O Ebony (BBC2) 7.30—8pm. Among the items this week a report on Women‘s Day in South Africa. including an interview with Winnie Mandela. behind the scenes of EastEnders with the Carpenter family and music from Aswad. Vastiana Belfon presents.

0 Festival Cinema (STV) 1().3()—11pm.Jo Durden Smith (who?) hosts the first oftwo reports from the 40th Edinburgh Film Festival.

0 Hamlet(Channel 4) ll.3()pm—12.45am. Cursory and bizarrely idiosyncratic interpretation of the Bard‘s classic with the Prince of Denmark literally a split personality played by real-life twins. Helen Mirren is Gertrude and Ophelia with Quentin Crisp as Polonius. 1976.


o Yankee Doodle Dandy (Channel 4) 2.45—5.05pm. Irresistible flag-waving wartime biography of superpatriot and showbiz legend George M.Cohan. James Cagney won the Oscar for this. his own favourite film. 1942.

o The Stamp of Greatness (Channel 4) 6.3(1—7pm. The first ofthree programmes using dramatic reconstructions and archive footage to recreate the life stories of a trio of famous Scots who have been featured on the postage stamps of the world. Tonight Iain Cuthbertson portrays Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

0 Red River(BBC2)9.05—11.15pm. One of the great American westerns set against the backdrop of a cattle drive and featuring a simmering clash of wills across the generations between John Wayne and Montgomery Clift. 1948.

o Honkytonk Man (SW)

9.15—1 1.30pm. Offbeat Clint Eastwood vehicle with overtones of Steinbeck as he plays an ailing country-western singer who risks his health for a last shot at an

appearance in the Grand Ole Opry during the Depression. 1982.

0 White Heat (Channel 4) 10.55pm—1am. Searing post-war

gangster classic featuring one of

’1 Cagney‘s most bravura performances as a psychotic, mother-fixated villain. Top ofthe world. mal. 1949.

economic theories of Adam Smith. 0 They Shall Have Music (STV) 8—9pm. Hannah Gordon narrates a documentary on the exclusive St

62 8 21 August

Mary‘s Music School in Edinburgh. 0 Acropolis Now! (STV) 1 1.3(1-12.3()am See panel.


0 Sunday Live (STV) 1—2pm. Sheena McDonald presents a relaxed brunch time potpourri of Edinburgh Festival highlights.

0 Scotsport Special (STV ) 3-5pm. Returning for a record-breaking 30th season Scotsport reports from the final round of the Scottish PGA Championship at Glenbervie and covers the start of the football year.

0 Black Narcissus (BBCI ) The Deborah Kerr season continues with this stylised and subtly erotic tale of a group of nuns attempting to establish a mission in the remote Himalayas. 1947.

0 The Drop-Dut Father (BBCI) Dick Van Dyke stars as a t0p advertising executive who begins to question is lifestyle and then decides to drop out. leaving his comfortable middle-class home for a loft


As part of the increasing vigour being shown by Scottish Television, Muriel Gray will host Acropolis Now, a ‘late, live and lively’ Festival show from the Gateway studios in Edinburgh. We are promised a twice-weekly helping of ‘the best of the Fringe, the worst of the Fringe-and quite a lot that’s not in the Festival at alll’

It you fancy being part of Acropolis Now‘s attentive audience then free tickets are available in advance from Scottish Television, The Gateway, Lelth Walk, Edinburgh. The first two shows take place on Tuesday August 12, 11.30 - 12.30, and Friday August 15, 11 - 12 midnight. (Allan Hunter).

apartment and taking his young daughter with him. The advance word on this 1982 American TV movie is good and Van Dyke is usually well worth watching.

0 The Daily Woman (BBCI) A Bernard MacLaverty play set in Belfast in the early 19705 about a

young woman. married with two kids

and a loutish husband. who escapes for one day into a different world altogether with the assistance of an

the ‘Troubles‘.

0 Light in the North (SW)

6. 15—6.3()pm. The first often 15-minute programmes on the scientists. philosopers. architects. doctors. lawyers, painters and writers ofthe Scottish Enlightenment. each profiled by someone currently distinguished in the same field. Tonight David Daiches introduces the series.

0 A Gleam Across the Waves (STV) 10.30—1 1pm. Today the Queen visits Ardnamurchan Lighthouse on the most westerly part of the British mainland which is also famous because my uncle Philip is the lighthouse keeper there (Hello). This programme looks at the visit and the 200th anniversary of the Northern Lighthouse Board.

0 Essene (Channel 4) 11pm—12.3()am. The Fred Wiseman season continues with this documentary profile of a Benedictine monastery.


0 Light inthe North (STV)6.15—6.3()pm. Michael Ignatieff on David Hume and the

5 Philosophers.

o Asinamali (Nothing to Lose) (BBC2) Written by Mbongeni Ngema, co-author of Woza Albert. this is described as a ‘powerful and comic account of how five blacks in South Africa end up in jail.‘

o Hooray for Hollywood (Channel 4) 11.25pm—12.20am. Former Festival chauffeur Robbie Coltrane guides us through the unique forty years of the Edinburgh Film Festival with contributions from Neil Jordan, Denis Forman and old uncle Sam Fuller.


0 One, TWO, Three (Channel 4) 2.30—4.30pm. Perhaps the fastest farce ever made with James Cagney a frenetic whirlwind of energy as a middle-aged Coca Cola (will they take an ad since I mentioned them?) salesman in Berlin. 1961.

0 Light in the North (STV) 6.15—6.30pm. Dr Roy Porter on James Hutton, founder of modern



0 Light in the North (STV) 6.15—6.30pm. Geoffrey Robertson on the Law and Lawyers.

0 The Montreux Rock Festival (BBC 1) First of four programmes from the rock jamboree features Queen. Level 42, The Pet Shop Boys and Simply Red.

o Acropolis Now (STV) 11pm—12 midnight. See panel.


o The Roaring Twenties (Channel 4) Vivid. rip-roaring Prohibition racketeering melodrama with Cagney and Bogart fighting side by side until fortunes change and enmity begins. 1939.


American journalist in town to cover i

O 13 Rue Madeleine (Channel 4) A

good cast enlivens an otherwise


routine post-war documentary-style drama about a group of 088 agents seeking the whereabouts of a

German missile site in France. , Another in the Cagney season. 1946.


After this year‘s Commonwealth Games debacle. Hitler’s Olympics (Radio 4. 8.20pm) on Fri 8 will be particularly pertinent as Helen Palmer reports on the strongest-ever case of using sport for political motives. On Sat 9. of course, the football season rolls round again with Radio Clyde‘s Super Scoreboard '86 with Richard Park (2.02pm) and Radio Scotland‘s Sportsound (2pm). Prior to this on Radio Scotland is the funniest radio show of the year. Only an Excuse. a wickedly funny parody of the TV series Only a Game by Naked Radio‘s Tony Roper and Jonathan Watson.

Predictably enough. Radio Scotland will be giving the Festival Fare a fair amount ofcoverage with Festival Report on Sundays (2pm) and Festival View Mon—Fri (8.30am and 1.40pm). Mon 11 sees Radio 2 with Brian Matthews start its stint from Edinburgh in Round Midnight (1 1.02pm) featuring performers from Festival and Fringe. Also on Monday Radio Scotland‘s Between Ourselves chats to ex-Bay City Roller Les McKeown and his wife. Radio 3 pay their first visit to Edinburgh on Tue 12 with a live relay ofcellist Heinrich Schiff and pianist Roger Vignoles from the Queen‘s Hall (11am). All this week and next. Radio 3 will be playing concerts from this year‘s Proms from the Royal Albert Hall. Radio4 (Fri 15 Aug,

1 1.30pm) has Aspects of the Fringe the first ofthree programmes recorded at the Fringe Club and aiming to bring together the best of the performers there. Stevie Winwood. in the charts again. is featured in Radio 1 The Classic Concert (Sun 17 Aug. 2.30pm) with his old group. Traffic. Radio 3 returns to the Queen‘s Hall on Tue 19 Aug at 1 lam with a live broadcast of Beethoven‘s Trio in C Minor; Dvorak‘s Trio in E minor and

Mendelssohn‘s Trio in C minor.

Back to a sporting note and on Thurs 21 Test Match Special (Radio 3 Medium Wave 10.45am) gives a ball by ball commentary on the Third Test between England and New Zealand.