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Formed in March 1986, Ben the Press is an association oi young designers living and working in Scotland. ‘We are stronger as a group’, says Naomi Gibson, one at its members. “Many problems exist ior individual designers that are easily overcome through membership oi a group, tor example, iabric manuiacturers are often unwilling to send small amounts oi material up north.’ About 25 designers are involved irom all over the country; some are already known, such as Catwalk and Spencer Railton and others are newer designers, like Peter McGraith and Bryony Young. Specialists in textile, clothing, knitwear, jewellry and accessories are all involved in the group and sharing abilities and techniques will, it is hoped, widen opportunities and the ‘cross iertilisation oi ideas and awareness oi othertacililies’ have obvious beneiits according to co-organiser, Elaine Curren, adding ‘working collectively, designers should gain lrom one another knowledge and business acumen and gain the attention they deserve.‘ Another attempt to gain this attention will take place at Glasgow's Moir Hall on August 21 and 22 when Ben the Press hold a special Fashion Periormance and also later inthe year when they are part oi Glasgow’s Third Eye Centre's Style Week. As well as being an example oi what we are capable oi, the shows are also aimed at helping Ben the Press in their ultimate aim oi, according to Curran, ‘the iormation oi a new market place identity that will reilect what is current in clothes and textile design in Scoflandfi Ben the Press Fashion Performance at the Moir Hall. Glasgow Aug 21 and 22. Tickets £3.50 (£2) from the Mitchell Theatre and Candleriggs Ticket Centre. The show runs from 7.30pm to approx 9pm and clothes will be on sale, ranging from £80 to £450.


Lex McFadyen, Glasgow

ALAN DONALDSON catwalk, Glasgow

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Kniie Designs, Edinburgh


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Rosie Eribe, Salashiels


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