17 luly 7 September SOFTWEAR

Commonwealth and Scottish Textiles

A rich and varied selection of contemporary textiles from every comer of the Globe. Complemented by a full programme of demonstrations, talks, videos and workshops.

Friends’ lecture. Monday 18 August at 8pm. Dr Helen Bennet will speak about the background and planning for the Softwear Exhibition. 2 Market Street, Edinburgh Open Monday—Saturday 10am—6pm Sunday 2pm—5pm cm or EDINBURGH orsrrucr COUNCIL SUPPORTING THE ARTS


IOam-4pm 9-31 August 1986


ROYAL FINE ART COMMISSION FOR SCOTLAND 9 Atholl Crescent Edinburgh 031-229-1109 Admission Free

0 ST Allll'S COMMUNITY CENTRE Cowgate. Fringe Venue 65. Mon-Sat 9.30am-6pm. Illustrators on Show Mon 11-Sat 30 Aug. Four young illustrators show their work for the first time. 0 ST GILES GALLERY 369 High Street. Fringe Venue 158. Mon-Sat 10.30am-5.30pm. Alison Kinnaird -The Art ol Engraved Crystal Mon 11—Sat 30 Aug. 0 ST JOHN'S CHURCH 3 Lothian Road (corner of Princes Street) Fringe Venue 126. Mon-Sat 11am-6pm. The 4th Fringe Brett and Design Fair Sun 10—Sat30 Aug. Over 200 craftworkers will be exhibited (40 at a time) during the Festival period. 0 TALBOT RICE ART CENTRE Old College, University of Edinburgh, 667 1011 ext 4308. Mon—Sat, lOam—Spm. Painting In Scotland's Golden Age 1707-1843 Until Sun 31 Aug. The first major exhibition to be devoted to Scottish painting in the age of Ramsay, Raeburn and Wilkie. Edinburgh International Festival. 0 THEATRE WORKSHOP 34 Hamilton Place, 225 7942. Mon—Sat 9.30am—Iate. Festival Exposed! Until Sat 30 Aug. Photos by Marius Alexander taking a wry look at this festive time over the past two years. Tourists, '

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Edith Simon, creator ot “environmental portraits”, Iiction and sculpture, reminded me at the tigure pl “the artist" I imagined as a child. Her appearance in the tiesh does nothing to dispel the magic. She is a brilliantly coloured figure, totally dedicated to her work and willing to go to great lengths tor it. Di her huge 15 it. high paper mural, ‘Runners’, which was unveiled by the Queen at Dunbar on 30th July in situ at Lammennuir House she said, “There are 27 main figures, tour dogs, one horse and 19 birds. I used up almost 100 scalpel blades in the process. Good quality writing paper weighs 80 grams and l was dealing with paper weighing 200 grams per square metre, multiplied nine times.” I asked her about the physical challenge of going up and down the two 17-toot scattolding towers trom which she constructed the moral and she said, “oh yes, I’m til now”. She overcame vertigo to construct the piece - “i get vertigo standing on a chair.”

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performers and residents do not escape the lens!

0 TORRAHCE GALLERY 29b Dundas Street, 5566366. Mon-Fri 11am—6pm, Sat 10.30am—4pm.

Jack Flrlll Until Sat 30 Aug. Skylines, watercolours and drawings of Edinburgh.

0 369 GALLERY 209 Cowgate, 225 3013. Fringe Venue 38. Mon-Sat 12.30—5.30pm. Thurs and Fri until 8pm.

Fiona Carlisle Sat 9ASat 30 Aug. New work. Born in Wick and a Seventies graduate of Edinburgh College of Art, Fiona Carlisle now lives in Crete the country which has inspired this exhibition.

0 TRAVERSE THEATRE 1 12 West Bow, 226 2633.

John Bellany Sat 9—Sat 30 Aug. A group ofetchings. Exhibition organised by Printmakers‘ Workshop. See also Printmakers‘. Gallery of Modern Art and Assembly Rooms for other Bellany exhibitions.

O WAVERLEY STATION Pullman Lounge, Princes Street. Mon-fri 10am-5pm.

The Liberation oi Man -200 years oi Danish Rural Reiorms and Development. 11-29 Aug. Organised by the Danish Cultural Institute.


Despite years ot conspicuous activity Edith has had an ongoing battle for tunding with the Scottish Arts Council which results in the declaration on the back at her exhibition programme, “NOT subsidised by the Scottish Arts Council”. She says she could write a book about her experiences in her long non-connection with the arts establishment but won’t - “there’s nothing so pointless and tiresome as a whinge." Anyway, Edith Simon no longer really needs the patronage oi the SAC. Her extraordinary layered- paper pictures and rather beautitul fibre-glass and cold cast bronze sculptures appear regardless and her detennlnatlon remains very detinltely intact. The title ot the cunent exhibition “The artist in search ot .... ..” refers to “the search for excellence and the need at the same time to earn a living.” Edith Is very positively engaged in the search with tremendous energy and vitality. (snan Evans).

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