é! bands. going back to Basic, is adde to by pianist Ray Bryant who moved through the Bop revolution but can model his style to suit.

From Warsaw. The Old Timers bring trad Jazz with a tightness born of twenty years playing together. The Hot Antlc Jazz Band are young. dungaree clad and French. and have the classic trad line-up. The singers include Lillian Boutee. originally from New Orleans and with a repertoire that includes gospel songs and spirituals and Carol Kidd. the world class singer from Glasgow. Fapy Lafertin. Waso‘s great swing guitarist, and multi-instrumentalist, will be playing in many small groups over the week and there will be regular midnight jam sessions in the Festival Club.

Meadowbank Stadium is the big venue for a concert of Big Band Music. Jim Galloway. the Scottish saxophonist exiled in Canada. will present his Festival All Star Big Band with most of the big names. The other top players including Edinburghs Brian Keddie and Gordon Cruikshank will be playing in Humphrey thtleton’s Big Ten and the concert includes the Swing ’86 Big Band and the Brede Big Band.

On Thursday there is a Mardi Gras at Meadowbank till the small hours. Before the Gala Farewel on Friday night, which includes all the afore mentioned and Kustbandet from Sweden, The Rosie O’Grady Good Time Jazz Band, Monty Sunslne and Mike Hart’s Syncopaters. there is the chance to listen to a concert of piano stylists.



Although the Fringe is a feast of fun for those who enjoy the dubious spectacle of a plethora of English public schoolboys making utter prats

of themselves in pokey Edinhurgh church halls. outside a select band of

surefire Festival faves - The Hank Chickens and the Frank Wangford Band (hoho) take two steps forward please rock‘s rich tapestry can be a little threadbare around this time. Indeed. prospects looked decidedly gloomy when the planned collaboration between our own dear Regular Music and Time Out (a sort oftatty London rip-offof The List) fell through. However to the rescue comes a venture called Scotland NOW

86 which plans to put on twenty

aspiring and eager young Scottish bands over a period often nights. Fri 8 Aug until Sun 17 Aug. in the Elephant Tent at the Hole in the Ground. Castle Terrace.

Promoter Roy Deane has had less than three weeks to put together a programme of the hottest new acts in Scotland. a task which has proved a near-nightmare because the hottest new acts in Scotland tend to be off on

their holidays about now. As a

result. the full agenda of hopelessly unbearable excitement has yet to be completely finalised, but there are some details ofwho and what to expect. Edinburgh bands are well represented, with the thundering guitars of The Hook and Pull Gang, aided and abetted by a gutsy female vocalist/drummer. sharing the opening night with the soon-to-be-massive Blood Uncles, a supremely aggressive live outfit whose demonic snarling sometimes approaches the compelling. Even further left-of-field Edinburgh sounds are provided by The New York Pig Funkers, combining a percussive barragewith some interesting twiddly bits on top and coming out not altogether dissimilar to A Certain Ratio, who appear on Sat 9 at around 10.45pm, and the frenetic Celtic bayings ofWe Free Kings. who number amongst them three Scots, an Irish accordionist and a Burmese violinist. whipping up a heavier Poguesy sound that recently earned them a Janice Long Session; see them on Thurs 14 (along with Slow to Anger from Glasgow) from 10.30pm (doors open 10pm).

The idea though. is not just to showcase Edinburgh talent but bands from all over Scotland. From Glasgow come the much-vaunted The Painted Word. signed to U2‘s Mother Records. who bring their exotic sounds along. including an onstage string section I‘m told, on Sat 16. Dundee reveals a hitherto unsuspected array of musical activity (well, unsuspected by those who never venture beyond the good ol’ Central Belt) with all-girl a cappella sirens The Penny Daintees on Fri 15. and a special Tayside Camp Night on Mon 11 which couples glam-rock resuscitators lex with the ‘sensational‘ Beaver Sisters. My spandex jock-strap will be there. To these add The Crucial Xylophone from Wishaw (Fri 15). Randall and Hopklrk. a lively lot from Aberdeen (Tue 12) and The Relations from Perth (Wed 13), with much more still to be announced.

"l'revor Johnston!








All oiiers are strictly subject to availability and the individual managements’ decisions are final. You must take the whole magazine

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Place, Venue 20. Exchange this voucher 21111 Litigatre Workshop. Show runs August

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- , , E ; _ (open Thurs noon—9pm, Friand Sat 9am-9pm). First iiity people only, one ticket per voucher. Film Festival runs Sat 9-25 August. Full programme irom Filmhouse. See feature. Two tickets ior the price oi one ior any




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Theatre’s production at ‘Burning Love’ by

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B I Thelet s 2‘1'August39