o EDINBURGH INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL 21 Market Street. 225 5756 (tickets and information). Until Sat 30 Aug. Events in the International Festival are by invitation only. The theme for 1986 is the 18th-century Scottish Enlightenment. PROGRAMME The programme is free and available from the Festival Office. Venues and Information Points all over the city. TICKETS AND INFORMATION ln-Edinburgh: From Festival Ticket Office. 21 Market Street, Mon—Sat 9am—6pm. Sun 10am—5pm. Tel: 225 5756 (includes Credit Card bookings).

In Glasgow: From Glasgow Ticket Office. Candleriggs. G 1. Mon—Sat 10.30am—6.30pm. 041 552 5961/2/3. Enquiries and ticket availability. HALF PRICE TICKET BOOTH The Mound. Every afternoon 1—5pm. Some unsold tickets on the day will be available at half price. A small service charge is also added.

0 INFORMATION British Gas Scotland. 10am—6pm daily. Until Fri 29 Aug. An information centre provided by British Gas. Scotland will be at The Mound in the National Gallery of Scotland car park. Up-to-date information on ticket availability for the Festival and information on all other activites in the area.

0 THE FRINGE 170 High Street, 226 5259 (information). 226 5138 (tickets). Until Sat 30 Aug. Anyone. professional or otherwise. may perform at the Fringe. . PROGRAMME Available free all

over the city in bars. hotels, venues

and information points. Make sure it t

is the second edition. printed in blue


Tickets are available from the Fringe i

Office in person or by telephone (credit card) 226 5138 daily, 10am—6pm. Tickets also available at venues; details are given with each programme entry.

DAILY DIARY This is big and rice

and available from the Fringe Office,

Assembly Rooms and larger Fringe venues. tourist offices etc. It lists, usually a day in advance. everything

that is on the Fringe that day.


Tickets: 22 Market Street. 225 1188.

Until Sat 30 Aug.


; FESTIVALJazz Festival Office, 116

- (.‘anongate. 557 1642 and fromJazz Festival HO. Royal Overseas League. Princes Street. 225 1501.

There is some Fringe Jazz check

‘2 The List 22 Aug— 4 Sept



PROGRAMME£1 from Jazz Offices and newsagents. TICKETS AND INFORMATION Tickets for all events available in person from Jazz Festival Office. 116 Canongate, 557 1642 (information only).

Tickets for Jazz Pavilion events at Meadowbank Stadium are also available from Capital Ticket Centre. 31—33 Waverley Bridge, Fringe Office, 170 High Street and the Usher Hall Box Office, Lothian Road. The Usher Hall is the only place from which you can purchase telephone bookings (credit card) and only for events at Meadowbank. Tel: 2281155. During the week ofthe Festival, tickets will be sold at venues 30 minutes before starting time. The McEwan's Jazz Festival All Stars Sat 23 Aug is an International Festival event, not Jazz Festival. Tickets for this are available only from 225 5657 and the Usher Hall, 228 1 155.

O EDINBURGH INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL Filmhouse, Lothian Road, 228 2688. Until Sun 24 Aug.

PI 'IGRAMMEfl .50 from

Filmhouse and newsagents.

i The Festival has hltthe roof of the ; National Gallery. Vera Simons, an ; American artist, has made a balloon of i the neo-classical edifice, with the help of Ed Yost, the first man to attempt a solo hot-air crossing oi the Atlantic. After a dellatlonary first week (due to high winds) the white, sguashy columns seem settled for the rest of the Festival. During the day, unless the sky is crisp blue, you might be forgiven for missing ‘Aerial Crown’, but at night the illusion comes into its own. Lit-up it’s a Festival spirit.

High spirits were also present last

Sunday in Holyrood Park, when George



at the Assembly Rooms. George

V.— . f“; TN‘EY'ng-ggfi v, g

g I r . ‘zf‘fii‘i" ’38 5‘ Ci -' I : i fat: * '


z, .7"

O TICKETS AND INFORMATION From Filmhouse. Tel: 228 2688.

O TELEVISON FESTIVAL Filmhouse. Lothian Road. 228 2688 (Fiona McKenzie). Also information from InternationalTelevision Festival. 17 Great Pulteney Street. London. 01 437 5100. 22—25 Aug.

The Television Festival is open to anyone fora Delegate fee of£50 which covers the 31/2 days of the festival. In addition tickets for some individual sessions will be available from Registration. at the Filmhouse. for £5. These are as follows: The Scheduling Game: Real People“. Picture Parlour; The British Thriller; Ms/Man/Agement; Even Rougher Justice. All these events will be held

Street (except The British Thriller. which well be held at Filmhouse). There are also tickets available for The MacTaggarf Lecture Fri 22. 6.30pm in the Assembly Rooms. The lecture is given by Troy Kennedy Martin, writer of Edge ofDarkrIess. Tickets £3 from Assembly Rooms

Wyiie, the Scottish sculptor, saluted the tourists that never came. Their shoes, 320 pairs of them (and one skateboard) served as a reminder of their absence. Strung up, they were dragged, chattering across the tarmac by George's chariot (truck), with a red-bespectacled pipe band leading the way. Just before the mini American-style parade complete with the star-spangled banner, set off, George, as ‘film director’ raised the letters of HOLYROOD on the bill a la HOLLYWOOD. The giant sign came down the same day, but hopefully will be saved to star another year.

U“ , \_- ~‘Ks‘3:m::‘fi’-MTVSF 3L", '.».‘.' w. e ‘” Ave. ..\ cg KHAN r“ 4.. |_\-1 .‘J

(THE BIG cilia

see below for places to view from) a ; lot of money goes up in smoke at the

this year sponsors Glenlivet have

; increased the funding for the Festival Fireworks to over £50,000. This is

f distant perspective. Buses to Braid 3 Hills. Nos 1 1 or 15; Blackford Hill,


Whichever way you look at it (and

Edinburgh Festival. More than ever

the curse of fireworks. This year’s just has to be better than last. No doubt it all gets a bit silly in the end. but not as silly as firing four six-inch haggises into the night sky. This will be part of this year‘s display. Doused in whisky. the haggises will explode

l . l f hundreds offeetabove the hopefully | i hungryaudience. l l l l

Wilf Scott will once again be in

- charge ofthe fireworks. making sure

that they go offin perfect time to the

3 music which will be played by The

' Scottish ChamberOrchestra with i Peter Maxwell Davies conducting. i

The orchestra will begin with

Orpheus in the Underworld by 5 i Offenbach. followed by Strauss’s | ' Thunder and Lightning Polka and j

ending. of course. with Handel’s M usicfor the Royal Fireworks. The Firework Concert is held in

Princes Street Gardens at the Ross Bandstand (the spectacular covering 1 will be removed for the evening) at i 10.45pm on Thursday21 August. Tickets forthe Bandstand have i

already sold out. but you could be 3 ; lucky withareturn-FestivalTicket

Office. 21 Market Street.

Standing tickets for the gardens are free and have been available from i the Tourist Information Office, 3 Waverley Market since 16 August— ' the vast majority ofthese have now . gone. but about 200 have been held i back for distribution on the Thursday morning with the aim that , they should go to tourists rather than residents. The office opens at 8.30am. WHERE TO SEE THEM FROM , Princes Street, Castle Street, Frederick ; Street. The busiest places with a sort i ofHogmanay atmosphere. Very crowded. very uncomfortable, and I after the show‘s over impossible to I move for hours. The same applies to The Mound and the top of Market Street. I

Perhaps the nicest way to see the fireworks is to wrap up well, fill the flask with whiskyortake abottle of l plonk. and make your way up one of Edinburgh‘s hills. For party atmosphere take the ghetto-blaster i tuned in to Radio Forth. for ' spaced-out existentialist experience, plug into the personal stereo.

Calton Hill East End Princes Street. , Close enough to get a clear view. i Arthur’s Seat Holyrood Park. i Side~on to the fireworks, but you‘ll feel virtuous after the climb. Be careful though, it‘s quite dangerous in the dark.

Blackford Hill, Braid Hills, both to the south of Edinburgh, offer a more

Nos 38 or 41.

To the north of the City, lnverleith Park offers a spectacular view across to the castle. Place yourselfjust above the small loch. Buses 38, 41.