exhibition of fashion designers from Edinburgh including knitwear by Lorraine Strachan for day and evening, Tessuti textile designs and Knife Design’s silk and cotton.

f 0 INHOUSE 28 Howe Street, 225

f 2888. Fringe Venue 134. Mon—Sat

: 9.30am—6pm.

Achllle Castiglioni Mon ll—Sat 30

E Aug. Everything but the kitchen sink designed by this Milanese

architect/designer. recently the

3 subject of a major exhibition at the

Pompidou Centre, Paris. 0 THE JAPANESE GALLERY 130 St

; Stephen Street. Fringe Venue 149. . Mon—SatNoon—Spm.

The Floating World Sat 9—Sat 30 Aug. 18th and 19th century Japanese woodcut prints including work by

Utamaro, Hokusai and Hiroshige. 3 C MALCOLM INNES GALLERY 67

: George Street, 226 4151. Mon—Fri 9.30am—6pm. Sat 10am—1pm.

A Scottish Panorama Fri 8—Sat 30

Aug. Victorian and early 20th century artists on castles and corries. O MARTIN HALL New College. Mound Place (for info 226 3173) Mon-Sat 10am—5pm.

Via Emilia/Italy Tue 12—Sat 30 Aug.

. An exhibition ofphotographs mounted by the Italian Institute.

0 MARTIN AND FROST 83-85 George Street. Fringe Venue 143. Mon—Sat 9am—5.30pm.

Many a Rug After Marco Polo Mon

11—Sat 30 Aug. An exhibition illustrating the silk route of Marco Polo from Istanbul to China.

; The grand bees in the photograph are Polish. So is the tiny figure at their

feet. Joanna Przylyba, quite inhuman- looking here in the Drawlska

' Wilderness, has been working in

J Scotland for some weeks now, putting 1 her mark on the Peeblesshire

~ landscape. Like the work in the

picture (the large length of wood

5 leaning against a tree in the

foreground is the beginning of an outdoor installation) the sculpture at Traquair House has been made to fit the landscape, in this case the main drive, lined with trees and shut off from access by a set of heavy gates, locked when Bonnie Prince Charlie marched south in 1745 to stay that way until a Stuart regains the throne Tradition has been observed through generations and the gates remain locked today. Their original function obliterated by long years out of use, the gates have become sculptural objects in themselves, a

- fact not unobserved by Przylyba. Her

sculptural versions of the horse-jump (she admires the horse for its speed) are strongly affected by the great iron monument at the end [of the drive.

As Traquair’s first artist-ln-resldence, a project made possible by a collaboration between the Maxwell- Stuarts there and Richard Demarco, arts impresario, Przylyba has been causing some curiosity amongst tourists visiting the house. The sight of such a contemporary artist working daily within a historical setting is a quite unexpected, and for most, a

48 The List 8— 21 August A

Lectures on 11. 14, 18, 21 and 28 Aug, 6—7pm. Tickets on door.

0 MERCHANTS’ HALL 22 Hanover Street. Fringe Venue 137. Mon—Sat 10am-8pm.

124th International Exhibition of Pictorial Photography Mon 1 l-Sat 30 Aug. Presented by the Edinburgh Photographic Society. 50p. Child under 12 free.

0 MERCURY GALLERY 2/3 North Bank Street, 225 3200. Mon—Fri 10am—5.30pm. Sat 10am—1.00pm. David Michie Thurs 7 Aug— Sat 6 Sept. A one-man exhibition of new paintings by a long-respected Scottish artist. The theme of the exhibition will be ‘Gardens‘. a subject well-suited to Michie‘s vital. painterly colours.

0 MUSEUM OF CHILDHOOD 42 High Street, 557 1265 ext 21 1. Mon—Sat 1(lam—6pm.

This much-loved museum re-opened in July in spanking new premises. Thousands of toys and childhood memorabilia. collected by the uncompromising cccentric.Patrick Murray. Entrance free.

0 NATIONAL & PROVINCIAL BUILDING SOCIETY George Street. Fringe Venue 49. Mon—Fri 10am-4.30pm. Sat 10am—1pm.

Five Scottish Artists Toe 12—Sat 30 Aug. Janie Nugent. Hugh Murdoch, Jane Fletcher, Alan Herriot. James H.F. Thomson.

0 NATIONAL GALLERY OF SCOTLAND The Mound, 556 8921. Mon-Sat 10am—5pm. Sun 2—5pm.


thought-provoking experience

It is planned for Przylyba, after she catches her breath from the completing the strenuous work at Tragualr, to work at Heriot’s, Richard Demarco’s action-packed Festival venue. it is her first time in the West and she is looking forward to meeting and comparing notes with artists working in Scotland.

The Polish presence will also be felt at Demarco’s new Bl'ackfriars Street premises, purchased earlier this year. There, an exhibition showing the work of a number of Polish artists will share the just recently gutted space with Ian

Lighting Up the Landscape: French Impressionism and its Origins Fri 1 Aug-Sun 19 Oct. Admission £1 (50p). Edinburgh International Festival. Everyone loves an Impressionist. With the Glasgow exhibition of Impressionist Drawings at the Burreil just finished, Scotland is in for another treat of colour by these masters this summer. Pictures from over the world (Chicago, Paris, New York to name but three sources) will feature in an exhibition which looks at landscapes and the roots of Impressionism. Monets and Pissaros next to Corot and Courbet, precursors of the famous school, will offer a fresh perspective on one of the most popular periods.

0 NATIONAL LIBRARY OF SCOTLAND George IV Bridge, 226 4531. Mon—Fri 9.30am-5pm, Sat 9.30am—1pm.

Scotland and India Until Sun 21 Sept. Edinburgh International Festival. Forging a link between the two countries, the exhibition unearths charming details such as the recommendation in The Complete Indian Housekeeper and Cook that the cook should be discouraged from straining soup through his turban, or stirring the eggs with his fingers. Also water-colours, diaries. letters home and autobiographies.

O NETHERBOW 43 High Street, 556 9579. Fringe Venue 30.

Treasure Island - Illustrations by Ralph Steadman Until Sat 30 Aug. Part of


McCullough and the sculptor Ludwig Redl. Demarco has waited long and put much energy into getting a space like this and will be looking to raise funds this Festival for further refurbishment next year. (Alice Rain).

Joanna Przylyba’s work can be seen in the drive and old coach house at Traquair (3/4 hour drive from Edinburgh on 8709) and at ilerlot‘s during the Festival. Until 16 Aug, The Fairy Queen, directed by Charles Nowoslelskl, will be performed at Traquair at 2 at 4 pm daily except Fri. Child 50p, Adult £1. See listings for other Richard Demarco exhibitions

the RLS Festival. This is only the second showing of Ralph Steadman‘s drawings and colour paintings for Treasure Island. A cartoonist known throughout the country for his sinewy line and sharp characterisation, Steadman contributes weekly to the New Statesman.

0 OLD ASSEMBLY CLOSE High Street (behind Fringe Office). Fringe Venue 1. Daily 10am—5pm.

New Photographs by Colin Baxter Sat 9—Sat 30 Aug. Colin Baxter was the photographer who managed to capture some of that Scotch mist and put it on thousands ofpostcards. His atmospheric, highly commercial work is displayed here in all shapes and sizes.

0 OPEN EYE GALLERY 57 Cumberland Street, 557 1020. Mon—Fri 10am—6pm. Sat 10am-4pm. [D] Paintings by Marion Mclntosh and Ceramics by six contemporary artists. Sat 9—Thurs 28 Aug.

Richard Demarco’s Edinburgh Sat 9—Thurs 28 Aug. 50 paintings and drawings which have formed material for two new posters of Edinburgh, available for sale now throughout the city.

0 OPEN UNIVERSITY IN SCOTLAND 58 Melville Street. Fringe Venue 152. Mon—Fri 10am—4.30pm.

Geological Maps of the World Mon ll—Fri 22 Aug. Maps as works of art and science presented by the Edinburgh Geological Society.

0 4O PILRIG STREET 554 1078. Fringe Venue 142. Daily 10am—7pm.

Out of the Nomad’s Tenl Sun 10—Sat 30 Aug. Kilims, furniture, costume and copper collected by Rufus Reade in Turkey. Items for sale.

0 PLEASANCE GALLERIES 60 The Pleasance, off St Mary‘s Street. Fringe Venue 35. Mon—Fri 6—8pm, Sat/Sun 2-6pm. -

Images of Energy by Graham Metson and Musical Themes by Philip Worth Sun 17-Sat30 Aug.

0 PORTRAIT GALLERY Queen Street, 5568921. Mon-Sat 10am—5pm. Sun 2-5pm.

The great Scots of the past and present are collected here in a gallery of faces and figures.

Printed Light Fri 1 Aug—Sun 26 Oct. Admission 50p. Edinburgh International Festival. The Portrait Gallery and the Science Museum, London have collaborated to bring together their collections (the largest in the world) ofwork by the David Octavius/Robert Adamson partnership and William Henry Fox Talbot. 150 ofthe finest photographs will demonstrate that ‘the first 10 years of photography were not years ofinnocence and fumbling incompetence‘ says Sara Stevenson curator ofphotography at the Portrait Gallery. “Some ofthe most astonishing and beautiful photographs ever taken belong to these early years.’ All photography buffs take note!

Tassie Collection Sat 1 Aug—Tue 30 Sept. James Tassie (1735—1799) modelled portraits of many of the major figures of the Scottish Enlightenment including Robert Adam, Joseph Black and Adam Smith. Born and trained in Glasgow, Tassie cast these famous faces in his