" ' is “.mivzziiinie‘r'ii‘ ~‘: . for the under-25 music fan; excluding, that is. committed Fringegoers. Hank Wangford is still

be the same without him‘.’ with his own superb. ironic but loving brand of country music. But not even as revered a figure as Hank is safe from the strict noise limitations imposed on the Elephant Fayre Tent. so for his appearance there he‘s stripped down to a 3-piece. Also strutting his stuffunder the canvas will be the very wonderful Billy Bragg. a man who needs no band or ear-splitting PA to get his message across. just a mike and electric guitar. and also one ofthe few who could pull in a sizeable number of under-25s.

The succes of Downhome Music‘s ventures during this year's Festival has been considerable. ()f the three acts they are promoting this year (at the Queen‘s Hall). two have had to add extra nights. making a total of five continuous nightsof rock at the venue. and when was the last time that happened? First off is John Martyn. after an unmentionable number of years as one of the country’s most popular folk artists. now honing his laid-back. mature form of MOR and still making the album charts.

From there on it's blues-rock with Rory Gallagher. Irish guitar hero of the Seventies. veteran of mammoth world tours. unleashing his licks on the Queen‘s Hall audience for two nights. followed by Edinburgh‘s Fine Fine Fine exponents of Ré’cB. Blues 'n’ Trouble. supported by the folkier Avalon. Tam White and The Dexters can also be found. playing a six-night run at Platform One in the Caledonian Ilotel.

Even if the memory ofAbsulure Beginners is fading fast the resurgence of the styles ofthat era is still strong. Terry and Gerry. in the last night of New Music in Edinburgh. show themselves to be a latterday skiffle duo. down to the suits and the standup bass. and the Peristalsis Brothers. strongly identified with Absolute Beginners after their appearance on a Tube special on the film. describe themselves as ‘jump-jive stars‘.

Delving back to the roots of rock ‘n‘ roll even further we find Jools Holland. brilliant boogie-woogie

Billy Bragg

here - and would Festival Edinburgh ;

ivory tinkler and well known as The

x 1:1)...‘9; xxx:

Wit That Crushes Big-Headed Pop Stars. In the main a most conservative

and traditional picture of ‘rock‘, but I the eye is drawn finally to one last

Fringe entry; who are the Sticky Sisters. a sleazily-costumed provocative band ofdirty surrealist

, funksters. on their ‘Rotten Pop‘ . tour'.’ I don‘t know. but I‘m checking f themout.(Mab)


On 25 June this year President

Reagan obtained another $100

million to fund


Nicaragua. the latest instalment in

' six years of hostilities (ruled illegal

by the International Court of Justice) during which more than 14.000 people have been killed. wounded or kidnapped.

Following the success of ‘A Night

for Nicaragua‘ at last year‘s

Edinburgh Festival. an event which raised over £3000 in medical aid for victims of the conflict. another show

is being staged by the Nicaragua K Solidarity Campaign and Edinburgh

Latin America Solidarity Campaign.

‘Nicaragua Libre‘ will be at the

King‘s Theatre. Leven Street on Sunday 31 at 7pm.

Among those taking part are Robbie Coltrane. comic star ofstage and screen. a hard man to avoid at the moment and even harder to ignore. impressionist Rory Bremner. the mad anarchic comedy of the Vicious Boys. Mark Miwurdz. best remembered for his humourous reflective monologues on The Tube

a while back. and the future comic hierarcy ofAndy de la Tour. Jenny

leCoat. .lohn Dowie. Sensible

Footwear. Skint Video and Pete

McCarthy. Campbell (‘hristie of the S'I‘UC will be making an appearance and music will be provided by Rumillajta. Denise Black and the Kray Sisters and possibly Billy


Tickets are available from the

Assembly Rooms for £5 and £3.

'. LIB-10 and ()AP free. and the

- proceeds are going towards rural necessities. from Wellington boots.

' babies‘ feeding bottles and children‘s ; clothes. to knives and forks. (Mab)




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5 free tickets for Cambridge Aphra-Behn's Tess of the D'Urbervilles, 25-30 Aug, 2.30pm at Wilkie House (venue 43). Exchange this voucher atWilkie House Box Office on the night. First come, first served each night.

10 free tickets to the special gala performances of Eric von Stroheim's 1924 silent classic Greed with World Premiere of the score by Carl Davis in the Playhouse, 8pm Sun 24 and 3pm Mon 25. Exchange this voucher at Filmhouse Box Office; one ticket per voucher; first 10 for each performance, subject to availability.

Began; MAEH

5 free tickets for Paul 0. Davies in Brogue Male ll (see Insider guide) at 10pm, 22-27 Aug at Heriot-Waft Theatre (venue 7). Exchange this voucher at Heriot-Waft Box Office. First

5 pairs only each night. Show runs to 30

August. 1' -


10 freetickets for Inti-Illimani performance at 9pm, Mon 25 in Music Hall, Assembly Rooms (venue 3). Exchange this voucher at Assembly Rooms Box Office, first 10 vouchers only. Show runs 2540 Aug (28-30 Aug with John Williams and Paco Pena).


5 free pairs of tickets for Red Wedge Benefitshows at 10pm on Mon 25 (with McCluskey Bros), Tue 26 (with Hank Wangford), Wed 27 (with Vicious Boys). Thurs 29 (with Leaps and Bounds and McCluskey Bros). Exchange this voucher

at Elephant Fayre Box Office (venue 16). v First 5 pairs only each night. Separate ;. shows run till 30 August. i

10 free pairs oftickets for Ra Ra Zoo Circus Comedy Theatre on Sun 24 (10.30pm), Mon 25 (6.30pm), Tue 26 (6.30pm). Elephant Fayre, Hole in the Ground (venue 15). Exchange this voucher at the Elephant Fayre Box Office. First 10 pairs only each night. Show runs 24—31 August.

, _ _, _ m“; The List 22 Aug—4 Sept 2-1-