FESTIVAL 21 Market Street 225 5756 f

(tickets and information). Sun lO-Sat 30 Aug. This began, along with the Film Festival. in 1947 as a post-war morale-booster and to create an international arts forum. Events in the International Festival come by invitation only

The theme for 1986 is the 18th century Scottish Enlightment.

0 Programme The programme is free

and available from the Festival office, venues and information points all over the city.

oTicltets and information

In Edinburgh: From Festival Ticket Office, 21 Market Street. Mon-Sat 9am-6pm, Sundays 10am-5pm (except Sunday 3) 225 5756 (includes credit 'card booking)

In Glasgow: Glasgow Ticket Office. Candleriggs, G1. Mon-Sat 10.30am-6.30pm. 041-552 5961/2/3. Enquiries and ticket availability. Half-price ticltet booth, The Mound. Every afternoon 1pm-5pm. Some unsold tickets on the day will be available at half-price. A small service charge is also added. Information: British Gas Scotland Sat 9-Fri 29 Aug. 10am-6pm daily. an information centre provided by British Gas Scotland will be at The Mound in the National Galleries of Scotland car park. Up-to-date information on ticket availability for the Festival and information on all other activities in the area.

0 THE FRINGE 170 High Street. 226 5259 (information) 226 5138 (tickets). Mon 18-Sat 30 Aug. Unlike the other festivals which are by invitation or selection only.



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‘. (‘7: '5... ' ' h. i; 9 F ". .-‘.«.: 9n. Sui-K tuna“... ~ '. 1. 3'“ _ . J’hf‘r.’ V 2‘“ '- - - a r

anyone may perform at the Fringe No one is invited. but everyone comes. 0 Programme Essential for survival on the Fringe is the programme, (on whose cover this year a number of actors struggle manufully with the word). It is available free all over the city in bars. hotels. venues and information points. When you have found one. make sure it is the second edition printed in (up-to-date) blue the first edition is in black. It lists all (for exceptions see below) Fringe events alphabetically under company. All editorial entries in the Fringe Programme are supplied by the companies themselves (so you won't find anything critical). The great difficulty ofthe Fringe is knowing in advance what is going to be ‘unmissable‘. and knowing it while there are still tickets. In the Festival section which follows. we have tried to preview as much as possible ofall the Festivals’ events. As many reviews as possible will be published in the next issue of The List. published Thurs 21 Aug. 0 Tickets and Information Tickets are available from the Fringe Office in person or by telephone (credit card) 226 5138 daily 10am-6pm and until 7pm Thursdays and Fridays 7, 8,14,15, 21 and 22 August. Tickets also available at venues; details are given with each Programme entrv. 0 Daily Diary This is big, free and flappy and available from the Fringe office and larger Fringe venues. tourist offices etc. although they can sometimes be hard to find. It lists, usually a day in advance, everything that is on the Fringe that day.

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Rest ........................ .. Restaurant [E] ................. .. Induction loop for

hard of hearing. [D] ............ .. Good disabled access

and facilities (many other venues arrange access with prior notice).

0 Not listed bu performing are Handspan Puppet Company and Neue Sloweische Kunst. Contact Fringe office for details.


FESTIVAL Jazz Festival Office, 1 l6 Canongate 557 1642 and from Mon 11 Aug Jazz Festival HQ, Royal

Overseas League, Princes Street 225 i a “I


Now in it's eighth year. the Jazz Festival was the original idea of director Mike Hart. McEwans, Scottish Brewers are the sole sponsors and it offers an impressive programme of International jazz. (There is in addition some Fringe Jazz check programme). oProgramme £1 from Jazz Offices and newsagents.

crickets and Information

Tickets for all events available in


person from Jazz Festival Office 116

Canongate (557 1642: information only.4) and by post to this address. From Mon 11: Jazz Festival HQ, Royal Overseas League, Princes

Street (225 1501: information only).

0 Jazz Pavlllion events at Meadowbanlt Stadium. Tickets for these events are also available from: Capital Ticket Centre, 31-33

Waverley Bridge, Fringe Office, 170

High Street and the Usher Hall Box Office, Lothian Road. The Usher

Hall is the only place from which you :

can purchase telephone bookings (credit card) and only for events at Meadowbank: 228 1155.

0 During the week of the Festival, tickets will be sold at venues 30 minutes before starting time.

l | | I

o The McEwan’: Jazz Festival All Stars i

Sat 23 Aug is an International

Festival event, not a Jazz Festival

event (are you still with me?).

Tickets for this are only available

from 225 5657 and Usher Ha11228 l 155.

O Mani events are free! i

l l


FESTIVAL The Filmhouse, Lothian Road. 228 2688. Sun 9-Sun 24 Aug. Celebrating its forthieth birthday this year. Director Jim Hickey invites and selects films from the

huge number submitted and includes I

features, shorts and documentaries. The weight of the Festival is such that it considerably helped last years hit, the made-for-television My Beautiful Laundrerte get cinema distribution

0 Programme £1.50 from Filmhouse and newsagents.

0 Tickets and Information

From F ilmhouse. Tel 228 2688

O TELEVISION FESTIVAL Details from Fiona McKenzie, Edinburgh International Television Festival, 17 Great Pulteney Street, London 01-437 5100. During the Festival (22-25 August) contact Filmhouse 228 2688.

0 EDINBURGH MILITARY TATOO 22 Market Street. 225 1188 Fri 8-Sat 30 Aug.


. Venues are vying with shows to be the focus of attention. This year the fashion

seems to be to get under canvas. The

deep-sea blue Elephant Tent at (in?

on?) the Hole in the Ground. the big

empty space behind the Royal Lyceum Theatre, Castle Terrace, is one ofthe newest venues. Managing

the event are Elephant Fayre who own 3

the tent, the recently busted-for-dope team who pitch up every year in the grounds Lord Elliot’s stately home in Cornwall for an annual concert including cabaret, bands, field events. . . . . And the lap Club a Brighton-based cabaret and night-club are producing, choosing the acts which include The Time Out Show. There is also anothertentwith refreshments. . . OThe Dome Pilrig Park. Pilrig Street. Balfour Street, off Leith Walk 225 5756. ‘It’s not so much a tent as a geodesic dome sort of like a flying saucer’ said the International Festival press office about their


latest venue. Itwas chosen too late to , be included in the programme, but it

is very much a part of the International Festival. It is the director‘s response to the criticisms ofthe Festival being too elitist and an attempt to take the festival into the community. It has certainly been an expensive attempt with the cost of connecting the electricty alone being 33,000, but it will house a full programme ofevcnts including the Circus Senso

0 Assembly Rooms 54 George Street. Much more voluptuous inside than out, the Assembly Rooms. put on a selected number ofevcnts from the Fringe. William Burdett-Coutts has been Artistic Director for five years and established a strong reputation forthe venue.

0 Amongst the avalanche of Festival

press releases pouring into The List office, two in particular cheered the letter-openers.

One was from The Brown Paper Bag Company who used a brown paper bag as note-paper, directing the reader to further information ‘over the bag’.

The other came in the form ofa packet of durex. for a show which was apparently to have been called ‘Comingin aJiffy‘. . . . .The press release meanwhile has disappeared from The Listoffice . .

1 August 3