfect keeptno thh the style and atmosphere of the rest of the butldtng. lhe restaurant seats 40, IS open all day and offers an entetpnsrnu menu, and a good wme hst. The adlouuno bar us both comfortable and stylrsh and offers a wrde selecuon of conunental beers and exottc sports as well as the redoubtable Castle Eden Ale and Stella Artots.

DUCK SLATTERY'S, 68/72 North Lindsay St, Dundee. Duck Slattens Ill Dundees North llllflSEl‘. Street ts a startltnoly onontal new bar R". Vt: clever use of non mdustrral statrcases an unassununt; warehouse has been transformed lllIU one of the most ’ElSlilllEllllll; utterrors anywhere. Duck Slattery's operates on two open plan levels, and by comlnntno huoe secuons of an Amertcan automobtle Ill the decor, rocether wtth other gas statton paraphenalra, massed vrdeo momtors and a stupendous sound system. thh a lost class selecuon ol drtnks, tncludtntt Stella Artots, antl an extraordtnar‘. atmosphere, tt's easy to understand why rt's beconunu a place of ptlortmaoe for anyone who's anyone

LE CAFE NOIR, Waverley Centre, Edinburgh. ‘,l)l. ye not a ;;t;od vdea, suck wrth rt and tlus lS Ilz'éfl,;is‘é?l‘-. we: “as happened Ill the new [Iale Notr tn ‘tl.'a‘.'erle=, Milfktli for at :s an exact copy of the lughly

successful ,tfe Non .n Uueen Street, Glasgow. Once acorn SK’lflll use "as been made of wlute ttles, contrast n:; green parntwork and oleannntt brass - and the overt :nl mood ls nusthnc, cottvIvral, cothnctnoly Partsran. Le

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customers enon coffee and crotssants, cold buffet fare, ::::,le tt'ht’tte twhtc l changes datlyl or a la carte menus. l't.e sijttl‘tsttcales mil apprecrate the well chosen wrne «1 Nil file 'eady avatlabtltty of Stella Artots.