THE GILDED BALLOON, Cowgate, Edinburgh. Forget chches, abandon preconcepttons antl try and rmagrne a perfectly sen/Iced space that has everythrng that's best about a bar, cafe and hrasserre and yet manages to create a umgue luston of us own Sounds rmpoSsrble, sounds expensrve? You'd be wrong on both counts. thh coffee and crorssants all day, a menu that rncludes crepes, burgers, vegetarran drshes, a wrde selecuon of dunks rncludtng Castle Eden Ale and Stella Artors, not to mentron space, art, a fountatn and flagstones, and It's gone clear that The Brlded Balloon rs hellbent on subvertrng conventtonal attrtudes. Salvatron IS at hand. Prepare ye for the new age,

THE LIQUOR SHACK, Hope Street, Glasgow. The newly opened Lrguor Shack rs one of those rare bars whrch defy berng ptgeonholed and caters for an rncredtbly wrde range of clrentele, The result rs an extra ordtnanly relaxed bar wluch under the efftcren: management of Joyce Woodrow prowdes extremely good servrce. As an extra tncenuve The Lrguor Shack lS currently offerrng meals for two wrth coffee and a bottle of wrne for only £8 -- and what's more, thrs remarkable offer rsn't JUST restrtcted to lunchtrrne but IS avatlable all day up unnl 8 pm, So If you're lookrng for comfort, convrvralrty and a long, cool glass of Stella Artors The Lrguor Shack has everythrng you'll ever need

BUSTER BROWN'S, Market Street, Edinburgh. Srnce TBTB Buster Brown's has managed to stay well ahead of the pack of drscos rn Edtnburgh by keeprng a hnger firmly on the pulse of what makes a good mght great The newly relurbrshed Buster's rs the same as If ever was, but a whole lot better Better ltghts. better sounds, better decor. DJ Ronme McKeown rs a master of hrs craft and rnstrncttvely knows how to set the floor on hre thh an rmpressrve selectron of dunks, the best rnternatronal beers tncludtng the rmghty Stella Artors, Buster Brown's wrll be hrst and foremost for the forseeable future. Bet hrp to that top and hop off you drop.