.. . ,4, a N .4”; a . fir -.._e‘..v (1‘59 z.-,f “:2 it t... Eda)“; $1IAz~II§2<.W3 3;; firm“ i, r, 1 . a ‘v ' f‘s (prvfiR‘JLJ-fivfi . VI. z‘ ' .. A; .r’_ .s‘ * ~Ina '...,.v 1:“. .2 “(‘iJf‘sflw ) 1 u x‘ } ..4,~- “Am ‘~ >s-N )‘y 3" . a .. . . 7" 5:- h- ' ‘3 ‘P’ ' " r: “or " Hm I! . .Ni '-- tr ' ‘. ‘v'n: -~‘. F?” was”! posrtioned in the organ

gallery behind a gauze curtain. thus solving the problem of moving around a large chorus on stage. Not that this meant any lack of action. Oberon‘s quest - by order ofTitania following a quarrel to find a pair of true lovers, takes in everything from the Court of Charlemagne to Baghdad. a shipwreck. the shores of Africa, Tunis and France. Fantasy and spectacle were in abundance. with lots ofsparkling costumes in a magic world of fairies. elves and spirits combined with Sir Huon‘s struggle to be united with his Reiza. sung by Elizabeth Connell with particular brilliance in Ocean. Thou Mighty Monster. A great entertainment, summed up perhaps by Oberon’s own words to Huon Be bold. be constant. be happy‘. (Carol Main)



Jean Redpath. singer and teacher of Scots song will be giving two concerts in the Festival‘s last week and the folk/popper Mary Sandernan takes two nights in the same venue. N.B. These events are not in the Fringe programme.

The Phisher Phenomenon will be explained at the Fisher Family Concert. where all ofthe singing family Archie. Ray. Cilla etc will take the stage. Pete Nardinl, a one-off. funny and sour songwriter has a show in the Assembly Rooms and Rab Noakes. the man frae Fife. has two concerts of his own music in a rock group format in the Dome.

Whistlebinkies who have become one of the best examples of Scottish musicianship have one concert in the Dome and the same canvas covers the ceilidh late on Friday when the Wallochmor Band will propel the dancing with their usual seemingly casual authority. Jean Redpath, Reid



‘~: . s. s.


Concert Hall, Bristo Square (venue 68) 26-28 Aug, 7.30pm. £4; Mary Sandeman, Reid Concert Hall. Bristo Square (venue 68) 25 and27Aug, 7.30pm. £4. Tickets for both shows i from Allingham and Co, 38 i Bruntsfield Place 0r3 Miller 3 Crescent, 447 9341 ; Fisher Family, f Dome, see above, 27A ug, 11pm. £3 (£2.25); Peter Nardini, Assembly Rooms (Edinburgh Suite) (venue3) 25 Aug, 8pm. £3; Rab Noakes, Dome, see above, 23 and29 Aug, 11pm; Whistlebinkies, Dome, see above, 24 Aug, 11pm. £3 (£2.25); Wallochmor Occasionals, Dome, see above, 22 Aug, 11pm. £3.50 (£2.50).


The AAL Folk Centre. Chambers ._. Street has one more week ofconcerts " . and conviviality. lfyou would like to be part of the audience for BBC

Radio Scotland‘s live broadcast from g the AAL Travelling Folk hosted by Archie Fisher (28 Aug) apply for free tickets only from the BBC. Queen Street.

Seannachie with a smooth mix of Scots with Irish and some really good I singing take the mid evening slot for most of the week. The best of Gacldom is represented in Capercaillie Tue 26 Aug. Chorda till another two nights with fiddling. songs. pipes and crack while two gentleman singer guitarists. Davey ‘boxer shorts’ Steele and Andy Munro, both songwriters. take a night each. Charlie Harrigan has the Whistleblnkies as his guest. Hadden, Rothtield and Carr have a couple of nights to show off their distinctive American/Scots marriage of styles. Golden Bough are pretty and derivative but have charm and have brought some interesting material over from California. Sprangeen, all-women instrumentalists and singers with Maggie McInnes on Scottish harp are appearing for one night. They are also guests ofTime Out‘s chat show on Fri 22 Aug at The Elephant Tent. The informal sessions, ceilidhs. bars. food and record stall continue downstairs in the Folk Cellar till 1am each morning. Seannachie, AAL Folk Centre, 16 Chambers Street (venue


25) 22Aug 6.30pm; 23, 24, 27, 28, 30 Aug 8.30pm; 29Aug 10.30pm. £2 (£1.50). Capercaillie, venue as above, 26 A ug 8.30pm. £2. Chorda, venue as above, 22, 23 A ug10.30pm. £2.50. Davey Steele, venue as above, 26 Aug 10.30pm. £2. Andy Munro, venue as above, 27A ug10.30pm. £2.50. Harrigan and That’s Me. venue as above. The Whistlebinkies. venue as above, 25 A ug 8.30 and 10.30pm. £3 (£2). Hadden, Rothfield and Carr, venue as above, 22 and 29 Aug 8.30pm. £2 (£1.50). Sprangeen and Maggie McInnes, venue as above, 24Aug 6.30pm. £2.50 (£1.50); Seannachie also at Elephant Fayre, Time Out, Elephant Tent, Hole in the Ground (venue 16) 22 Aug 12.15am. £3.


The love of the Scots for a good time with song and drink and music and dance and more drink can be witnessed anywhere but here are a few excuses tojoin in. Late night dances at the Fringe Club include the fabulous Three Mustaphas Three. pan-Balkan music for Fez and sundry funny instruments. This six-piece, also appearing at the Dome, will have you in stitches or critches. Bogannach host a more traditional night at Gay Gordons and Flings and things and the Deal Heights Cajun Aces shovel out their Accordion-based French Louisiana Swamp Tunes another midnight. On a more genteel note. the Clarsach (Scottish harp) Society will host a ceilidh in St Cecilia‘s Hall where the instrument will be married to the 3 fiddle. pipes and song. For the duration of the Festival part ofthe Festival Club in Chambers Street becomes the Canty Hole, a tavern kept by the St Giles Indian, postman, agricultural reformer and man 0’ pairts Peter Williamson - an unlikelier story never before told, and true too. Mike Maran with his Scots Braves Derek Hoy, Rod Paterson and J ack i l Evans will keep the bar and the

music open for you. (Norman Chalmers) Three Mustaphas Three. Fringe Club, TeviotRow. Bristo Square, 6672091 (venue 2) 23 Aug. 12 midnight; and The Dome. Pilrig Park, offLeith Walk, 2255756. 26 Aug, 11pm. £3 (£2.25). Bogannach. Fringe Club (above) 27Aug, 12 midnight. Bea/Heights Cajun Aces, Fringe Club (above) 29 Aug. 12 midnight. C larsach Society Ceilidh, St Cecilia 's Halls, Niddry Street. Cowgate (venue 21) 22 Aug, 7. 30pm. £3.50. Tickets: 445 2022. Mike Maran, The Canty Hole, Festval Club, Chambers Street. STRUNG OUT The guitar can be heard in many settings this week. With Inti-lllimani. John Williams and Paco Pena will dazzle us with different virtuosities and the Group themselves and their South American brothers Rumillajta use string instruments including the guitar to amazing effect. Fiddler Dave Swarbrick‘s new band is all strings, a fusion of forms with much i slick plectrum work. " Whippersnapper‘s the name. Bert Jansch is one of Britain‘s best most admired acoustic guitarists. with a bluesy style much imitated over the last two decades and he performs in a 2 duo with PaulMillns. an excellent - singer and pianist for two nights. There is a special knowledge and ability required to accompany reels

and jigs on theguitar. John Coakely who also handles piano. will make it all look easy at the concert ofthe I Boys OtThe Lough. Inti-Illimani, John Williams and Paco Pena, Assembly Rooms (Music Hall) 28—30 Aug, 9pm. £7.50; Rumillajta. Assembly Rooms (Ballroom) 22 and 23 A ug, 11.45am, 24Aug, 3.45pm. £3.50 (£3); Whippersnapper, Dome, Pilrig Park, offLeith Walk. 25Aug, 11pm. £3 (£2.25); Bert Jansch and Paul MlllnS, Reid Concert Hall, Bristo Square. 23, 24 A ug, 8pm. £3; Boys of the Lough, Queen ’s Hall. South

Clerk Street. 30A ug 7and 10pm.

£4.50 (£3.50) Tickets: 668 2019. J

' The List 22 Aug; 4 Sept 25