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DUCK SLATTERY'S, 68/72 North Lindsay St.. Dundee. Duck Slanerv's [n Dundee's Nonh lrndsa‘, SIreeI [s a slanhnuly onornal new bar. By [he [:lever use of non [ndusural sIaueases an unassununr; warehouse has been [ranslorrned uno one ol [he [nosr lasernannu nuenors anywhere. Duck Slanen,"s oneraIes on [we open plan levels, and by eomhuung huge seeuons ol an Arneuean aqurnohrle [n [he deeor, [ogeIher [vnh o[l‘.er gas slauon paraphenaha, [nassed vrdeo rnonuors and a soroendous sound sySIern. Wth a hrsI elass sele[:uon ol dunks, [neludrng SIella ArIors, and an exIraordinary aunosohere, n's easy [0 understand [.xhy [I's heeonunr; a place or' orlurunaoe lor anyone who's anyone

LE CAFE NOIR, Waverley Centre, Edinburgh.

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