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walk in and stick up two fingers and . say‘I‘m here.‘IfI’mintownI

sometimes go to the Press Bar with

2 people from the Herald it‘s run by

' o Curiosity Killed the Cat at


lemonade bottles. gifts for

some lovely people and Babbity Bowsters. which has a sort of raffish air.

I hate the theatre. although I like actors and I‘m writing a play just now.I get embarrassed in case they forget their lines. Although I was really involved in the cinema when I was a student and started all sorts of societies at Edinburgh, 1 don‘t care for the pictures now the films are usually terrible anyway. I‘m not really the culture type either. Although I live only 6 or 7 minutes away from the Burrell. I‘ve never been. Museums don’t mean anything unless they‘ve got something relevant to today. One of my favourite places though is the library in Pollok House. It‘s beautiful. A man could write a novel in that room. And they let people walk round it. If it was mine I wouldn’t let

a soul within a mile of it! I don’t have a favourite part of Glasgow, it’s all magnificent. All you have to do is look around you. The architects in those days didn‘t care about ‘making things fit‘ they just indulged themselves. not caring what was next door and the result is wonderful. I know that the council spend money on working people‘s houses, which is fair enough. but I wish they would do something about places like the Park Area and Hillhead and Kelvinside, which are terribly seedy, instead of concentrating on The

Merchant City.

It seems that all I do is go to pubs, but you’d better say how I play tennis every day I do something that‘s good for me. Really Glasgow is 3 restaurants in the world. Furnished from the Queen Mary and decorated in Art Deco Style. A must at least once in your life.

0 The Colonial 25 High Street. Unprepossessing to look at, but a high standard of French cooking.

0 La Lanterna 35 Hope Street. An

old-fashioned Italian restaurant with a fine reputation.

O Shenaz 53 Berkely Street. Not one of the better known Indians in town. but certainly one of the best a refreshing change to your average curry shop.

0 Glasgow Art Club 185 Bath Street. Members and guests only.

0 The Press Bar Albion Street. Favourite haunt of thirsty journos from the Herald/Times offices next doon

0 Babblty Bowster Blackfn'ars Street. A cafe/bar/hoteI/restaurant/gallery. Opened less than a year, but has become such a part of Glasgow it could have been there for many more.

0 Pollolt House Part of the Pollok Estate and ex-home of the Maxwell family. Beautifully tasteful furnishings and above average art collection.

0 The Park Area Overlooking Kelvingrove Park. Described as the best example of urban planning in the world it is now, unfortunately,

largely offices. I O Hillhead ‘Yuppiesville every city has one; students, ex-students and those who like to associate with such. 0 Kelvinslde Glasgow’s Morningside

and with the same affected accent. cafe society, but we do 1t1n pubs. I

know we drink too much, but I think that will change.

0 Heraghty’s Bar 708 Polloltshaws Road. A traditional Glasgow bar- good beer and conversation.

0 The Granary 10 Kilmarnock Road. A bar/diner and one of the South Side‘s most popular meeting places. Good food and a stuffed

Ostrich. . .or Emu?

O The Hall 160 Woodlands Road. The most curiously mixed clientele in Glasgow. Live music in lounge.

0 The Buttery 652 Argyle Street. Much vaunted and a bit expensive for casual visits— greatly loved by media people.

0 Rogano's Royal Exchange Place. One of the most famous seafood




0 Feel a Misfit? 17th August. Fresh.

0 ‘The Complete Guide to AIDS' Everyone's doubts about recognising.

managing. avoiding AIDS answered. Your medical solution. £1.51) MEDIFAC‘T PO Box 32-1 Dept (L) (ilasgow (341 4R0

0 Do You Know what happens to curiosity? 17 August. Fresh.

Lonely girl. 24. seeks people

City Centre Studio. Ring Ian or Martin on

041 221 2502

interested in going to plays. films art exhibtions. gigs. Box i no. 48 '

Fresh. 17th August.

0 Wanted for Mission funds: used postage stamps (with

0 Do You Know what happens to curiosity? 17 August. - Fresh.

margin). cigarette coupons, trading stamps. Co-op stamps. tea stamps,

bingo prizes. Mr William Cameron. 68 Chancellor Street. 334 0414. Holy Mass offered for all benefactors.


0 Painting and Drawing Tuition by an experienced artist. in your own home. Patient. individual help for beginners or experts alike! 0-11 334 7176.

O Violin 'cello and piano tuition. all grades to LRAM standard. Theory/chamber

o Dateline Works! Many thousands or happy couples nationwide are proof of our success. Free details; Dateline Computer Dating, Dept. (351), 25 Ablngdon


donations of musical Road, London W8 6A", 01 938 instruments and other 10"- equipment. Can collect. Ring 229 3287.


music coaching 954 9817.

58 List 21 August

0 Meet People through Singles Magazine. Order


0 Followers of Godspell are meeting nightly from Aug 8 at 10pm at the Vlewtorth Centre come celebrate!

o Moonchildren seek adult werewolves for communal living & orgies, from Aug 11,10.30am at the

0 Old Clothes bric-a-brac for Bits and Pieces, Sue Rhyder Shop, 26 Barony Street,

0 Community Clrcus requires

0 Acting Coach can accept pupils for audition preparation etc, singly or in groups. 031 225 1987.


0 Workshop Space Available Underneath the Arches, 42 London Street. Contact

Michael Durnan, 556 8329.

from newsagents, or send £1 . "3"," Law": Contact IO 23 Abingdon R03d~ Elena 447 2333 (evenings). Desperate?! No money? For a London W8 6A”- grca, business Opportunity 0 Eight Randy American 0 Violin Tuition Contact Jan contact Jules Cranfield on SISie'SSCCk SCOtS man to K33], 6 50160068 GardenS, 0796 3321 (eves) now! play bridge (and other Edinburgh» 668 3501- games). Meet nightly, 8pm .

SERVICES at The Octette Bridge Club, exgggglgg‘gggyyea, ta 17th 123:1?" Cent'e- Staffing student. Tel 031 557 0919. o Seeking Working People

pHOTOGRApHy who love music, at the Heriot . - - Watt Grindla Street P b , y "Cg‘bgir‘gftr‘cal‘ (TlC-TOC 2&3) at 4.30pm Fast Professional Service. from AUg 11‘

AiAccomm to Let; Courses; For Sale; Holidays & Travel; Property for Sale; Sits Vac.25p per word, bold 30p. 8: Accomm Wanted; Jobs Wanted; Lonely Hearts; Meetings; Tuition; Volunteer Work. 20p per word, bold 25p. Box Nos £3.50. Display rates also avai1.Please pre-pay. Lonely Hearts please send SAE.

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I . i . curiosity Kmedme Catat Nemerbow Ans centre. Edinburgh EH1 lTE. 031 558 1192. Fresh, 17 August. ° "8 V0“ 3" Uncommon NAME Woman? Come join us at the , , ED i N B U R G H YWCA (Randolph Place) at PHONE DAY EVES 10pm nightly from Aug 11. ADDRESS SERVICES 0 Fast Printin Edinburgh ION See Dupll-Ouiclr advert. SECF NO. OF ISSUES TICK IF BOX ARTICLES WANTED TOTAL COST NO. WANTED

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Classified Deadline for Issue 23 is Friday 15 August 1986 All advertisements must be pre-paid