0 Strong Medicine (S'I‘V)

7. 3()~ 9.30pm. Final part of the Arthur Hailey mini-series about a determined young woman battling bastions of male supremacy as she rises to the top of the pharmaceutical business. Soap refugees *amela Sue Martin and Patrick Duffy co—star with the likes of Dick Van Dyke. Douglas Fairbanks Jnr. and Sam Neill. 1986.

O Ebony (BBCZ) 7.3()——8pm. This week the Afro—Caribbean magazine programme looks at preparations for the forthcoming London carnival and examines how the gentrification of Harlem is affecting its black inhabitants. Music is courtesy of calypsonian David Rudder. the presenter is Vastiana Belfon.

O The Cosby Show (Channel 4) 9»--‘).3()pm. A car accident involving a lavish limo provides a guest starring role for Stevie Wonder in another episode of the mild—mannered sit-com.


o The Montreux Rock Festival (BBCI) The final visit to the Festival includes material from Bronski Beat. Elvis Costello. Belouis Sonic and the reappearance of Frankie Goes to


0 Right to Reply (Channel 4) 6-6.30pm. Taking a giant leap for mankind the Right to Reply team make their first foray outside London arriving in Edinburgh to coincide with the annual television beanfeast (sorry. festival). Margo MacDonald takes the chair.

0 Work Five Years and Twenty Years Hanging Around (BBCZ) David Hepworth in conversation with The Rolling Stones. recent recipients of a Grammy award for their quarter of a century in the rock industry. (lfthat makes you feel old think how they must feel.)

0 The Outlaw Josey Wales (STV) 9.3042. Clint Eastwood is the peaceable Missouri farmer turned gunblazing avenging angel when his family are slain by Union soldiers in this ambitious Civil War western. Eastwood's finest hour as a director. 1976.


o The Lite and Death of Colonel Blimp (BBCl) Peerless British classic in which the gentlemanly Clive Wynne- Candy reflects on his military career. concluding that his typically English notions of fair play have become outmoded in the face of Nazism. An ecstatic celebration and simultaneous critique of the essence of Britishness. Deborah Kerr is ravishing as the women in Candy‘s life and Roger Livesey impresses anew with every viewing.


A wounded Vanessa Redgrave in The Three Sovereigns lor Sarah. Channel 4. Tue 26 andWed

27 Aug. 9pm and Thurs 28 Aug 9.30pm. 52 Tité'List 22 Aug 4 Sept


E i A

5D . . K » :u 9 3: ;

' Q

Philip Baker Hall as Richard Nixon in Richard Altman’s Secret Honour. Channel 4, Fri 29Aug,


0 Long Live the King (STV)

9.3()—- l().3()pm. John Stride. John Duttine and Judy Loe star in this play about a veteran parliamentarian facing reselection and the challenge of a younger rival.


o The Executioner’s Song (BBCZ) Screen version of Norman Mailer‘s Pulit/er Pri/ew inning book about convicted murderer Gary Gilmore with Tommy Lee Jones and Rosanna Arquette. Part two followstomorrow. 0 Law and Order (Channel 4)

ll.l5 » l3.4()am. The Fred Wiseman season continues with this I968 profile ofthe daily routine ol'danger and dullness faced by some Kansas City Dolicemen.

0 Three Sovereigns for Sarah (Channel 4) 9w l()pm. Vanessa Redgrave stars in this three part dramatisation of the Salem Witch Trials in 17th century Massachusetts. She plays Sarah Cloyce. a proud. religious woman whose faith was taken to the limit when her sisters were hanged and she herself was imprisoned for a year awaiting trial and certain death. Ultimately she fought back to prove the trials the result of church politics and local internecine squabbling. Continues on August 37 and 28.


0 European Athletics Championships (STV) 7--7.3()pm. Coverage of the men's and women’s l()() metres finals from Stuttgart.

0 Land and Sons (Channel 4) 10.45pm—12.25am. British premiere of an acclaimed Icelandic film focusing on rural life in a remote valley in Northern Iceland in 1937 where two elderly men light to establish decent farming conditions. 1980.


0 Murder by the Book (S’I‘V) 8.30—9.3(lpm. Agatha Christie's wily

Belgian sleuth Hercule Poirot faces the most vital case ofhis career to

unravel a planned murder case in which

he is the intended victim. Peggy Ashcroft plays Dame Agatha with Ian Holm as Poirot.

0 Double Jeopardy (BBCZ) BBC Scotland documentary on the wartime

exploits ofdouble-agent John Moe. one

of an elite band of men operating in

Britain who kept the Germans guessing

as to the precise point of attack in the major campaigns in Africa and Europe.


o The Dirty Dozen - The Next Mission (BBCl) Television sequel to the 1967 feature with Lee Marvin heading another dangerous mission behind enemy lines on a suicide commando raid to kill a top German officer. 1985. 0 Rock Around the Dock (STV) llpm-—l.l()am. Liverpool‘s Albert Dock is the scene of the world‘s biggest

floating rock stage for another rock'n'pop

jamboree. ()n the bill tonight - U840. Frankie Goes to Hollywood. Spandau Ballet. Dee C. Lee and numerous sundry luminaries.

0 Secret Honor (Channel 4) 12—l.40am. British television premiere of Robert Altman‘s film of the play with a brilliant Philip Baker Hall as Richard Nixon delivering a drunken monologue on the story of his life with an apologia for Watergate.


i l


O Raging Bull (Channel 4) Martin Scorsese's devastating. Oscar-winning biography of self-loathing champion boxer Jake La Motta with a performance by DeNiro that does just strive for commitment but defines it. 1980.


o Howard’s Way (BBC!) Return of the nautical soap-opcra. Just one ofa whole host of resuming series to herald the autumn and the ‘new‘ telly season.